13 Reasons To Move To Wales

After having described how Scotland is an opportunity land, we want to share our thoughts about Wales. If you never been to Wales, you are missing out a lot of wonderful things.

With its amazing coastline, accents and nature it is certain a place that cannot be missed. Here you can find our tips why you should move to Wales without any hesitation.

welsh coastline

1. Welsh coastline

You can enjoy 870 miles of coastline, wonderful beaches regularly voted Britain’s favourite, and check them throw an online map. How cool is that? You will admire spectacular views and cinema scenery without exaggeration. You can also explore the Wales Coastal Path, will be a unique experience and we strongly recommend to visit it. Another place you shouldn’t lose is The Welsh Gower and its stunning beaches: The Gowers coastline has got few of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. Gower landscapes can amuse your eyes by its sandy beaches, postcard bays and coves, if you move to Welsh you cannot miss out these beaches and part of paradise.

wales unesco heritage

Picture By Herbert Ortner

2. Welsh are proud of their heritage and UNESCO too

One of the things you can notice straight away: Welsh Patriotism! You can notice straight away from the multiple flags standing proudly down St Mary’s Street, Cardiff, but also for particular and interesting recurring events as the Welsh festival. The patriotism is necessary when it comes to Wales because the history of this country is unbelievable. The south Wales valleys were the epicentre of the UK Industrial Revolution, is this amazing, right? Yes, it is! Also for UNESCO! The now famous landscape of Blaenavon, in South Wales, is an extraordinary testimony to the historical importance of iron making and coal mining during the late 18th and the early 19th century! The accurate and fast development of these two industries was, without a doubt, one of the principal practical causes of the UK Industrial revolution. This piece of history is so important that UNESCO added the Blaenavon Landscape Walleyes as one of the most important and unique places in the world. The Blaenavon Landscape has been officially added to the list of World Heritage Sites in 2000, nearly sixteen years ago. If you move to Wales, you can admire the Ironworks and the Big Pit, this exclusive part of world history, perfectly preserved and almost in the same condition as when the famous coal and iron production stopped in 1980. Visit this unbelievable museum visiting about the ironworks and Big Pit, we suggest to get Guided tours as a lot of information will be given out!

wales high standard of life

3. Adrenaline places and high standard of living

Of the main reason people think to move to Wales is, surely, the high standard of living. If you compare the average cost of living in Cardiff, to the average cost of Living in the UK capital, London, you will notice that Wales has a much lower cost of living. Also if compared to other UK big metropolis. If you move to Welsh, you potentially might be able to save some money, keeping the same standard of living. This is really important! Read about Welsh living costs compared to the UK averages here.

The adrenaline enthusiasts can enjoy Zipworld! In Wales you can find the longest zip line in the northern hemisphere and, also, the fastest zip line in the WORLD, both within an hour’s drive of each other, placed in Snowdonia, an outstanding region of north Wales. You cannot miss this place out for any reason!

welsh national assembly

Picture By eNil (Flickr)

4. National assembly for Wales

If you have decided to move to Wales and live there you must know that you will be represented by FIVE (Assembly Members in the National Assembly for Wales) which is a completely different method to vote and to choose the political candidates whom will represent your constituency. The Walsh representative government election is completely different from the Westminster representative election methodology. If you want to know more about how it works, visit this link.

wales rugby

Picture By ezioman (Flickr)

5. Sport and Rugby

Wales is a country that loves sports. The Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium is famous for international football matches, rugby matches (including the 6 Nations), and even Moto X. The love for Rugby is unique as unique is the atmosphere when the national team plays. We really suggest you go visit Cardiff on a day there is an international rugby match on! It’s an outstanding experience, similar to a festival! The city of Cardiff has got a cricket pavilion near the centre of town plus a separate rugby and football stadium. If you have decided to move to Wales, but outside the capital, you can visit the national velodrome “Newport boasts Wales”, surely the most important spot for Welsh Cycling and it usually hosts the UK and international competitions.

love for books

6. The love for books

If you are a book lover, and you have decided to move to Wales, you definitely went to the right place. You can buy a book for a pound! In how many other towns in the UK you can buy books so cheaply? If you are real bibliophiles, should discover a little place called east the small town of Hay on Wye, better known in Wales as ‘the town of books’; With the years, the total number of cool bookshops available in this small town has drastically fallen, as people as started buying more online; There were over 35 wonderful shops dedicated entirely to books, now, fortunately, you can still find 12 shops. Not only in this part of UK are bookshops closing down. Read this article on how buying changing habitats are penalising the UK bookshops and how to help them  part of the books, it is a cultural and peaceful place to visit. Don’t miss it out

wales millenium centre

Picture By Tony Hisgett (From Flickr)

7. Music and comedy festivals

The relationship between Wales and music is strong. If you a music and countryside lover, for such a small country, you can find many different festivals. Whatever your musical genre is, you’ll experience something you will never forget! The natural countryside of this Celtic land is the perfect place for real festivals, you can find many of them, and here you have few examples:

If you are festival lovers, you are definitely in the right place! But also, if you love Comedy! What about the Machynlleth Comedy Festival? no critics are allowed during the comedy, so it becomes a hilarious atmosphere, completely different from other comedy festivals. It is really worth watch it!

wales friendly people

Picture by National Assembly for Wales (Flickr)

8. Friendly people

Welsh are friendly! A published research by Cambridge University, the world’s famous university, which tried to understand the personality traits of people all through the UK, discovered that people in the North and Scotland were significantly more cooperative and friendly than those in the south. . It is always nice having friendly people around you!


9. The Elvis festival

We know it sounds strange! But if you move to Welsh this will be a yearly event. Every September Porthcawl, a peaceful seaside Welsh town, becomes the world’s centre for the Elvis lovers, The Elvis Festival, the biggest of its kind in the world, it is a huge attraction and it is a seriously fascinating experience, have you never tried walk surrounded thousands of Elvis?

welsh language

Picture By shining.darkness profile (Flickr)

10. Welsh language (and accents)

If you have decided to move to Wales, you will notice immediately that this country has two official languages: Welsh and English! Welsh (Cymraeg) language is the oldest language in the UK dating back around 4,000 years. It is lyrical language and it has got an incredible story, Welsh accent is cool, but discover all the UK accents in this funny video.

mountain bike in wales

Picture by Mike Peel (www.mikepeel.net)

11. Mountain biking

This is the perfect country for biking, with all the mountains, heels, valleys and uncontaminated nature; you will find the best spots for mountain biking for free around the whole country here. Cycling has never been so fun!


Picture By Phillip Capper from Wellington, New Zealand (Flickr)

12. Wonderful castles

Wales is the land of castles, with over 400 Castles all around the country. The union between modern and old make this country unique. Each castle reminds you thousands of years of history and some of them are fully operating and more beautiful than ever.

rain in wales

Picture by George Hodan

13. If you love the rain

In Welsh rains a lot. If you move to Wales you should be a rain lover. Rain is a constant here and if you are a rain lover then this is the country for you! But for all the other people who doesn’t love much this weather condition, the few days per year where the sun is up, you will realise what a wonderful day is! Unbeatable landscapes!
Dario Beccaria,

Marketing Director, iMoveEstates

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