How to sell property online fast: PART 1

sell house online fast

Sell Property online Fast is our mission: our internet estate agent site offers virtually all the services of a traditional estate agent and our fees are thousands of pounds lower.

These are the most important questions we received every day throw our platform and we would love share with our readers

General question about selling your property fast, stress-free and about our internet estate agents services:

  • Online estate agents: how do your business work?

    iMoveEstates FAQ and questions directly on our live blog

    The services offered by iMoveEstates estate agents are really similar to those offered by a high street estate agent. We will value and market your property for you, and arrange property viewings. We will also accept and negotiate offers on your behalf, using professional photographers for better marketing your house, liaise with your conveyancer, estate agents, and buyers until the sale is complete.

  • How much we save with your Online estate agents’ fees
    Unlike expensive high street estate agents, who usually charge commission, Our online estate agents business concept charges fixed fees. This means we are a lot cheaper.
    For example, if you sold a property worth £400,000 using a high street estate that charged 1.5% – 1.8% commission you’d pay £6,000 or more in fees. iMoveEstates online estate agents typically charge a flat fee of between £229 and £399 for our services.
    We are ready to make the same services of an expensive high street estate agency:
  • Can you arrange the Viewings?
    We can conduct viewings for you, depends on which packages you purchase. In case you will run the viewings please follow this advice: If you work full time, maybe an open day, where all real potential buyers view your property in one day, might be a good option.
  • What about Communication between parties?
    Yes. Although someone will visit our clients to take photographs and do the floor plans when they have purchased our specific package, all another contact will usually be via email or phone or on our powerful platform. Our online estate agents will assign you a personal online account manager to speed up all the processes and our offices are based in Central London, in case clients need extra help.
  • What about house valuation?
    Our Valuations: most online estate agents will visit your home to value it, just like a high street agent, but you, unfortunately, won’t necessarily get an estate agent with specific knowledge of the local market. With our calculator, instead, we know exactly the market price of that particular area. based on the real daily analysis.
  • What about your selling time? How long does it take?
    A high street estate agents usually market your home until it sells or your contract comes to an end. We offer 12 months as a standard time. And usually, we sell your house in less than 4 months. This time is enough to sell your property online fast.
  • What about finding Vetting buyers?
    iMoveEstates online estate agents we take details of names, contact details, finances so we are sure the buyers are serious and speed up the process.
  • How will buyers or landlords find my property?
    Our internet estate agent agency uses Zoopla, Rightmove, prime Location and other property portals to market your property online fast. Serious buyers will regularly check the portals.
    You should look at our marketing online portal clicking here
  • Will iMoveEstates internet estate agent negotiate a final deal with my buyers?
    Yes. We will take offers, discuss them with you and negotiate the price for you. Don’t want to struggle? Then choose our an online agent and will do it for you. Before deciding, take a look our packages and get back to us:

  • Will you really care about my sale if you don’t get a commission?
    Yes, we do. We sold properties online fast all over the UK at cheap prices. This is out company mission and vision.sell property online fast - make beautiful photographs
  • Will your photos be professional?
    Yes. We will use professional photographers to take pics of your property. Read our Blog about the importance of nice pictures.
  • Are your internet estate agent services right for me?
    Yes if:

    • You want to save money and time
    • You want to rent or sell your property online fast
    • If you like to be in charge of the process of selling your home
  • Should I sell my home myself?
    It is not easy selling or renting a property online fast.
    That’s why we have created our powerful platform. Selling a property online fast can be really stressful. You need to follow many aspects in a professional way and you can have few Disadvantages: You can easily lose money by undervaluing your property, or overvaluing it a lot and not selling at all for months.
    Unfortunately, You have to show your property to potential buyers and if you don’t have enough time could be difficult
    You still have to spend lots of money on marketing, also, you can only post in one website at the time, so basically if you want more exposure you need to create more accounts in different portals.
    If you aren’t an experienced negotiator, you might not get the best price from a buyer

I know you are an internet estate agent. But I would more tips to sell my house by myself.

sell property online fast - our tipsWhich Tips you have on selling my property online fast

We are happy if clients can sell their house by themselves. We have set up a list of free advice to help them know what they need to sell their house privately.

  1. Selling your property in the spring or summer attracts higher prices
  2. Set your asking price for the property at 5-10% above what you would like to get, to conduct a proper negotiation
  3. Measure up always your property! if your property is not measured accurately, you could possibly be sued for misrepresentation. A floor plan is necessary.
  4. Always Use high-quality photographs.
  5. Ensure your answering phone calls is really professional;
  6. Set up an email address so that you can use it over the web. This will this keep your selling process well organized and it will reduce the spam
  7. Be prepared to hold viewings whenever it suits the buyer
  8. Make a clear inventory list of fixtures or fittings, so buyers know what they’re buying.
  9. Get always an energy performance certificate. This is a legal requirement and contains information on your property ’s typical energy cost and usage and a solid recommendation of how to reduce energy consumption.

If, after several months, you haven’t sold, approach our online estate agent. We can help you

For more helpful information on selling your property online and fast see our online tips:

Our Tips to Sell your House Online

Our Tips to Rent your House Online

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Dario Beccaria, marketing Director of iMoveEsates

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