How to get clients for an advertising agency

how to get clients for an advertising agency

The commercial area of ​​an agency is very different from a company that offers products and services. See tips on how to get clients for an advertising agency

Controlling the sale of services is not always as easy as it sounds. Different customers have different needs, and often a service encompasses several sub-services.

In an advertising agency, this happens frequently: there are many types of services and many are the opportunities that can be developed in each client.

Also, the adoption of tools, such as CRM systems, to organize all the different business opportunities, keep managers abreast of negotiations and help the commercial team in the prospecting routine can be a useful solution.

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So, let’s start with the first step: prospecting. See in this post how to prospect clients for an advertising agency with 4 tips that work.

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4 Ways How to Get Clients for Advertising Agency

Let’s think of a large company, for example. It may require offline services: such as TV spots, magazine space, billboardsbus doors, animations for internal media (elevators, etc.), as well as online services: such as banners, websites, sponsored link campaigns and other services.

In the midst of all this, controlling the commercial processes of an advertising salesperson becomes very difficult, since within a single customer the opportunities are often endless.

In the example above, while a salesperson may have closed the company’s new website, they may spot an opportunity to create campaigns in a major industry magazine.

Thus, while in one service it is in the closing phase, in the other it is prospecting. Also because, in most cases, decision makers within the company are different.

Another impeding factor is contracts. Certain areas such as direct marketing are already contracted directly from another company, as they are governed by annual contracts.

This is just a small demonstrative example of how the agency’s service team struggles to develop opportunities within the business.

That said, what do you think is your company’s way out of these problems? Below, we have selected some practical tips for these companies to take more advantage of their business opportunities and discover how to get clients for an advertising agency.

How an agency can make better use of commercial opportunities.

#1. Map the activities

The first task of a sales professional, an advertising salesperson, when entering a new client, must be to thoroughly investigate every type of advertising action that his new client is currently working on.

This work involves questions and a complete investigation and understanding of the operation of your client’s company, as well as the knowledge of those responsible for each area and each decision-making process. Without this, there is no way to get clients for an advertising agency.

Hardly your agency, no matter how large, will be able to handle all the demands at once, since the relationship needs to gain the trust of all decision makers.

But by doing this, your company will know what new business opportunities can be developed.

As it is not new to any sales team, selling more to the same customer is cheaper than looking for new customers. Therefore, it is very important to know what opportunities are available within companies.

Once you’ve earned your customer’s trust, you can slowly start exploring new opportunities and challenges, as customer satisfaction ensures they won’t have any regrets with your service.

Knowing the possibilities within customers is the best way to increase your presence.

This is the first step that every salesperson of an advertising agency needs to take into account, once a new contract is signed with the client.

Map all sales opportunities.

#two. Organize all information

How to get clients for an advertising agency without organized information? Customer size, number of branches, number of departments with autonomy to decide on the advertising budget, number of campaigns carried out in the year, number of new business opportunities, number of competing suppliers within the customer, number of products and services, etc. . . .

These are just some of the information you need to collect in order to successfully complete the first steps.

That said, where is this information going to be stored so the sales team can better and constantly explore these opportunities?

This is one of the reasons why great clients often have a dedicated customer service professional: because he needs to take care of the relationship, stay tuned in to new opportunities and show the client that he is always there to help with whatever is needed.

Being close to the client with new information is always a great differential when presenting new projects and negotiating new contracts.

Therefore, this information needs to be always at hand, showing that your sales team is a great expert in the operation of the customer’s business.

That said, using a CRM system will help you get a complete picture of opportunities and structure a plan so that they go as planned.

The CRM will ensure how to be able to prospect clients for the advertising agency by letting everyone involved with the client know what the business opportunities are and what to do to reach them.

Each customer’s record with profile history helps you share information with your sales team.

The history is the best way to get to know the customer.

#3. Set deadlines

Once your team has mapped out all the needs and all the opportunities, it’s time to create deadlines to reach the stipulated goals.

It’s no use mapping the opportunities and knowing all the ways to the customer, without having clear goals to continue growing and showing the potential of our company.

A business team without goals, as everyone knows, is a disorganized team. A sales team without deadlines is the same as a team without goals.

Set clear, achievable deadlines for growing within your customers. This will create a sense of urgency and make the professionals involved in the service are always looking for new ways to get clients for an advertising agency.

Set deadlines for upcoming actions and closings.

Deadlines will help create a thermometer of your company within customers and show the progress or setback, on the business that your team is developing and creating.

The deadlines will make clear the importance of nurturing a deep relationship with customers and will enable your company to always be the first to be informed about new projects.

The constant relationship is the key to opening new doors within companies for advertising agencies.

Don’t forget this important detail.

Have a deadline for completing all stages of the sale.

#4. Your customers need to know what you do.

A major shortcoming of many agencies is that they do not make it clear how far, or how, they can help companies.

This means that many agencies are unable to communicate everything they do and how far they can meet their clients’ needs. Thus, when new opportunities arise, the customer looks for new suppliers.

First of all, show your client how your agency can help you to be successful in your current demand, but as soon as possible, make it clear under what circumstances your company is able to serve you.

This will give you an exact dimension of what you do and make the customer remember you when new opportunities arise.

It’s not enough to just help your customers to be successful. In addition to doing this, your agency needs to help the client remember you when new opportunities arise.