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The internet is a huge universe: tips how to find the right Internet estate agent:

Written by Dario Beccaria

A landlord looking to rent or sell a property out for the first time in the UK, choosing the best internet estate agent can be confusing. You should take your time and choose very carefully.

Imove Estate Agents suggests that you do some online research within the best search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), ideally Start off with finding answers to the following:

  • Which online estate agents have the best prices? Few prices are tricky. You should choose carefully what the internet estate agents charge you and for which services.
  • Which internet estate agents ties you up to a monthly contract? A monthly contract shouldn’t apply because could take several months to sell the houses, or rent them in few cases.
  • Which online estate agents has the most efficient platform? The platform must be very modern and functional. The time the landlord saves to upload the pictures, manage the statistic of their account, should be important.
  • Check out their blog and social, check how the website platform has been designed and to which website the agents post your properties.
  • Do the number of website the internet estate agent download the properties to really matter? ( Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime location, Need a property take over 90% of the market) so the answer is no. The internet estate agency must post the properties in few websites but the most powerful estate agents to sell your house

The best way to find out about your internet estate agent are checking how many properties have been sold and the online statistic; if you have friends, parents, colleagues that have used the same service and can personally recommend the right internet estate agent, it’s a good indicator if the online internet agency is doing a good job.

Once you have got all the feedback and answers to those questions, you might want to check if they are members of any regulatory bodies.

Look out if the agents are membered with: The Property Ombudsman.the property Ombudsman

Why is a regulated internet estate agent safer for a landlord?

An online internet estate agent that chooses to be part of a regulated body is conscious of their client’s best interests and is willing to guarantee the clients that they are committed to a higher level of professionalism & protection.

These are few interesting questions and tips to sell or let your property in a totally safe way.

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