The Internet Estate Agent Guide: How to Sell Your House Fast Using Online Estate Agents in the Current UK Market

internet estate agent guide to selling house fast

When it comes to selling property, almost everybody wishes to make a quick and highly profitable transaction and this has become even more prominent in the UK property market, today. This is due to a number of factors but chief among them is the desire to not encounter a loss when selling. If you are looking to sell your home quickly, however, the current situation of the UK property market has made it increasingly difficult to sell a property for a reasonable amount. Which can be, in a manner, be chalked up as a failure for the local property business in the UK.

Most people, when they observe this apparent failure, will associate it with two things; the prevalent downfall in property values across the country, and the estate agents that are a dominant force in the industry. What most people do not realise is that not all estate agents are contributing to this phenomenon.

The Internet Estate Agent’s Contribution to the UK Property Market

Internet estate agents, or online estate agents, are probably the only members of the UK property business that are working towards improvement of the business itself, in an effort to bring it back to its former glory, so to speak. So far, it is evident that they are succeeding, at least more than conventional estate agents.

This success is due to the various advantages that internet estate agents have over their traditional counterparts. The advantages, of which there are many, not only make it easier for internet estate agents to generate qualified sales, but also provide their clients with rather hefty profits. As a satisfied client is the basis of any dealer’s success, it comes as no surprise that the internet estate agent is accomplishing what the traditional estate agents are largely failing to achieve.

As mentioned, there are several advantages that an internet estate agent has over their high street counterpart, when it comes to a quick house sale. Below is a list of the advantages, along with an elaboration on how that advantage contributes to the betterment of the UK property business as a whole.

uk estate market coverageMuch Wider Coverage

The internet is a much bigger marketplace than any physical location, at the moment. The same is true for the property business in the majority of the developed world, and especially the United Kingdom.

This marketplace is visited by anywhere between thousands to hundreds of thousands of eager sellers, buyers and dealers, every single day, from all around the world. If property dealers were to tap into this virtually unlimited supply of buyers and sellers, they would undoubtedly be the masters of the market itself and almost all of it has to do with coverage.

Market coverage, in just about any business, determines how much of the customer base is available to the person conducting the business. Because the internet covers practically every corner of the country, the internet estate agents enjoy the highest coverage and a quick house sale every time.

The concept of coverage has made the internet estate agent particularly successful, and the online property business especially profitable. This is mainly due to the fact that while internet estate agents may not make as big a profit on each house sale as compared to traditional estate agents, they cover a much larger area and are visible to a much greater number of prospective sellers. This gets them more clients and therefore, much better profits.

multiple clients simultaneouslyAbility to Cater to Several Clients Simultaneously

High street estate agents have historically been known to function at their best when dealing with a single client at a time. While this may or may not have been the correct approach when it came to the number of potential clients that were waiting to be catered to, it was their only option due to being rooted in a physical world.

This is the very opposite for internet estate agents. The internet has virtually unlimited potential, regarding the number of prospective property sellers. This potential has granted the internet estate agent with the ability to not only be visible and accessible to a multitude of clients; but work with each client on their respective property sale, at the same time. We will discuss how they accomplish this, later on in the blog.

When a property dealer has the ability to work with several clients at once, they increase their customer base at an exponential rate. The fact that one internet estate agent or agency can simultaneously be working with any number of clients, has contributed hugely to the online estate agent’s success as well as the online property business itself.

Keeping the Business Running

It is no secret that the recent Brexit fiasco had a vast majority of house sellers in the UK in a confused state of mind for some time, following the deciding vote. For high street agents, this meant that clients would be uncertain and on the verge of afraid, of losing a significant amount of money in the property business.

This fear of loss led a large number of clients to the internet estate agencies, which were already known by a number of clients for being highly efficient and effective. Therefore, in a way, internet estate agents kept the UK property business alive and running, despite the considerable damage that it took in the months leading up to the vote and the time that has elapsed since.

Admittedly, despite the best of efforts, the property business in the UK is still reeling from the shock. However, if it weren’t for the internet estate agent, we can safely assume that the business itself would have suffered significantly more than it already did, if not collapsed entirely.

