Entrepreneurship Books: 15 Book Tips for You


Entrepreneurship Books


  1. Entrepreneurship Book Tips to Inspire You to Go Beyond
    1. 1 – Value Generation, by Flávio Augusto
    2. 2 – The University of Success, by Og Mandino
    3. 3 – Checklist: how to do things right, by Atul Gawande
    4. 4 – SPIN Selling, by Neil Rackham
    5. 5 – Predictable Revenue, by Aaron Ross
    6. 6 – Intelligence in Sales, by Marcelo Ortega
    7. 7 – Sales Acceleration Formula, by Mark Roberte
    8. 8 – How to Convince Someone in 90 Seconds, by Nicholas Boothman
    9. 9 – How to Sell Anything to Anyone, by Joe Girard
    10. 10 – The Digital Marketing Bible, by Cláudio Torres
    11. 11 – The Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne
    12. 12 – The Logic of Consumption, by Martin Lindstrom
    13. 13 – Weapons of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini
    14. 14 – Contagion – Why Things Catch, by Jonah Berger
    15. 15 – The Purple Cow, by Seth Godin

Using some entrepreneurship books is an excellent way to gain not only knowledge but also inspiration to be better every day in your business.

Within this reality, knowledge about sales and marketing comes as a source of inspiration for those who want to be in constant improvement.

It is essential for those who are restless and chase the best results for their business every day.

How to sell more and better? How to serve the customer in a way that leaves them delighted with your brand and your product and/or service?

For entrepreneurs, extracting a bit of wisdom from entrepreneurship books serves to give a broad overview of what needs to be done.

Both sales and marketing need to go together for your company to have the best possible results – and you need to be clear about that.

With this in mind, to bring new insights, new ideas and make you innovate daily, we have separated 15 tips from sales and marketing books.

These are just a few suggestions. There are a lot of good books left out – so feel free to nominate some titles for us yourself.

Let’s check the list?

Good reading!

Entrepreneurship Book Tips to Inspire You to Go Beyond

Our idea is to inspire you with some entrepreneurship books. But, more than that, the mission is to share important knowledge. People who are a reference and who managed to be successful in their area of ​​expertise.

Books for entrepreneurs are not intended to be a guide, they are not a step-by-step guide. They are, yes, useful to show you that it is possible to go further and that some processes that are applied on a daily basis can be improved.

Let’s break down the reading tips as follows. There will be 3 more “broader” entrepreneurship books. And another 12 separated in sales (from 4 to 9) and marketing (from 10 to 15), ok?

We think they are better listed that way. ?

That said, check out our list of books for entrepreneurs:

1 – Value Generation

We started the list of sales books with Geração Valor ( check it out here ), by businessman Flávio Augusto. Owner of a renowned language school, he shares with people that it is possible to be different in the midst of sameness.

He shows that entrepreneurship can be done by anyone and shares his experience to inspire those who want to go further, leaving the comfort zone.

2 – The University of Success

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task and you know it very well. For this reason, Og Mandino  in his book “A Universidade de Sucesso” ( check it out here ), brings together the necessary elements for those who want to undertake better on a daily basis.

Courage to take risks, decision making, financial planning, people management… everything that helps you in your day-to-day business is in this publication.

3 – Checklist: how to do things right

This is one of the best known and “direct” entrepreneurship books. It is written by  Atul Gawande and talks about how to d

eal with the complexity of the routine functions of an entrepreneur.

In the book ( check it out here ), he discusses the importance of the checklist so as not to let important tasks go by, minimizing the risk of mistakes and of reworking things.

4 – SPIN Selling

One of the best known sales books is the one that brings the SPIN Selling methodology ( check here ), created by Neil Rackham . The content teaches how salespeople can deal with sales that are complex, generating value for the customer and directing the speech to their “pains”.

We talk more about the SPIN Selling methodology in this article and how it can be applied in companies.

5 – Predictable Revenue

This is certainly one of the most iconic and well-known sales books on the market. The Revenue Predictable ( check here ) was written Aaron Ross , entrepreneur who created a bill million machine in Salesforce.

In this book, Aaron talks about the importance of having a forecast of how much your company will earn per month – and how this is important for any kind of decision-making that comes to pass.

6 – Intelligence in Sales

This is an entrepreneurship book focused on managing the sales team. Sales-oriented. The author of the book Inteligência em Vendas ( check here ) is Marcelo Ortega , a businessman, who shows what it takes to maintain a team as a high motivation to achieve goals and objectives .

More than that, the publication still brings what important points a sales leader needs to have in the day-to-day business process of any company.

7 – Sales Acceleration Formula

Culture, metrics, management, technology… Mark Roberge , former vice president of Hubspot, talks about everything that made the company earned over millions of dollars.

The book ( check here ) is essential for anyone who is building the sales team and needs to find sales metrics that are ideal for the business.

8 – How to Convince Someone in 90 Seconds

Within the mission of how to be a good salesperson , the author of the book ( check it out here ), Nicholas Boothman , talks about how you can create a strong connection with the prospect and convince them that what you sell is worth it.

The publication talks about the importance of posture, speech, gestures and everything else that involves and strengthens the sales pitch.

9 – How to Sell Anything to Anyone

The Guinness Book, The Book of Records, has already named Joe Girard the biggest seller in the world. He has recorded more than 13,000 vehicles sold in his 15 years of experience at Chevrolet.

In the book “How to sell anything to anyone” ( check it out here ) he shares the sales techniques he used throughout his career and how he managed to achieve goals throughout his career.

10 – The Digital Marketing Bible

The steps of digital marketing are explained in a didactic and practical way in this book ( check it here ) written by Cláudio Torres.

The language is aimed at all audiences, from the most non-expert to those who are already familiar with marketing strategy, whether inbound , outbound or others.

11 – The Blue Ocean Strategy

Have you ever heard the expression “blue ocean”? And “red ocean”? This strategy was written in a book (check here) by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.

It addresses a study of successful, winning companies have in common the creation of market niches – different from those that failed.

12 – The Logic of Consumption

What is the power of external forces in relation to what we buy? According to Martin Lindstrom , author of the book A Lógica do Consumption ( check it out here ), all.

The publication talks about how neuroscience and obviously marketing influence consumers around the world to think and act at all times.

13 – Weapons of Persuasion

The power of persuasion is very important when thinking about marketing strategies, isn’t it? To reach each company’s target audience, these techniques need to be up to date.

Although not a marketing book, “The Weapons of Persuasion” ( check it out here ), by Robert Cialdini , serves to understand the logic behind each action that seeks to influence one or several people.

14 – Contagion – Why Things Catch

How to attract customers in an increasingly competitive market and world? Past practices no longer make sense and Jonah Berger explains why.

In the book (check it out here), the author discusses which factors cause rumors to spread or viral infections to be created in the digital world. And that, for marketing, is very important.

15 – The Purple Cow

How to stand out amidst so much competition? It is necessary to go further in the mission of  generating leads  and impacting people. And that’s what  Seth Godin talks  about in his book ( check it out here ).

Being good is no longer enough. You have to be the best and get attention. In the book “A Vaca Roxa” you understand better about how to go further in your marketing strategy.

We hope that with these tips from entrepreneurship books, you can feel more confident to grow your business even more!

So, how can we help you?

If you have any questions, or have another book for entrepreneurs you’d like to share with us, talk to a consultant today.

Enjoy and see some motivational phrases to help you in your business routine.

Good sales!