How To Find A Property Which Fits Your Needs

how to find a property which fits your needs

How to find a property which really fits all your needs in the UK market?

find a property

So you are trying to find a property which fits your needs

There are a great number of factors to consider when you trying to find a property which fits your needs, budget and your lifestyle. Once you have checked your financial situation, it’s worth preparing a list of business priorities to help reach your specific requirements and analyse which areas of your property investment, you’re prepared to compromise on. Needs as: off-street parking; properties within five minutes’ walk from the tube or train station; locals shops; nice restaurants, bars and cafés walking distance; or green spaces…..These are just some examples that might be important when considering investing in the UK property market. When you consider finding a property that fits your needs, you need to think also about normal future lifestyle changing in the coming years. The property must satisfy your present and future need to be a successful investment.

With the slowing death of the windows local high street estate agents practice, when people were walking all over the street to look at the Real estate agents windows to check the last properties on the market and with the arrival of new selling technology, as the online estate agents, you have the chance to comparing more properties at the same time and in different locations, and with the help of many free online tools you can make a deep and complete market analysis which makes all the process to find a good investment property, much faster.

As partnered with all the major UK property portals, so knowing the potential of these platforms,  we suggest to start your journey to find a property that fits your needs exploring the free tools offered by these big UK property Portals, keeping eyes on these two factors:

  1. You should analyse the asking prices of these websites carefully, sometim
    marketing strategy to find a property

    Carefully analyse all factors

    es they showing what the UK seller wants, so be ready to get the best price possible

  2. – The timing the property has been listed on these portals (you should calculate how long the property has been on the online market for)

Most of our partners offering free valuation property tools and average prices for the area. This can be a very profitable start because these website having thousands of properties in their database and they are regularly updated. Check also our tool and discover your price house for free.

Your journey to find a property which fits all your needs has just begun!

Before buying, Find out how much other properties have sold and how long have been taken off the market.

With online estate agent technology, Now, you can check any property for free and in real time as this service,  where you can check sold-price details over years and analyse better the general situation.

Also, Rightmove compares property sold prices with detailed old property ads, including pics, their asking prices, general descriptions and detailed floor plans. When you analyse the property market you need to remember that property prices are similar to shares, their prices go up and down quite quickly in the UK real estate market. Properties are an asset just like any other investment. The only way to make a profitable UK property investment is to make enough market research to find a property which will repay your investment successfully.


Both neighbourhood and location count

Check the location and the neighbourhood

Both neighbourhood and location count. When the property investment is done, you can’t move it elsewhere, so when you try to find a property follow this line guide:

Walk around the neighbourhood, this will help you get a clear idea about the area. Visit the places, as parks, pubs, and a cafe at different times for few days. Try to find more clues from what surrounded you: Cars ( if they are well maintained or not), local shops and restaurant ( which kind of product they are selling or if the food is all the same ), if the public place are well maintained, if walls are full of graffiti, In the worst areas, the areas are just starting to develop , so the investment can be made wondering on the long – term opportunity, if drug dealers or prostitutes are present on street corners during night time.

You can get more information from local people, street local Bobbies or neighbourhood watch coordinator. They will be honest and you can have a better idea of the area. In the UK watch coordinator are very useful, check directly here.

Keep eyes on your neighbours, if you want to rent to family probably they would like a quiet property. So check also if the train is close to the property and can cause noise.

Is the area, which you think is profitable, will have upcoming planning proposals which will redevelop the zone – for better?

Check the local Police crime mapping websites here! it shows live local crime hotspots and online recorded such as the numbers of burglaries and common anti-social behaviours. But check also the noise level and common law here. As the price rising up, starting choosing the right location and neighboured is a really important point.

