iMoveEstates new internet estate agents platform

imoveestates new internet agents web platform

Introducing the new iMoveEstates Internet Estate Agents web platform. Selling and Renting your Property Online is easier than ever..

Written by Dario Beccaria

imoveestates new internet estate agents web platform

Photo by Paul Inkles

What makes you happy when you are selling or renting your property? This is the question our internet estate agents team has in mind since our Company has been built.
How the customer happiness look like when using our online estate agent services?

The answer to the question is our new internet estate agents web platform that we have created for our existing and future clients. iMoveEstates’ brand new marketing platform will help you find your happiness.

Fast, simple to use, powerful and completely responsive, you can sell or rent your property across the UK with few clicks.

Dario Beccaria, Head of Marketing at iMoveEstates, comments:

“When people look for a fast way to sell or rent a property, what they are really doing is looking for a place where technology and time saving live together. Saving time is always happiness..”

So keep your eyes on our revolutionary platform, we’ll keep you posted on exciting updates regularly.

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