How to turn your business into a sales machine

vending machine


How about making your business a powerful sales machine? We have a walkthrough that will help you

Regardless of what you sell, there is no one who doesn’t want to improve your business, increase your sales, and generate more profitability, right?

Whether you’re in a down market, a growing market, or even an untapped market, you certainly want to get the most out of your business and make it a sales machine.

From entrepreneurs to executives, passing through managers, leaders, coordinators and salespeople, all professionals dream of a team and an efficient sales process. But how to leverage sales, after all?

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Ideas to improve sales in the company and become a sales machine

Sales and marketing are fundamental areas in any business. And any action to increase sales must take into account the integration of these two elements. See how.

Is your business process working?

But is it possible? In times of great competition and consumer empowerment, companies end up entering a price and sales war that can harm their business performance.

Growing a business is not a simple task. Scaling up a company will ensure that everyone involved in the business is committed and a joint effort from the areas of production, marketing, sales, logistics and suppliers.

Obviously, when we talk about vending machines, we are not talking about turning your business into something automatic.

After all, often, even if your product sells itself, many people may have doubts and may need more information before closing deals with you.

But you can structure your business process so that the people involved in your company’s sales know so well what to do that the process is automatic within your organization.

Building a vending machine literally means that you will create a structure of processes and actions that will sustain a steady growth of qualified leads that will enable your business to achieve growth.

vending machine

Are you ready to turn your company into a sales machine?

Building a vending machine

Obviously, even if personal interaction is necessary in the sales process, it is important that you align your marketing and sales strategies, so that you can achieve the expected result.

It goes something like this: Marketing leads your company’s lead generation, and the sales team directs and handles those leads so you get the expected result.

To turn your business into a sales machine, you’re going to need some systems to optimize your effort.

One might be a marketing automation system that captures, manages and helps you measure your digital marketing efforts in lead generation.

Another very useful system will be a CRM. It will help you handle marketing-generated leads so you can approach your prospects and turn them into real sales opportunities

With these 2 tools at work within your company, it will be easier to adjust the process so that it is a sales machine.

Understand the step by step to transform your company into a sales machine.

#1. Turn lead generation into something recurring

Your mission should be to constantly generate leads so that the sales process runs smoothly. Without that, there is no way to leverage sales.

You need to feed the top of your sales funnel every day so the engine doesn’t stall and the sales machine keeps running. It is precisely the generation of leads that makes the entire commercial process possible.

To do this, you can join digital and offline efforts. You can run digital campaigns and ads to generate leads online.

Remember that it is marketing’s role to generate leads for sales. You can do this digitally (ads, free materials), or offline (through magazine ads, direct marketing, etc.).

What matters here is finding a recipe for success: find the investments that make the most sense and pay off for your company’s lead generation.

vending machine

Do you have an efficient lead generation methodology?

#two. Separate the chaff from the wheat

Obviously not every lead that comes to you is a potential customer. If you are increasing the number of leads, obviously the number of false leads will increase.

This is completely natural, as your lead generation efforts have increased.

Therefore, you need to qualify your audience, make sure that the leads that come to your sales team are qualified enough to become customers.

Remember that it’s no use having 1 million contacts registered in your mailing, or a list of 100 names to call if no one wants to buy your product.

You need 100 or 10 qualified names that have a chance of actually becoming customers. This can increase sales!

#3. Deliver the lead to the sales team

Now that you are sure that the leads generated are qualified and ready to take a call from a salesperson, it’s time to deliver the leads to the sales team.

Deliver leads to sellers keeping in mind that there are real business opportunities.

It is precisely from this list that the sales team will prospect potential customers on the list and introduce them to your company’s business process.

At that point, your sales team will make all the difference. It is the training and skills of the salesperson that will help increase your company’s success rate.

For this, it is important that your commercial discourse is aligned, that your salespeople are ready to treat each objection as an opportunity, and above all, that your salespeople are ready to drive the sale to closing.

Here is the ability of each seller that will count. That’s why it’s important to manage your team in the right way, with knowledge about the product, the market, training and constant performance monitoring.

After all, if your team is unprepared, it’s no use the size of the effort to generate qualified leads, because it certainly won’t bring the expected results.

vending machine

The more qualified the lead you deliver, the easier it is for the sales team to convert leads.

Put your business on track to turn it into a vending machine

With these 3 steps you can align your company’s marketing and sales to become a sales machine.

Obviously, like any machine, your company’s sales process will need some adjustments from time to time: an oil, preventive maintenance and some process corrections.

This means that you will, at some point, have to make changes in the process: be it personnel, adjustments in your customer profile, sales actions, among other adjustments.

So all you need to do is tune your vending machine engine, closely monitor the results, and make the necessary adjustments.

Obviously, the results are not going to come overnight. But you will feel a big difference in your business process using these ideas to improve sales. And, little by little, the results are showing.

Once you’ve learned how to increase sales and set up your sales machine, start measuring results using sales and marketing metrics. Then share your experience with us in the comments.