This is a claim that may be labelled as glorification for the internet estate agent. However, it is rooted in reality, as is evident by the following example. Suppose for instance, you want to sell your home quickly and you are very unsure of where to go from there. Factor in the nationwide financial turmoil and your uncertainty takes on the form of utter confusion and misgivings. Now, a traditional estate agent may seem like the obvious choice in such a situation but, consider this; a traditional estate agent has limited coverage and therefore, limited knowledge of how individual regions are performing when it comes to property value. Whereas an internet estate agent valuates your home according to region-specific data, which estimates as accurately as possible, what the best price should be for your home.

This allows you to sell your home fast, at the best possible price, no matter the economic situation.

sell house online betterWhy an Internet Estate Agent is Better to Sell your Home Fast

It is a generally safe assumption that if someone has a proven track record of excellence in a number of external circumstances; it is preferable to conduct business with them, instead of someone who may or may not succeed at achieving the desired goals. This is basically why an online estate agent is better for you if you wish to sell your home fast.

In order to understand this statement, it is important to first recognise the aforementioned contributions of online estate agents, as well as the advantages that they hold over traditional estate agents, especially in the current market.

Following are some of the advantages of using an internet estate agent in order to sell your house quickly.

A commitment to sell property fast: Online estate agents are generally inclined to help you sell your house quickly. This has benefits for both the online estate agent as well as the seller.

For the agent, this means that they will have a satisfied client on their hands, who sold their property in a highly satisfactory period of time as well as on a solid profit. Additionally, the quicker the sales, the faster will be the rolling in of new clients and more business. For the seller, the main benefits are more time to focus on moving in to a new house or managing finances, rather than sitting and waiting for their property to sell.

In any case, it is certain that, for very obvious reasons, an internet estate agent will have your property sold much quicker than a traditional high street agent, who may spent days or sometimes weeks, beating around the bush, trying to determine the ‘appropriate value’ of your home and whatnot.

A highly efficient and hassle-free system: Internet estate agents typically have very efficient systems in place, to help their clients sell property fast. What is generally a multi-layered and needlessly time-consuming process with traditional estate agencies, can be completed in a matter of minutes with an online estate agency.

The process in question is the initial valuation of the property that is for sale and signing-up of the client. The high street agent, who as we have determined has limited region-specific knowledge of property values, will either research the price of the house by using the standard value in the area in which the property is located. Although this may seem like a thorough, in-depth and responsible approach to selling your property fast, it is in fact capable of being done in a much faster and efficient manner.

The manner in question is the one employed by the internet estate agent. When you ask to get your property valuated by an online estate agency, you are basically using the most recent and constantly updated data standards possible. These standards are updated on a very frequent basis, tracking even the slightest difference in price, something the traditional estate agent would usually overlook.

This makes for a very efficient and extremely accurate estimate of the value of your property, which you can then use to set in mind a reasonable asking price.

A significantly larger buyer base: The buyer base of the internet estate agent can consist of possibly thousands of people seeking properties. The main reason for that is the internet itself, and the countless people that are online at any given time.

The enormous volume of buyers is what practically guarantees that by the time a brick-and-mortar property dealer estimates the value of your home, an internet estate agent will have already arranged a viewing or several, for your property.

Another advantage of a large number of available buyers is the financial diversity of the people who could possibly be interested in the property for sale. This essentially means that there may be some financially well-off buyers among the pool, who could be willing to buy the property without much of a bargain, providing a much bigger profit for the seller.

Therefore, not only will you sell your house fast, if you wish to sell your house online, but you will make more money off of the sale, when choosing an internet estate agent.

possible drawbacksPossible Drawbacks of using Internet Estate Agents

The pros of going with internet based estate agents and agencies have already been aptly determined. However, there are some, admittedly very few but still, some drawbacks of selling your property with an online estate agent.

As the entirety of the UK and in fact, all of Europe and the rest of the world has noticed, the Brexit vote had some clear consequences on businesses, either in which the UK was involved, or which existed within the UK itself. The property business, which was already going through a rough patch, got hit very visibly by the decision.

