Home Improvements: Add Value to your Home with our 76 Cheap Online Estate Agents Tips.

home improvements

In this latest blog post we will try to answer extensively the following questions we have often been asked:

  • What are the best home improvements that add the most value to my home?
  • As a trusting and cheap online estate agent, have you any affordable home improvements that can add value to my property without spending a lot of money?

Not only are improvements potentially adding value, in many cases they will also make the home more enjoyable to live in adding an extra selling point when it is time to talk about money with the potential buyer.

Home improvements can be a good option if you have decided to sell your house and you want to achieve a better asking price.

Selling your property following our few cheap online estate agents tips could help you save money and close a better deal.

Using our 10 years of experience as an estate agent and over 4 years as the UK’s cheapest online estate agents, we have prepared a list of 76 general tips, carefully selected helping you add value to your home!

We suggest you also read our article on cheap house renovations, to help you keep the price down as much as you can if you decided to renovate your house.

Staged Interiors (1 to 31)

1 – Don’t forget to de-clutter

1 - decluttering
Avoid making the buyers claustrophobic!

The first home improvement is getting rid of the messy clutter. The buyer should walk into the room and feel the size and space around him.

Adam Pero CEO of iMoveEstates, UK s cheapest online estate agents, always recommends that you should get rid of excess furniture before the day of your viewings; this attitude can really improve the overall feeling your potential buyers have of your property.

2 – Neutral colours, a simple but efficient home improvement

2 - Neutral colours a simple but efficient home improvement

Avoid very powerful colours.

Being creative is good but it won’t always increase the value of your home.

Bright colours can be made more neutral and seen better by a majority of potential buyers, as they can immediately see how they could manipulate the ambiance as soon as they walk around your house, seeing the potential value of your home.

Read this article on how neutral colours can help add value and creativity to your house.

3 – Adding value by cleaning up where possible

3 - Adding value by cleaning up is possible

Buyers love clean places.

Cleanliness and tidiness can surely add value to your home. Before the viewing, make sure to clean up properly every nook, cranny, inside and outside the house.

Read this list of advice on how to clean your property efficiently.

4 – Paint, a secret weapon for adding value to your home

4 - The Paint as a secret weapon for adding value to your home

A fresh lick of paint helps avoid the feeling or look of a tired and outdated property, it makes the ambiance feel fresh.

You can do this yourself or pay someone to do this job for you at a low cost of course. The important thing is that the buyer must understand that you have cared about your property and looked after it. You can find here a simple guide to paint your home room by room.

Painting is a good home improvement, a good paint job can add value to your home.

If you have decided to use someone, make sure you get more than one quote.

5 – Women love curtains: try to hang them higher and wider

5 - Women love curtains: try to hang them higher and wider

Simple, free but effective tips

Adding value to your home doesn’t need be expensive at all.

Hanging the curtains higher and wider allows them to look more uniform and prominent, adding value to your home with just a touch of sophistication.

It helps the room seem larger with higher ceilings.

Read this guide on how to keep curtains from sliding.

6 – Touch of elegance: the glass shelves

1 - decluttering

Applying the glasses shelves in your living room and kitchen is a touch of elegance that will improve the value of your home.

The overall investment for the glass shelves is small. They can be purchased online at around £15 each.

 7 – Swap to Roman style for your house blinds

7 - Swap to Roman shades for your house blinds

8 – Clean up or fix your light switches and door handles

8 - Clean up or fix your light switches and door handles
Light switches and door handles can be an important part of your décor. You can use coloured fittings to attract attention to detail.

If you want to add a touch of luxury opt for wireless dimmer switch.

Dario Beccaria, iMoveEstates, says: “When you try to get a better asking price, these little home improvements can push the buyers to make a better offer”.

9 – Cabinet lighting options

9 - Cabinet lighting options
Lighting is very important for a property, it is one of the thing buyers appreciate.

So we suggest you add extra lighting if your home is not particularly bright. This also means to your cabinets! If you place these to the counter or cabinets with the right LED lights, you will potentially be adding extra value to your home with a small investment.

