9 Simple Reasons For Moving To Scotland


Moving to Scotland can be a good investment and, at the same time, give you the chance to discover this wonderful country.

If you follow our Blog, you will already know that Scotland is becoming a profitable place for UK property investors and has always been a nice, safe place to live in. For the UK investors interested in the UK property market, we suggest you read one old article on our Blog.

then find out about the best buy to let areas in the UK in 2016. Moving to Scotland can be definitely a good business opportunity. As you can see, also, from more recent market analysis, an impressive 2.3 percent average rents in Scotland is attracting a lot of Buy to let investors and make this part of the UK country, a really good investment opportunity: Follow always the news of the area you want to invest here and read the article regarding the average rents in Scotland.

Probably if you are tired of one of those big UK metropolises as London, Manchester or Liverpool, you should think to move to Scotland. There is valuable website online to help new investors or permanent visitor getting all the information they need quickly, how to


tired of one of those big UK metropolises?

follow the Scotland opportunities or what it has to offer.

These are the main 9 reasons why you should think to check deeply this country:

1. Huge Space and small population density

Scotland can be considered a big country. It has got 78,387 square kilometres compared to England’s 130,395 and as Australia, most of it is empty. You will find, just a short drive from the major cities, as Glasgow or Edinburgh, green open spaces and uncontaminated landscapes. If your intention is move to Scotland, Read the average population density in Europe and discover how Scotland is one of the best countries.

scotland wide spaces

Scotland landscapes can take your breath off

2. Scotland’s house prices

If paragoned to the average UK house prices, Scotland is really cheap.

You can check yourself online now! You can find here a totally free, online service from Scotland government which tells you the latest selling price of properties on any road in Scotland within a 6-month period! Click this link if you have decided to move to Scotland and check the last house prices.

Be aware that before buying or investing in property, in the UK or Scotland, checking these prices out is only the first step of your price market research. So don’t take these prices for granted. Carry on deep analysis before investing any money in the property market.

3. The natural food

scottish food

Great foods and drinking moving to Scotland

The Scotland’s culture for food and drinks is a huge internal benefit for the country’s producers, economy and quality. With a great selection of food and drinks such as the really famous Angus Aberdeen meats, the salmon, cheese, oysters and the super famous “whisky”, Scotland offer a range of tasty homemade products. Rich of rural hillsides, uncontaminated coastal waters and vast fertile lands, Scotland produces some of the higher quality, natural food production in the world. Discover more about Scotland food here.

4. The roof level architecture

Scotland’s landscapes have plenty of sites across the whole country where you can admire historical architectural designs houses, crofts, fabulous castles or the magnificent Victorian tenements or the famous Georgian country houses, until the most modern designs of this more recent period.

scotland architecture

moving to scotland you will live among architectural beaties

We suggest when you’re in a Scottish town, to look up your head! The roof levels of most Scottish towns can show you a rich architectural presence. Glasgow and Edinburgh are particularly famous for this fact. Visit this website to know more about the unbelievable combination of architecture around the whole country.

5. The Alcohol distillery

The made in Scotland whisky as main success, but also gin and Scottish beers: If you are a real estimator of quality distilled drinks, Scotland’s micro distilleries are producing some natural handmade craft beers, botanical gins and you will discover that the flavour of their famous whisky is different in each reason of the country!

6. Scotland universities rate

Scots universities are quietly rated worldwide, and for many students are free! Scottish citizen or students from a qualifying non-UK EC country, the university education, moving to Scotland will be free. There are few restrictions: for example English, Welsh and Northern Irish students, will be charge them up £ 9000 pounds fees as the rest of UK. Read more about restrictions costs here.

7. The tricky weather

Scotland is wet and windy but, as in other locations of UK, when is sunny, the Scotland landscapes can take your breath off. They are simply amazing.booklet-448251_640

8. The sense of humour

Scotland is really attracting lots of investors at the moment, but it’s not attracting lots of investors only because of the huge property investment return income chances, for its uncontaminated natural places or the lawyer average rental yield, which is the most convenient in all the UK, it is also attracting people because of the famous friendly attitude of the Scottish people. You can find out why Scottish people are the friendly people in the UK here.

9. The NHS system

When you decide to move to Scotland, you must know that Scotland’s NHS, for the low population number, doesn’t suffer as badly as the general NHS in England. Numbers help Scottish: 5.3 million people in all Scotland compared to over 53 million in England and the UK Government doesn’t control it directly. This is an important fact that can determinate a better life quality.

Moving to Scotland can be a good investment and a marvellous life experience!

Dario Beccaria

Marketing Director, ImoveEstaes

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