First Step: Instant Property Valuation

instant property valuationThe importance of correct property valuation

How much is my house worth?’ is the first question that arises in any seller’s mind. Getting the property valued is the first and most essential step towards selling. Having a valuation conducted is beneficial as it will allow you to gain an estimate value for your property which will enable you to gauge the price in which it should enter the market. Even if your plans are not to sell the property immediately, it is good to keep abreast of the market through a quick property valuation for when that time may come.

There are several factors that are considered when calculating the estimate value of the property. The present condition of the property, the number of available rooms, whether or not it has a garden or other outside space, the availability of parking and the existence of any conversions and/or extensions. The age of the property can be another important factor; depending on the area the age and build of a property can be a preference with modern properties considered to be more valuable in some areas and period in others.

How to get a reliable valuation of your property

This can be achieved by simply filling in the form within our Valuation Tool; our agents will then start checking the average property price sold in your area. We use tools like the UK’s leading online estate agents calculator:, which is updated daily.

Alongside this we carry out independent research and extensive analysis of your local property market. This will help us identify the correct value of your property and help you to achieve the best price possible.


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