10 – Paint ceilings

10 - Paint ceiling
A nice, clean ceiling makes your house look better. Do not opt for textured ceilings as they definitely will not add value to your home. A simple new lick of paint will be a really good home improvement.

11 – Decorate with mirrors

11 - Decorate mirrors
A few ideas on how you can decorate with mirrors.

12 – Radiator covers

12 - Radiator covers
Radiators are not always good looking. Try to hide them by purchasing a radiator cover. It is a cheap home improvement that can help you with the colour scheme of your house whilst adding value to your home.

13 – Tidy up your corridors

13 - Tidy up your corridors
Spaciousness is important for buyers. Keep your corridors tidy and apply shelves if needed.

14 – Walls must be kept clean

14 - Walls must be kept clean
If you think the colour of your home is perfect, before inviting over potential buyers clean up the walls. They will look new again.

15 – Placing plants in every room

15 - Placing plants in every room
However do not exaggerate this and make your home a forest! Green plants add a nice touch to your home, they are also good for your health, refreshing and make you feel more relaxed.

Home improvements could be as small as adding plants on a few shelves.

16 – Shine hardwood floors

16 - Shine hardwood floors
When necessary a nice polish or wax to the hardwood floors could add value to your home.

The condition of your flooring is a good indicator of how much you have invested into the care of the property.

17 – The importance of built in bookshelves

17 - The importance of built in bookshelves
Built in bookshelves add a touch of elegance. A built in bookshelf placed in the right spot on a wall within a corridor can add a that bit of character the property needs.

Look here for a few ideas of bookshelves.

18 – Taps must be clean or new

18 - Taps must be clean or new
Water scale and rust to the taps can make them look dirty and old. Replace them! If the taps look new, the sink will instantly look in a better condition and these things can immediately add value to your home. Changing the taps is a cheap home improvement but it will make a difference.

19 – Try to add personal simple art

19 - Try to add personal simple art
Art helps you improve the atmosphere of your house like these ideas on home art on the wall.

20 – Space as primary necessity

20 - Space as primary necessity
If you don’t have enough space, create it.

Removing unnecessary objects is fundamental. If you have a really small property consult with a professional as it may be feasible to remove unnecessary walls, creating a more spacious feel which will be loved by buyers and add value to your home.

21 – Staircases must be nice

21 - Staircase must be nice
The staircase must look attractive. If improvements are limited at least ensure it is clean.

Look how design can transform your staircase with art, adding value to your home in a smart way.

22 – Add shine to the kitchen

22 - Add shine to the kitchen
Laminating the kitchen worktop can add value to your home. It makes the kitchen look shiny and new and it is also safer than a normal worktop.

Look for a few design ideas here.

23 – Wardrobes

23 - Wardrobes
Make your wardrobes bigger.

Usually these are missing space so why not try to add more of it by figuring out how to transform your wardrobes.

These are nice ideas on how to organise your bedroom closets.

24 – Crown moulding

24 - Crown moulding
Crown moulding can help you make ceilings and rooms more elegant. This is a good explanation on how to fix crown moulding in a professional way.

25 – Clean or replace carpets

25 - Clean, replace the carpets
Carpets are good but they can get really dirty and sometimes lessen the appearance of the property. Replacing a carpet, or professionally cleaning it can make the room feel new. Carpeting throughout the house can be expensive but it will definitely add value to your home when it is time to close the deal.

26 – Skirting boards

26 - Baseboards
A nice skirting board can make your room more uniform and proportionate!

Here is a guide on how to install them.

27 – Window seats

27 - Window seats
A window seat could be a great idea to gain space and add value to your home. Here some ideas of window seat designs.

28 – Clean or replace the Chandeliers

28 - Clean or replace the Chandeliers
Chandeliers can really improve the appearance and add value to your home. Read how the chandelier is important and can be one good home improvement.

29 – Mirrors around the house

29 - Mirrors around the house
Mirrors make rooms look bigger. They can also be very elegant and stylish. Read these tips on decorating with mirrors.

30 – Kitchen island counter

30 - Kitchen island counter
Island counters adds extra work surface space to your kitchen and the design of them looks really great! Here few ideas of island counter designs.

