Maximum visibility for your property – Share!


Your property is published on Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation, its visibility is therefore assured. You can help maximise the visibility further with a simple action: Share!

We will post your property on various social networks including YouTube with a specific video. Do not miss an opportunity in selling your property, you can simply “like” and “share” our posts and your property will be shown to your friends (and to their friends) which will ensure increased visibility helping to make your property stand out!

Like and Share on Facebook, Google+

After we publish the post containing your property you can ‘like’ the post and get your friends to do it too! You can also ‘share’ the post that way it will appear on your wall and become visible to your friends and their friends… visibility has increased instantly!


You can re-tweet our tweet relating to your property, this will then be received by your followers and if they continue the process it can reach their followers too.


You can like the video on our channel and share it on social networks (facebook, google +, twitter etc).

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