Examples of companies that use CRM: check out 7 Agenda or success stories



As a company grows and, as a result, its sales team, there is always the chance that the sales process will become more complex.

With this demand, adopting platforms and software that make daily life more practical and intelligent can help (a lot!) in the activities of managers and sellers.

An improvement that can be easily implemented to make this business routine simpler and more practical is the adoption of a sales CRM system.

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Agendor is a CRM and business management platform that works as a control panel and personal assistant for B2B sales teams.

After all, this type of system, in addition to automating routine operational processes, also brings reliable data for strategic assessment and can act as an assistant to the salesperson, as it helps you organize your daily activities and keep your business “hot”.

But you may be asking yourself “can my company benefit from using a sales CRM?”

In this article, we show:

  • The advantages that a CRM system can bring to the sales team’s routine
  • Examples of companies that use the Scheduler and have already made their business process smarter


Sales CRM = more practicality and intelligence in the commercial routine

Let’s be honest: much of what is done inside the CRM system can be done outside of it, in Excel spreadsheets or physical calendars.

But none of this makes the processes so practical or necessarily facilitates the strategic vision that a sales manager must have about the business process or helps salespeople to channel their efforts to what really matters: closing deals.

On the other hand, CRM systems make the operational part more automated, creating time for salespeople and managers to dedicate themselves to more strategic activities.

In addition, they provide inputs for richer performance evaluations and key information so that managers can understand the reasons for their business process, mapping bottlenecks and helping them to predict results and overcome possible challenges that may arise in the contact between salespeople and customers.

With the use of a sales CRM, the manager obtains benefits such as:

  • More accurate monitoring of all steps in the sales funnel
  • Greater visibility of strategic metrics and indicators for the commercial operation
  • More assertiveness in strategic decisions, with the help of online reports
  • Closer monitoring of the sellers’ routine, without the need to micromanage your team

Sellers, on the other hand, may have:

  • Greater day-to-day autonomy, especially for external salespeople, when the CRM has the mobile version
  • Easy access to customer registration, as well as your interaction history with them
  • Better management of business opportunities
  • Better control of your daily schedule with automatic activity scheduling and notifications.

Success stories: 7 examples of companies that use CRM Agent

Check below some examples of companies that use the Agent, and see how the platform has helped different market segments to optimize their commercial operation.

1. Industries and factories: Canard Industrial Valves

Before the Scheduler, we had difficulties with our sales control. We used Excel spreadsheets and the information was out of date and incomplete.

With the Scheduler, we place all proposals, customer data, registrations, and we have access to information when necessary. The tool brought more security and commitment to serving the customer, because salespeople can remember all the tasks, contact with the customer and what was talked about.

We could see improvements such as a reduction in the deadline for responses and submission of proposals, in addition to an increase in control and quality of service. (Cellos Vilas Boas, Business Consultant)

2. Health Segment: Untimed

We didn’t have the occupational health sales area in this untimed unit, we are a new department. So, under the guidance of our head office, we have used the Scheduler since the beginning of our operation, mainly for controlling salespeople, customers and managing the sales side.

The control we have of the routine helps us a lot. In addition, we use the reports to present data to the board – we get data on deals closed and in progress, number of calls and visits made. It’s a very facilitating factor for us.

We are very satisfied with what the system provides. Based on it, we were able to closely monitor both the team and the sales process. (Gleeson Ramos, Sales Consultant)

3. Associations: ABNT

Before Agenda or, we had problems with activity control and customer contact. As our number of customers increased, sellers could not control the monitoring of these deals and sometimes even forgot to contact customers to renew plans, for example.

As we used Excel spreadsheets, we did not always have up-to-date data and this also made it difficult to generate reports, both because of the work we had to gather all the information, as well as to align this data.

With Scheduler, we have improved customer follow-up and have been able to extract reports. The platform compiles information faster and more assertively.

We are even willing to set up a new training for our salespeople about the platform, so that everyone can use it in the best way and expand the results even more. (José Claudio Sanchez, Business Analyst)

4. Carriers and Logistics: Color

A practical tool that helps in monitoring, organizing and controlling commercial actions.

What most caught our attention was its ease of access and handling of the tool, as well as the simplicity of the processes and the clarity of the information.

We achieved several positive results with the Agendor, such as the centralization of commercial contacts, the list of current and prospect customers, but the main one was the structuring of our sales pipeline.

The Agendor is an interactive system without any complications that allows a simple access via internet or smartphone to control commercial actions and new business prospects. (André Stern, Commercial Director)

5. Telecommunications: Viacom

When we weren’t using the Agent yet, we weren’t able to follow the analysts’ activities, the sales funnel didn’t portray reality and we didn’t have control over activities, schedules and customers.

When we hired the platform, we took action to change the sellers’ culture, to encourage them to feed the Agent. After this action, the results were immediate, they came in the first days.

Today, we have a funnel that better reflects our reality and a clear view of the visits and appointments made by the team. Furthermore, with the reports and the possibility of being able to identify the reasons for the loss of each business, we are able to verify the flaws in our operation and correct them. (Charles Lopes, commercial manager)

6. Equipment rental companies: Maggi Companies

The issue of accessing real-time information was something complicated for us. Before, we had everything stored in email, which is secure but not practical.

In Scheduler, we have everything detailed. In addition, we had information that was only accessed when we were at headquarters and is now available anywhere, thanks to the tool.

The change was basically due to the agility of access to information, which contributes to the performance of other functions. With the clarity of these data, we were able to create greater proximity between franchises, which for us is very important. (Danielle Facile, Account Manager)

7. Security and Surveillance: Squadron Group

Before Agendor, we had some difficulty in centralizing information such as customer records, ongoing business, visits carried out, and we needed a mapping of the results and productivity of salespeople. As I didn’t have any CRM, I operated everything with Excel spreadsheets and it was difficult to work with this data.

With the Scheduler, we now have faster information about the clients we worked with, at what stage of the sales process each business was and I could have more control over the activities of each seller, proposals being sent, meetings held, in addition to being able to obtain immediate performance reports and results.

As a result, we had an evolution in our sales process, greater focus on businesses that were more interesting for the company, which increased our acquisition of customers and also the closing of deals. (Alexander Ferreira)