31 – Replace broken or tired parts in the bathroom

31 - Replace the broken parts in the bathroom
A clean and tidy bathroom is what buyers expect when viewing a home. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a property, find out why here.

Additions (32 to 41)

32 – Use the space in your garage

32 - Use the space in your garage
If you convert your garage into a bedroom you can increase the value of your home by 15%. Watch these garage conversions to give you an idea on how to do it.

33 – Install a fireplace

33 - Install a fireplace
Fireplaces add value to your home. It is an eco-friendly system and it can cut the costs of fuel bills. Here are a few ideas of fireplace designs.

34 – Add storage under the stairs

34 - Add storage under the stairs
It can save you space and give more storage options to potential buyers. Here you can find some nice ideas!

35 – Add a skylight

35 - Add a skylight
If you have access to lofts or attics, a skylight can bring more light into the property and make it look more luxurious.
View these skylight ideas to create the perfect lighting.
These home improvements will add a certain value to your home and a touch of style!

36 – Add a bathroom

36 - Add a bathroom
Buyers love bathrooms and are really useful for large families. Additional bathrooms will increase the value of your home by up to 5% and can attract more potential buyers.

Before adding one you need an evaluation and this article can help you!

37 – Conservatory

37 - Conservatory
Conservatories can add a completely new element to your house. It can also add value to your property and investment, here few ideas on how you can decorate a conservatory.

38 – Home extension

38 - Home extension
So they can cost thousands of pounds and require planning permission however an extension can quickly add extra rooms and huge value to your home.
Find out how to apply for UK planning permissions!

39 – Loft conversions are the main home improvement

39 - Loft conversion as main home improvement
Loft conversion can be expensive but will increase the value of your home by up 20%. Read about loft conversion ideas here.

40 – Extra bedroom

40 - Extra bedroom
If you have a spare room in your house which is currently used as a studio or storage area, convert it into a bedroom.

Any extra bedroom you add to your home can increase the value by 15%.

41 – En-suite

41 - En-suite
An En-suite bathroom to a bedroom not only adds style but if the buyer decides to rent the property out it will enable them to gain more profit.

Generally an en-suite bathroom is well received by all buyers so if you decide to install a simple shower and toilet the cost of this home improvement could only be a few thousand pounds but the value of your property will significantly increase.


Garden and Exterior Elements (42 to 55)

42 – Tidy your garden path or replace it

42 - Clean your walkway path or replace it
Front door paths must be well maintained and look good. You can also design it in a way to attract more buyers. Here are a few design ideas.

43 – Sprinkler system for the garden

43 - Sprinkler system for garden
If you love the garden and you do not have much time to take care of it put in place a sprinkler system. It will help you speed up the process whilst saving water. There are different systems on the market so before you decide on this home improvement thoroughly research online to see the differences between all the models and prices.

44 – Colourful flowers, trees, green and well maintained gardens

44 - Colourful flowers, trees, green and well maintained garden
Flowers, trees or a green garden will add value to your home.

Flower arrangements can also be smart home improvements. Read this list of possible ways to decorate your house nicely.

A clean and maintained garden will leave the potential buyer impressed. With a small investment you can impress the potential buyer and close the deal faster.

We suggest reading this short list of things to do to maintain your little piece of green immaculately for free. All you need is a pair of garden hedge clippers, gloves, your hands and a bit of motivation. Also, look at this wonderful guide to colour in gardens.

45 -The garage is part of the house so paint the door.

45 -The garage is part of the house. Paint the door.
The outside part of your house is important.

Many buyers are really interested in the garage however future families are top of the buyer list that have an avid eye for a garage.

Adding value to your home means taking care of the details.

Read why the garage door is important here.

Dario Beccaria, Marketing Director of iMoveEstates, the cheap online estate agents, says; ‘We need to think as the house as an overall. Taking care of all elements will preserve the investment and gain a much better asking price.’

46 – Washing the driveways and roofs of the property

46 - Washing the driveways and roofs of the property
A bit of hard work but it will make all the difference. In order to do this you will need a pressure washer, which can either be purchased or hired ready for when the buyer comes to view the property. It is a small investment for many home improvements which can be used often in the future.