The right property space

With a rising price market and a lack of properties, UK estate market is designed to fit the policy of the Right size. The Upsizing can be good in few UK areas as the interest rates are still at their lowest price, it is possible that first time UK buyers can practice this kind of property investment if they have enough finance to maintain it and enough quick to spot the occasion. We usually suggest to business developers that trying to find a property which suits better their needs that choosing the right size property is also a priority. Up- sizing can be expensive and as the property market is down (and prices) in few European countries such Spain, Italy where probably the up-sizing policy still has got a practical investment meaning. We are living a general unbalanced political world and still not safety future relationship between UK and Europe, so prudence is always the main factor to be considered. Right-sizing, right location and right investment timing are important buying condition.

Flood risk

check for flood risk

check for flood risk

Flood risk is important because has a negative impact on insurance premiums, the overall property’s value and can be dangerous for your quality of life if you’re unlucky enough to be hit by big water damage, causing a severe flooding.

The UK Environment Agency  and The Environment Protection Agency’s (Scotland) , they will help you understand better the real risk and the most dangerous area. Giving you detailed online reports and you should find the time to check it properly if your property is close to a side river zone. These free UK government websites quickly help you to know how vulnerable a property is, possibly saving lots of money and stress. Check this article on what a flooding can generate and how not to invest in this kind of area.

Future council planning: what’s being built (or planned) in the area

View and future building developments: will that that wonderful view on the sea of the property, that now is available on the market at advantaged price, will be replaced by a high-rise construction in the early future? To find the answer to this general question, the Government’s Planning Portal is really a wonderful, useful tool.  It helps driving you in the right business direction, saving you from unexpected surprises, publishing online all the future and actual planning applications made in that specific area. Their online platforms allow you to search by postcode and area. These are wonderful tools that permit you to find a property in a safer environment, taking down the chances your investment won’t generate any profit.

Always check all these websites before you put in a real offer!

Compare the online prices with your local estate agent

Compare prices

compare prices and features

Some properties are sold as soon as they appear online, this because are seen as a possible good investment from UK buyers. A nice chat with your local estate agent will make you understand faster what’s selling fast around your local area. Explain to them what type of property you’re looking for and your maximum budget. Analyse their suggestions with the online prices and you will have a strong background how the real market price is. If your local agent understands you are a serious buyer, he will make the hunting for you and can inform you when something coming up on the market.

Use Rightmove, Zoopla apps to monitor UK property

Rightmove is a powerful resource when you try to find a property in the UK Market. Through its free iPhone and or Android apps using it uses GPS technology to immediately indicate pads for sale close where you’re standing. Wonderful! Really a good way to keep you updated about the local market. Also Zoopla’s free iPhone, iPad and Android apps,  allow you to check million properties prices dating back to 1995.

Property Sellers are not enemies: Ask as many questions as possible

Email the online estate agents or estate agents, with detailed questions and check their answers carefully. Before putting in an offer, ask anything you want to know about the property, the conditions, the area, the local safety conditions, try to be friendly with the seller; If you think you have found a property, the seller will be the one will try to convince you that its property is a good investment. You need to figure out if that is the best investment for you so don’t be shy and ask as many questions as possible, not forgetting to get all the important answers in writing (emails).

We have prepared a series of general question UK buyers should ask sellers: Find the answer to these questions before making any offer; this will help you to find a property which fits all your needs.

  • Is the property you looking to invest within a short distance of transport links?
    make a list of right questions

    make a list of right questions

  • Is it close to nice restaurants, bars, local shops?
  • Is the area will adapt to your future lifestyle?
  • Can you enjoy the social side of the area; are you close to family and friends?
  • Is the property you are interested in the right area?
  • What does the suburb area have to offer?
  • Is the location an area of regeneration?
  • There are any good hospitals, nurseries or schools close by the property?
  • What about the property style?
  • How many bedrooms do you need? And are you planning to start or add to your family in the next few years? Or renting to students?
  • What makes the block different or profitable? In the UK market find a property in a smaller private boutique block will be more valuable, increasing the chance of fast capital growth and a higher return on investment in the long-term period.

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