How to put your company’s management on autopilot

How to put your company's management on autopilot

Do you dream of the day when your company’s management will not depend on you? This day may be near

Is your business taking up all your time? In this article we’ve selected some ways to use technology and some leadership resources to put your business running on autopilot.

Unlike a manager, a business cannot rest. Working for long periods without rest, or being full of tasks that take up all your time is not the best way to undertake.

If you’re desperately answering phone calls, or answering customer emails, while having to sell and deliver everything to the customer, something is wrong.

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Precisely for this reason, adopting tools to automate processes (such as CRM, ERP, project management, etc.) can be a good way to keep everything under control.

Here are some software that can help you automate your business management:

#1. Use Trellis to manage your projects

The Trellis can help the entrepreneur to be more efficient in allocating individual time and keep other tasks under control and can see exactly who is working on which task.

This app helps you keep track of who is doing what, when and where.

While people prefer to collaborate using tools like Google Docs, organizing and keeping up-to-date with your team’s individual tasks is something different.

Trellis will help you easily manage your projects wherever you are, in addition to checking each employee’s individual progress.

Trellis is an excellent tool to help entrepreneurs manage projects

#two. Automate your social media with Hoot suite

How do you keep your audience connected and interacting with you?

One of the keys to a successful social media presence is consistency.

Companies need to be constantly active on their social networks throughout the year. But as important as this is, finding the time for this is a huge challenge.

Probably one of the most popular on the list, Hoot Suite organizes and supports your social media accounts in many ways, helping your social media strategy.

There are a number of practical ways you can use Hoot suite to automate your social media activity.

First, you can manually schedule posts. On the other hand, you can also use the automatic scheduling feature, which shortens the tweet, post or photo by using algorithms to determine the best time to post on each individual network.

#3. Use the buffer to your advantage

Similar to hoot suite, Buffer is also a social media publishing tool, but what stands out is its friendliness.

Buffer also offers an easy-to-use dashboard analysis where you can see the effectiveness of any publication, and everyone can easily collaborate by scheduling messages in queue.

Many companies use both Hoot suite and Buffer, to monitor the big picture of social media, on the one hand, and to schedule messages and updates.

Hence, both are useful for doing labor intensive tasks.

Buffer helps you find the best times to promote your content on social media.

#4. Configure alerts using Zippier

If you want to set up alerts, Zippier can make your life easier. In addition to alerts, Zippier communicates with other applications, such as Trellis, RSS Feed, Gmail, among others.

You can also use Trellis with Zippier for more effective task management.

You can, for example, configure it so that it automatically creates a Trellis task when an email is sent to Gmail with urgent in the subject field.

#5. Work remotely with Squiggle

Now that you know some ways to make sure your company’s management is running it alone, you can also keep up with what people are doing.

That’s where Squiggle comes up. It is described as a remote work collaboration app and is wonderfully simple. Your workgroup can not only see and hear each other like in Google Hangouts or Skype, but they can also share everything they see and do.

What makes it stand out from other platforms like Skype is the fact that it minimizes bandwidth consumption while still having images every 10 seconds.

Users can click on any image to instantly activate live video and audio if they want.

You can then create online workrooms where tasks can be organized and easily identified.

With Squiggle you can see what people are working on.

#6. Put your marketing email on auto responder

If you haven’t yet discovered email auto responder for marketing your business, you’re about to discover a new function in your favor.

Email marketing companies like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact allow you to put prospects into a scheduled sequence of emails that go out automatically.

So instead of sending out emails after sending a proposal to a potential client, you can simply put your proposal in the auto responder sequence and let technology do the work for you.

#7. Delegate tasks

This is very old technology. Delegating tasks does not depend on subscription or downloading any application and, on the other hand, it is a very useful time management and leadership technique.

Many leaders have a bad habit of micromanaging tasks, especially small entrepreneurs.

They want to take care of all the details. And, in the end, nothing ends up being done. Some entrepreneurs believe that they can handle everything, because they are the ones who make the business work and, with that, end up putting a lot to lose.

If you have employees, whether 1 or 100, delegate the tasks. Let them know what they need to do and thus hand over their tasks, allowing you to focus on other strategic areas of the business.

Do not give in to the temptation to micromanage tasks, charging every minute, much less wanting to do everything yourself.

Allow your team to grow with you and thus reach the maturity necessary for your business to achieve its goals.

#8. Stop checking your apps all the time

The biggest time stealers are the apps installed on your smartphone. If you think about it, you’ll come to the conclusion that you’re wasting a lot of time checking emails, taking pictures, taking notes or tweeting something.

Besides checking messages on Facebook, Whastapp and derivatives that steal even more time and also take away your concentration.

At the end of the day, the feeling of not having delivered what I wanted is imminent and, therefore, we are unable to deliver the tasks we need.

If you want to run your business with the best resources and make it go on autopilot, consider this: don’t keep checking everything all the time.

When an important email arrives, you will be notified, when an important customer calls, you will be notified.

Give in to the temptation to keep looking at your phone and let your business work on autopilot.

Putting your business on autopilot is possible

Some strategic decisions will always need the entrepreneur to be validated.

On the other hand, many tasks can be automated so that the entrepreneur can dedicate his time to other important tasks.

With the current organizational chart of organizations, many companies have returned to being true bodies, where there is no order and lack of management prevails. When it comes to management, many entrepreneurs believe that it means doing everything yourself.

But they are wrong. Management does not mean controlling everything, but knowing what can be automated and delegated, and what depends on the entrepreneur to make it happen.

By automating some of your company’s tasks with applications and other resources, the entrepreneur saves time to be able to manage other things that, unlike the examples in this article, really need your attention and participation.