A few examples of pressure washers here.

Your roofs and driveways will always be super clean and presentable.

A small investment can sometimes add big value to your home.

47 – Improve the Privacy

47 - Improve the Privacy
If you do not have fences around your garden, add them! It gives more privacy and tells the buyer that certain areas are included. You can find cheap solutions directly on Gumtree.

48 – Take care of the Front door house numbers

48 - Take care of the Front door house numbers
The front door is the first thing a potential buyer will notice. If they are poorly maintained and the house number is broken or not clear be sure to replace them as the buyer will instantly feel that the property is cared about. It is not an expensive home improvement, your front door number can be funny and different whilst adding value to your home, see these Pinterest examples here.

49 – Immaculate front door

49 - Immaculate front door
This is one of the first things buyers notice!

Re-paint if needed or make sure it refurbished as necessary. If it is noisy or difficult to open drop some oil or replace the mechanics and broken parts, such as hinges and locks etc.

Read this nice article on why your front door is so important.

50 – Landscape could be a deal maker or breaker

50 - Landscape as business card
The landscaping of a garden is important. It will leave a lasting impression with potential buyers. Do not turn off buyers with poor landscapes so me sure to take care of all external spaces that come with your property.

See these great ideas on how to improve your gardens landscape.

51 – Dead trees do not look good

51 - Dead trees don’t look good
If you want to add value to your home get rid of dead trees. Providing the trees are not protected it is best to remove them however there is a right time to remove them when selling a property. This simple home improvement can add quite good value to your home

52 – If you have the space, create off street parking

52 - If you have the space, create an off street parking
This will most definitely add value to your home. Parking can be hard sometimes especially within a town or city so tailoring space to create parting will be attractive for potential buyers.

Creating a parking space can be a more expensive investment but it will be remunerative in the long term.

53 – Take care of your garage’s appearance

53 - Take care of the garage door
Garages can be attractive for buyers that are looking for a family house. Here are some great design ideas about garage doors.

54 – Balcony or garden: A barbecue pit

54 - Balcony or garden: A barbecue pit
Buying a barbecue pit and placing it in your garden can make this feel part of the home. A place for the family, transforming the garden into a cool area to hang out.

55 – If you can, plant a Vegetable Garden

55 - If you can, apply a Vegetable Garden
If you have the space but do not have any experience regarding how to grow and take care of a vegetable garden read this interesting beginners guide.

Small structural interventions (56 to 66)

56 – The importance of draft proofing

56 - The importance of draft proofing
UK weather can be tricky! Try to insulate your doors as much as you can, this will preserve your house and reduce your heating bills. Keep the warmth inside!

Draft proofing is a cheap home improvement that is too often forgotten.

57 – Fit double glazed windows or replace and upgrade current ones

57 - Apply double glaze windows or replace old one
Double glazing is not a cheap home improvement but it will really add value to your home. It preserves the house and keeps you warm in the winter time, saving you money on heating. Read the benefits of double glazed windows and how best to fit them here.

Be sure to replace windows and frames if too old. Replacing your windows if they look too old or out of date can drastically change a homes value. Windows are really important for lighting so keep them clean too.

58 – You can apply Floor insulation

58 - You can apply Floor insulation
Floor insulation also keeps the warmth inside the house. It can be quite expensive but it will improve the value of your home and cut heating bills. Calculate how much you can save with floor insulation.

59 – Check the plumbing

59 - Check the plumbing
Potential buyers probably will ask if the plumbing has been repaired or recently taken care. Here is what buyers or tenants should check regarding plumbing system. Having an efficient plumbing system will also help you save on your water bills.

60 – Check the insulation to your attic or roof

60 - Check insulation of your attic or roof
Keep the warm inside and the cold outside. Preserve the property with a cheap but effective insulation solution. Learn how many different types of insulation you can find and which one is good for your property.

61 – You can convert your Basement

61 - You can convert your Basement
If you have a basement you can make use of spare space by renovating it and  creating an extra room. Here are a few ideas and pictures for cost effective renovations.

 62 – Electrical wiring

62 - Electrical wiring
Do not let buyers worry about the general safety of your home. Maintain your electrical wiring!