In these times of confusion, the general public is usually wary of business outlets that lack a hands-on approach, so to speak. Due to the supposed distant nature of the internet estate agents, a lot of the clientele is hesitant still, about working with online property dealers.

Other drawbacks include the up-front charges that online estate agents demand. Again, these are very rarely a cause for trouble. However, no track record is perfect when it comes to conducting business and there is always the possibility that despite the best efforts on the online property dealer’s part, the house may not sell at all. Once again, it is important to mention that this occurrence is almost unheard of, as internet estate agents routinely prove superior in terms of qualified property sales, as compared to traditional, high street estate agents.

Another drawback of using internet estate agents is that they will often not fetch the best possible price of the property, due to not making any continued effort towards getting a profit. The reason that is often given is that because the internet estate agent charges a flat fee up front, they are less inclined to work towards maximizing profit. This may be true in some cases. However, the evidence of it actually happening is slim to none. It is true that internet estate agents charge a flat fee up-front. However, it needs to be understood that the majority of online property dealers are working through word of mouth recommendations, which would simply not be possible if the sellers did not make a satisfactory profit.

Selling Your Property Fast using Online Estate Agents

The internet estate agent is the best solution for when you are thinking of selling your property fast, and at a healthy profit, without all the hassles usually associated with a property sale.

The benefits of using online estate dealers are not just limited to existing house sales. Whether you are looking to sell your house, buy a new house, trade in your property or even rent it out, the internet estate agent is by far the superior choice, especially once you consider the various complications that are clouding the property business in the UK, today.

Below are some of the most common beneficial qualities of internet estate agents that make them better than high street property dealers, generally.

1) Much more reasonable service fees: The first and foremost benefit that has made internet estate agents as popular as they are with the general public is their considerably more reasonable fee structure. Online estate agents charge a mere fraction of the amount high street dealers demand. Once you take into account all the effort that an internet estate agent can save you, in comparison to the meagre fee, it becomes clear that an online estate agent is the better option for property sales.

2) Much higher level of convenience: An online estate agent will more often than not, be available for service 24/7. This is mainly due to the fact that the internet does not take lunch, tea and various other breaks, nor does it sleep. Getting in contact with an online estate agent is simply a matter of a phone call or an email. This availability, coupled with the fact that there is virtually no charge whatsoever for consultations and such, makes the internet estate agent a much more convenient option as well.

Additionally, any queries that a prospective seller could have regarding the property business or an individual sale, can easily be addressed and taken care of, thanks to the near constant availability of internet estate agents.

3) Considerable flexibility: This is another significant advantage that internet estate agents have over their traditional counterparts. Internet estate agents not only sell house quickly, but they do so with much greater flexibility of service.

This means that an internet estate agent will have a plethora of options available, pertaining to several aspects of the property sale. Some of those aspects are the time period for promotion and marketing of the property, the number of forums where the property will be marketed, the areas which need to be targeted with respect to the buyer base, as well as the earlier discussed areas of coverage that can be focused on, when selling.

4) Freedom to shop elsewhere: Often the prospective seller will observe, with traditional estate agents, that there is a contract in place that forbids the client from approaching another estate agent. With the elimination of a binding contract, comes the freedom of stress from a variety of consequences; the penalty fee being chief among them.

This proves to be extremely beneficial towards the seller, as they can maximize their chances of selling their property exponentially, with each internet estate agent they contact, simultaneously. Admittedly the seller will have to pay each online estate agent’s up-front fee. However, once you consider the significantly lower cost of working with internet estate agent, it becomes clear that even 3-4 internet estate agents can be hired to help sell your property, while still spending less than you would with a single traditional property dealer.

sell house fasterHow an Internet Estate Agent sells houses much faster than a traditional property dealer

The internet estate agents of today have a number of tools in their arsenal, which allow them to achieve much faster and more efficient property sales. The most noteworthy and prominent of the tools is obviously, the internet itself. The internet allows an estate agent to maintain a virtual presence that is constant and always available to any number of potential sellers.

If you take a look at the property business in the UK today, and the general economy; it comes as no surprise that the majority of house sellers are looking to sell house quickly while making as big a profit as possible. This is because of the uncertainty that still surrounds the property market, which has subsided somewhat, but still continues to plaque the industry. It is this uncertainty that has prompted the UK home seller to take the easiest way out and make a halfway decent profit while at it.

