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iMoveEstates understands that it’s important to offer cutting edge technology, technology that can be used with a click of a button or with your fingers tips. We are aware video tours are something that have been widely used in the past but as the market and the way in which buyers now search for property have changed. Its important video becomes more widespread to reach this audience we are missing and are unlikely to reach through other means.

iMoveEstates Youtube Channel

The way we search has changed there are a constantly growing number of people approaching social and digital media such as YouTube as an important source of information. The devices we use has also changed as it seems high street estate agents are finding it more complicated to compete with this huge mobile media platforms.

The days where estate agents could get away with not having an updated website and not being down with the modern technology are a thing of the past.

Modern technology like property video tours benefiting home owners with limitless power through various forms of media channels to help sell their property over the entire internet.

Online estate agents which are implementing new marketing technologies with ultra-fast online selling methods, such as video tours have more chance to sell their property. Methods like digital property video tours are a powerful weapon which can help properties sell faster than usual.

Property video tours are easy to share, promote, and give a professional look to any property. Investing in new technology is useful for our customers, the video tours is something we have added to our services. Our clients can now have the service for free with any package deal, it is what make iMoveEstates the UK’s leading online estate agents.

Video tours are a great way to market your property within 60 seconds a potential buyer will have an idea of what the house looks like, the rooms, the lightening, the location giving more of an overview to help make an informed decision.

  • Property video tours are an excellent way to share the property on social media platforms and via email.
  • Property video expands the overall potential online marketing

Video tours can help significantly with the amount of interest your property receives it can increase physical viewings of the property, which can have a positive effect on achieving your asking price.

How does property video marketing work?

A property video should give the viewer the same feeling as you were having a physical view of the property. The video should give enough time to explain about the property, the rooms, the qualities, and location information which make the property worth viewing and potentially buying.

The video is not a viewing of course so a good quality video should chose the positive aspects of a property. Once your property video tour is online your potential audience could be worldwide, so please avoid difficult terminology and a time frame of over 60 secs.

What any estate agent, especially an online estate agent should include in the property video tour service!

Online estate agencies should use as many possible tools and services to increase interest from reliable potential buyers interested in investing in their properties.

As real estate agents they should ensure that certain information is related to the potential buyer. So alongside the property they are marketing within the video they should also contain the following:

  • The online estate agents company name at the beginning and at the end of the property video tour
  • State the city and postcode only do not give away a physical street address or number.
  • Do not state on the video that its empty as it can attract vandalism or theft to the property you promoting.

Why should I offer a property video tour through my online estate agency to promote my properties?

Offering a property video tour is an excellent marketing tool, but why should my online estate agency offer them!

A few statistics why online estate agents or estate agents should consider producing property video tours, to their services:

  • Its reported that Facebook video viewers in 2015 had on average 8 billion views daily from 500 million users!
  • Property Videos can be shared easily through Facebook, YouTube Twitter and various other social media platforms
  • It is free to share on social which is a very good way in cutting general costs such as printing marketing materials
  • YouTube Google platform has over 100,000 videos upload/downloaded per day
  • Google glasses technology helps estate agents create a video in no time at all.
  • Property technology and the future of video using equipment such as Drones. In the UK you need to have a special drive licence from aviation before you can operate with a Drone. That said there is a UK Company that is developing a Micro drone 3.0 and it can be used to make internal property videos.

The world has become social and on mobile digital and all industries especially the property market must not be left behind.

Online estate Agencies which understand this new era will modify their practices and policies to best target potential buyers and tenants within the online world, to increase their chances to sell or rent their properties.

Why are our property videos free?

By offering property video tours we are not only creating a new way to innovate but also open up more advertising avenues online.

We help clients reach a worldwide online audience while at the same time demonstrating to them our complete effort and commitment in finding a buyer or tenant for their property.

Where online estate agents technology goes, iMoveEstates follows.

We have decided to offer property video tours, without increase in any price, to improve our customer online experience. We wanted to give an extra service to our clients through Our YouTube channel and make our offer more effective for our clients and there potential buyers or tenants.

YouTube shows an incredible 3 billion videos every 24 hours to a worldwide audience which we want to exposure in. We decided to add the service with any sale or rental package, professional property videos and slideshows for our property developers.

Adam Pero the CEO says “Our video tours offer an easy and quick presentation of the property with all the necessary information needed to help the potential buyers or tenants make an informed decision“.

We see the Internet as a global community to sell your property and at a fraction of the cost.

For more information please refer to iMoveEstates the UK leading online estate agents website . If you would like further information or comment on the above Press Release please contact

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