63 – Heated flooring

63 - Heated flooring
If you want add value to your home and potentially save money, you can consider installing heated flooring. The positive aspects of this are found within this article.

64 – Think about a patio or a decking area

64 - Think about a patio or a decking
Applying a patio or decking to your garden can be a great investment: Read these articles to understand which is the best option for your property.

65 – Check your Central heating or air conditioning

65 - Check your Central heating or air conditioning
Central heating can add value to your home by up to 5% and it is a long term home improvement. To know more about the different kinds of heating read here.

66 – Apply a programmable thermostat

66 - Apply a programmable thermostat
If you apply a programmable thermostat you will give the chance for buyers to regulate their home temperature more easily, whilst also saving on their bills by always keeping the temperature under control.

Read here how thermostats can reduce your energy cost.

Eco, Technology and Safety (67 to 76)

67 – Try to install a Water filter

67 - Try to place Water filter
Water filters are really beneficial for your health and they greatly improve the taste of the water. If you do not know what a water filter is please read this article which clearly explains it.

68 – Install a smoke detector

68 - Place a smoking detector
Safety is always a good investment in the property market. If you want more information about smoke alarms and detectors read here.

With new technologies you can improve the value of your home and guarantee a safe living environment that will be much appreciated by potential buyers. Some of the new models even check the air condition of your house.

69 – Adding value to your home by USB technology

69 - Adding value to your home by USB technology
Buyers love USB ports within sockets for their devices as fast charging is important in this era.

If you decide to upgrade the sockets yourself you need to know it can be tricky for those with little or no electrical experience. Read this article on how to fix the sockets in few steps.

Technology can always be used for smart home improvements, in order to make your life easier.

70 – Buyers love technology

70 - Buyers love technology
Any industry, including the estate agency market and their buyers, love technology. Investing in the right home technology such as Wi-Fi connectivity, security systems, automatic doors and functions can be valuable home improvements.

Discover the most technological house by reading this article.

71 – Adding Solar panels

71 - Adding Solar panels

Dario Beccaria, Marketing Director at iMoveEstaes, the cheap online estate agents, says: “Bills down, happy buyers”.

Applying the right solar panels can add value to your home by up to 17%.

These home improvements can also speed up the selling process, as buyers are often looking for a long term return in their investment. Read this interesting technical comparison about solar panels here.

72 – Big garden, Wind Turbine

72 - Big garden, Wind Turbine
If you cut your energy bills by using new technologies, not only will you improve the overall health of this planet but you will also attract many potential buyers. Read this article about wind turbines and how they generate energy and savings whilst turning.

73 – Green appliances

73 - Green appliances
Any appliances within your home that have a greater energy efficiency and therefore money saving will definitely attract the attention of potential buyers. So if your appliances are particularly old or inefficient perhaps consider replacing them.

74 – Consider Solar water heating

74 - Think about Solar water heating
Solar panels can be a cost effective substitute for normal heating and are now considered a a cheap and trusted option. Solar panel water heating can generate hot water, it is green, it can save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Solar water heating can bring lots of benefits! If you are interested, read here!

75 – Home security cameras

75 - Home security cameras
Installing a camera for safety reasons can improve your homes value. It is quite an expensive home improvement but it is well recognised by potential buyers. Read more about CCTV home cameras here.

76 – Protect yourself and the property from burglars

76 - Protect yourself and the property from burglar
Safety first! Buyers love safety and you should too. Locks must be placed on all windows, doors and sheds.

Improving the overall security will increase the value of your home. Buyers want to live or invest in safe places.

Outside lights are good indicators of safety. For example adding a light to the front door will ensure visitors feel more safe at night.


These cheap online estate agents tips should help you improve the overall value of your home. The costs involved in these tips can range from just a few pounds right through to the more expensive ones. How much you spend will depend on how much you want to invest, your capital, your local property market and how much value you want to add to your home.

Before applying any of these tips, be sure to analyse correctly the value of your property using our free online estate agents property valuation tool.

For any doubts or questions you may have, please feel free to contact us.

Dario Beccaria,
Marketing Director, iMoveEstates

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