CRM for IT: what is it, benefits and which is the best?





  1. Why is CRM for IT so important in companies?
    1. marketing funnel
    2. Pre-sales funnel
    3. success funnel
  2. CRM tools for IT as empowering your company
    1. Prospect, qualify and automate to produce more
    2. Autonomy for the team
  3. CRM for IT: everything to sell more and better

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about CRM for IT ?

You must be thinking of a customer relationship tool, of course.

But we are talking about a Sales CRM for the IT segment, but what does this mean in practice?

It is about improving your sales process, optimizing procedures, reducing costs, increasing productivity and revenue.

In this article, we’ll look at how a CRM for IT optimizes the life of your technology company’s sales team.

We’ll talk about the problems found and how an Online CRM is essential for those who want to be a reference.

After all, let’s face it: whoever has technology in their name can’t live on excel spreadsheets, right?

Come on? Good reading!

Why is CRM for IT so important in companies?

Well then.

You have your IT company, a customer calls and wants your product or service.

If you have a very experienced salesperson with years of experience, that’s fine, he will know how to explain his product.

But what if you don’t? Increasing the sales force is not always the way out.

It is essential that you have a sales methodology and a CRM to manage opportunities. By managing the relationship with an appropriate tool, you have standardized actions that ensure a better commercial management of your business.

Can you sell well without letting opportunities slip away ?

Can you do this just by writing down contacts?

And how do you know if the lead is ready to become a customer or not?

A CRM will help you organize these points.

We’re talking about sales, but within CRM, you can create any type of funnel to make whatever process you have more assertive. CRM will not sell for you, nor prospect for you. It will automate your processes that need to be structured and will give you valuable information and insights so that it can be oiled during its use. So, how about in addition to the sales funnel , also create:

marketing funnel

This funnel represents the journey people take from the first contact to actually becoming your customers. That’s why the importance of generating leads through inbound marketing strategies grows , when you create valuable content and show that you are a reference in the segment in which you operate. But, going back, it is through this funnel that you can create even more assertive strategies and really target those people who need your IT solution. During the steps of this funnel, submit relevant content from your blog, for example. Here, the objective is to educate the lead, offering educational materials that show their pain in a broader way. And, if there is interaction, this lead can move to the next stage.

Pre-sales funnel

In this funnel your IT company needs special attention. It is essential to have a pre-sales team – it could be an SDR – to qualify leads. It is within CRM that you will do this. With the steps and processes organized, your Customer Acquisition Costwill reduce. Do you know why? Your team of salespeople will be focused only on those leads that are already educated and mature within the shopping journey, ready to become your actual customer. To qualify the lead, submit more specific materials about the solution you sell. Here the aim is to go deeper. Unlike the previous funnel, in the pre-sales funnel you need to offer content about how your solution acts on the customer’s pain. It can be tutorial videos, some content that shows the step by step of a feature, among others. You educate the lead in the marketing funnel and, in pre-sales , enter value for him by showing how your solution makes sense for what he needs.

success funnel

It’s not because you’ve closed a sale that you no longer need to engage with the customer. The success funnel is for you to ensure his success with the IT solution he bought from you. After all, you don’t want a churning, do you? More than that, why not make him a brand evangelist, making him refer you to new customers?

CRM tools for IT as empowering your company

We know how complex sales are in the IT segment, the technical details to be observed, not to mention the impression given to the customer during the service. And that’s where the role of Sales CRM comes into play. A CRM helps a company a lot to implement its sales methodology , whatever it may be, to optimize internal and sales processes, and to correctly structure the team – which is essential for those who want to reduce costs. See how CRM integrations with marketing methodologies are revolutionizing sales Below are some of the benefits that CRM for IT brings.

Prospect, qualify and automate to produce more

Automation. Time saving. Cost reduction. Increased sales. These are goals, which are certainly inside any manager’s head. And with an IT-specific CRM , it’s much easier to reach them. You pay your seller to sell , right? But even the best seller misses some chance of business. Only with a CRM tool you don’t lose sales opportunities . You can save time by quickly generating proposals in PDF and sending the potential customer, through electronic signature , to accept what you proposed. Once the customer accepts, the sales CRM notifies the salesperson responsible for the opportunity. Ready. Your company sold. Speaking of time… ah! Valuable article when it comes to sales. With CRM for IT you automate tasks. Like? You create triggers for various activities, such as sending emails between sales funnel step changes and integrations with marketing tools . In addition, you can let the client arrange meetings with managers or salespeople. The PipeRun CRM , for example, has integration with Google Calendar. In other words, the client himself manages to fit the best possible time. In this way, time is saved, money is saved and the customer enchantment process continues. We are talking about quickly generating the proposal via PDF. But another important feature for managing customers is the email templates, which we briefly mentioned above. A good sales CRM saves you time in the activity of sending emails . In a simple way and with custom fields, you can streamline customer relationships. With just a few clicks, your salespeople can already be in contact with your leads, for example – always with personalized signatures. Another important feature, especially for the IT segment, is VOIP calls . Why? Doing them within your CRM platform, you keep a record of contacts in the timeline of each opportunity . Thus, you optimize the sales process, getting to know your customer even more and, in new opportunities, you will know how to act. Time saving. Increased sales. That’s what we’re talking about!

Autonomy for the team

Leave your salesperson at ease to do what he knows, sell. Within a CRM for IT , you can define a sales playbook and actions based on the behavior of the opportunities that arise. They, by the way, can receive tags and filters that facilitate the seller’s organization. In addition, you define a maximum period that the opportunity can be stopped at a certain stage of the sales process. Thus, PipeRun will let you know when it is winning. Act on it and never miss a deal for lack of action. Did you not understand any terms we use in the text? No problem. We’ve made a glossary of sales terms so you stay on top of everything .

CRM for IT: everything to sell more and better

CRM for IT companies At this point in the text you already understand how important it is, especially for the IT segment, to automate actions to save time, serve more and better and increase sales. “Oh, so that’s all a CRM for IT does?” No. Not really. With PipeRun’s CRM, you have control over what the scenario looks like at the close of the month. With automatic forecast , you can predict how many reais your company is in the pipeline of opportunities. And do you know why? Because your active proposals and your conversion rate are all centralized, all cataloged within the sales CRM. Have full control of the present and be sure of the future. Your company deserves this, don’t you think? To have CRM for ITwhat you need… …: TALK TO A CONSULTANT .