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sell property online quickly

The first critical step to sell property online quickly: the correct house price valuation

The first question a landlord has when he wants to sell a property online quickly is the following: At what price should I sell my property online for?

The decision can be pretty hard. One of the most important decisions when selling your home online is what price the house or property should market for.

tips to sell property online quick

iMoveEstates Tips to sell your property online quickly

Different online estate agents will advise different figures. If the owner of the property or house owner put the price on the online market too high, you might end up not selling it. If the price is too low, he might get far less than what the house worth.

The most important decision of your financial life.

For sure can be one of the biggest financial decisions you are going to take in your entire life and it must be done in the correct way.
After you have tried everything you can to make the house or property you want to sell more appealing to buyers and have chosen the right trustable internet estate agency (see our Top Tips).

You should follow these helpful tips how to make your house more saleable.

As internet estate agent we can suggest what is the best price for your property in quick time. But who decides what price to put the property on the market at, will be you.

You need to adopt a clear price approach:

  • As First thing, you may decide the estimation for the likely price the property or house might achieve once on the market.
  • Second, decide with your online estate agents the best-selling strategy.

iMoveEstates practical tips:

  • The speed you want to sell the property will affect the final price you ask for it. Our selling statistics are public: just visit our home page.
  • Be carefully aware of what is happening to your local house prices. Market dynamics will inform whether you can be very optimistic or pessimistic about the total value prices of the properties
  • Do not just rely on the valuations by others, carefully analyse the market around your area and the prices other landlords asking for their properties.
  • If around the house, there are school catchment areas.
  • Always do your own prices research, Keep your eye on what other asking prices are in your suburb, look carefully local estate agents windows and check the prices in their websites

It is very important to evaluate your home following your own agenda. There are also few other sources such as the Land Registry, which is a governance tool to better understand the UK property market, but will not necessarily give you the perfect price or evaluation regarding your selling situation.

tips to sell your property online fastly

Sell your property online quicky wit our tips

Usually online estate agents as us have good local knowledge, but we always suggest clients to choose the selling prices by themselves.

We know that Mortgage valuer often gives low valuations in order to over protect the interests (sometimes very high) of the mortgage lender.
Could happen that the difference in the property valuation given by an online estate agent and a mortgage valuer can be between 15- 20% of the value of the property!

Always ask your internet estate agency how quick they sold the properties and how many houses they have actually sold for and how much they charge you.

You may also ask how much the properties have been on the market for. Selling a property online quickly is possible but it takes the right decisions.

We are more than an online estate agents: we use websites as like Zoopla, Primelocation and Rightmove to find out how much other comparable houses in your area or street have sold for and how quick they have been sold, or if they are currently on sale on these online platforms. This can help our clients achieve 97% of the asking prices.

Important questions about prices:

  • Are house prices in your area rising or falling?
  • How is the buyers and seller market going?
  • Are landlords selling their property quickly for their asking price?

After you have the answers to these questions, the negotiation is presumed.

Buyers like if there is space for negotiation in the asking price, so you should choose the asking price carefully, be prepared to negotiate for the right fee. Always ask for 5-10% above the price you think is perfect for you.

Adopt the best online marketing strategy

Once you are sure about what price your house should be worth on the online market, you need to decide the right strategy for selling it. The approach must be studied and programmed carefully.

If your internet estate agent will have enough experience of what works locally, you should certainly listen to their professional advice – but you should always make your own research to have a sure price background of the area.

A huge factor is how quickly you want to sell your property.
Our question is: Are you keen to sell your property quickly?

If you want to sell your property really quickly then you have few options:

  • Offer your property online at a lower price. Online Estate agents will recognise this as a price to sell the pro
    sell fast uk property online

    UK Market is really fast

    perty quickly. You will attract cash buyers this way, which can make the whole process very fast.

  • You can also ask for the best and final offer/s by a certain date. This can result in good prices:
    Because you ask for the best and final offer/s, buyers could put in good offers to buy the property quickly and often above the seller asking prices.
    The BEST AND FINAL OFFERS CAN BE TRICKY. If is there is no interest you could just get cheekily low offers!

At iMoveEstates we suggest to take the things a bit more slowly ….the prices and timing are most of the time correlated.
If you can take your time and not to try to sell your property too quickly, you won’t accept a price you are unhappy with.

When you decide to sell the property at the price you want, without rushing on the market, you can follow a basic selling approach:
Start quiet high, but be prepared to go lower. If you sell at a high price, perfect. If you do not, then you can slowly reduce the price until you do sell your property. You will have enough time to go thoroughly all the online market.

We always suggest finding the right balance when you selling online your house. Keeping the property or the house sits on the market a long time, it might become odd in the mind of certain potential buyers, asking: “What is wrong with this property, why it doesn’t sell?”

You can drastically reduce this risk by taking it off the market for few weeks and then start a new fresh online advertisement a bit later.

Time is everything. You can only do this if you have enough time. We know the importance of selling quickly and without any additional stress.
UK Market is really fast. Properties stay on the market for a short time and the right timing for selling is everything. Also, the right time for buying a house is important.

We always keep our clients are readers updated with interesting articles. This is a genuine guide to buying properties in London in 2016:

The UK government has announced that help to buy London, a scheme to assist homebuyers in England, will be launched on 1 February 2016!

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