Now, while the traditional estate agent has been a somewhat tried and trusted route to take for those who have sold with them before, even these sellers are wary of the latest circumstances, and are instead opting for the better, more intelligent approach, that is internet estate agents.

This decision of the majority of UK home sellers is supported by the fact that internet estate agents employ a significantly greater degree of efficiency in their operations.

To explain this, let us observe the difference in service procedure between a traditional estate agent and an online property dealer.

Traditional, high street approach: The traditional estate agent’s approach to selling your property hasn’t changed much over the many years that they have existed. And while they themselves and those who swear by them would argue that it is a procedure that doesn’t need much change; they couldn’t be more wrong.

The traditional estate agents in the UK approach the matter by first laying out the commission stipulations. This is and should be a major warning light for you if you wish to sell your property fast. However, if you wish to persevere past this stage, the high street agent will then enquire about your property. Here starts the lengthy and complicated procedure that may take actual days to even weeks before the house is even ready to go on the market.

The property in question will, after the initial enquiry, be surveyed and valuated in person. Some photos may be taken as well, while the estate agent meticulously takes into account all that the property has to offer. Once the property has been adequately valuated and observed, the traditional estate agent will then proceed to set an asking price to quote to potential buyers.

This entire process, as mentioned, can take up quite some time and once the property has been listed, the buyers will then be taken for individual viewings and such.

Note that there are 2-3 procedures that need to be undertaken before the property is even ready to be viewed by a potential buyer. This is what has led to several high street estate agents losing their relative popularity over the years. Not to mention the service charges that border on the obscene, especially considering what their online counterparts are charging.

Internet estate agent approach: If you truly wish to sell house fast, then the internet estate agent’s approach has numerous benefits for you. There are several guides available on the internet; that definitively prove how the internet estate can help you sell house fast.

This speed and efficiency can be seen from the very first moment when you approach an internet estate agent through their website.

Without wasting any of the prospective client’s time, the internet estate agent’s website presents a form that requires all the relevant details regarding the property, to be filled. There is more often than not, a free valuation service as well, in case of the grand majority of internet estate agents anyhow.

Once the prospective seller has submitted all the details of the property via the online form, they are asked to submit a nominal, one-time fee that covers virtually all aspects of the property sale. This fee is much more reasonable than what a typical high street agent charges and in case of a high value property, it can add up to an amount which could then be utilized for a variety of investments.

This is surprisingly all there is to it, as far as the initial procedure of getting the property listed on to the market goes. Next, the client themselves is free to arrange viewings with potential buyers who contact the sellers automatically, without any prompting.

It is important to note that there is almost zero human effort involved in the procedure and that the bulk of it is done online, which is a major contributor to the internet estate agent’s growth in popularity among the newer, more technology savvy generation.

Top, Most Efficient Estate Agents

By far the best among the growing forces in the online property market is iMoveEstates, and their excellent brand of high quality services. They represent all that internet estate agents stand for and display par excellence the reason why inter estate agents are surging in popularity in the UK nowadays.

If you wish to sell your house for cash, rent out a property, buy a property, let out your property or simply check how much your home may be worth, an internet estate agency such as iMoveEstates can help you out throughout the process, without charging you at every step of the way.

In case you are simply looking for a valuation of your property, in order to judge how much to ask for your house yourself, use one of the multitude of instant online property valuation tools available on the internet. iMoveEstates has just such an online property valuation tool that determines as accurately as possible, the estimate value of the property in question.

The rest of the sale process consists of simply waiting for the right buyer to come along, enabling you to sell your house for cash and at a healthy price as well.

Whether or Not to Sell Your Home in the UK in the Current Property Market

The current UK market is at a point where nobody can accurately predict the direction it will be taking in the coming months. The property prices are still fluctuating and people are still conflicted as to whether or not they should sell their properties.

Keeping this uncertainty in mind, the only safe bet would be to sell your house online. The question of how to sell your home quickly can only be answered by an online estate agency such as iMoveEstates, which can help you at every step on your path to sell your house online.

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