Online Estate Agent – What is the Importance of Hiring an Efficient One?

hiring an efficient online estate agent

When you are renting your property in the UK or planning to sell it, you need to hire the professional services of a respected and reputed online estate agent. With so many online agents in the market to offer you their services, the thought may cross your mind that you could choose any one randomly. Allow us to stop you there. Every online agent is not created equal. There are many differences between different agencies, and it is important that you choose the one that is the best fit for your specific needs. But why, you would as, is it so important to choose an online agent carefully? Well, here is a brief guide that will let you know about the importance of hiring an efficient online estate agent. Let’s start!

leading uk property portalsAn Efficient Online Agent Will List Your Property on the Right Portals

The importance of property portals cannot be emphasized enough, especially Rightmove and Zoopla, which are the topmost property portals in the United Kingdom. Rightmove gets more Google searches than ‘property’ and around 500 pages are viewed on the portal in a second. On the other hand, Zoopla gets over 40 million hits on a monthly basis. Now, listing your home on these portals is impossible on your own. You need the help of an agent. An online agent would simply upload the details that you have provided to the portal, but an efficient internet estate agent will make sure that there are no details missing that would list you further down the ranking. A skilled online agent would have had experience in the current trends in the market, and would provide you with the right details that could be detrimental in getting your house the right viewings.

The Option of Professional Photographs and Floor Plan Would be Provided to You

5. Kitchen Diner 2 smallProfessional photos and floor plans are to the sale of a house as a scrumptious-looking delicacy is for a food commercial. When buyers browse through the property portals, the one thing that stands out most, apart from the details of your house, is the images that you have posted. If the images are blurry, or taken from an angle which does not put your house in a good light, then the viewer would not be interested and would move on to the next house. Remember that the competition is tough on these portals, and you need to do everything in your power to get your house listed in the top rankings. Although this does not mean that in order to impress and trick the buyer to viewing your house you start using fake photos (this would not serve well for a sale), but you should definitely utilize the services of a professional photographer.

Hiring a professional photographer would cost you somewhere between £100.00 and £150.00 on average, and a floor plan would cost you £25.00 to £55.00. A good online estate agent would provide you both these services and that too, at more affordable rates.

For Landlords: The Tenants are Reviewed Properly

What would you fear when you are looking to rent your property? A terrible tenant, of course! Most of us have heard the stories about tenants who have made life all the more difficult for their landlords and you would certainly not want to be one. The credit score of an individual tells a lot about them, whether they are responsible with their money or not. A skilled internet estate agent would provide you the accurate credit details of the tenants, and would provide you feedback about them. This would make your job of selecting the perfect tenant easier.

Fassistance in negotiationor Home Sellers: Assistance is Provided in Negotiation

Negotiation is a tricky subject. If you have set a price of your house that you think is perfectly reasonable, but then comes a prospective buyer who thinks that the price should be lower. And of course, there is that fear that the price you have set is too low and you might be selling for too less.

Apart from the price ranges in the neighbourhood and the extra features in your house, there are other factors to take into consideration as well. For instance, the state of the market is very important while selling your property. Why? Because it is changeable, and unless you know the details about it, you are sure to make a decision that may not be quite profitable for you.

A trained and efficient internet estate agent will guide you through the process, letting you in on all the details about the current market trends, and will help you negotiate to a price that would be most beneficial for you.

A Professional and Personal Service

When you are selling your house or renting it, you need professionals on your side who are skilled and are experienced in handling any and every problem efficiently that occurs during the process. But that is not all that you need. Most of us might be uncomfortable talking to professionals who seem distant or unwelcome. They may have a bulk of knowledge about the industry, but if they are unable to communicate with you, or you with them, then there would be many issues left unattended. An agent who is welcome to all your queries about anything related to the sale or rent of your house is an agent worth hiring.

imoveestates great serviceAn Honest Service Ensures Great Service

Customers’ feedbacks will tell you a lot about the service of the online estate agency. If they are posted by independent feedback services like Feefo, you can rest assured that these reviews are genuine. If most of the customers’ feedbacks reveal that the online agency is doing a good job, you can be more inclined to use their services. On the other hand, reviews that show a negative rating for the agency should be avoided so that you do not pay for services that are below average.

Pro tip: Beware of agencies that do not have feedbacks posted on independent feedback services, as the only reason that they do not use them would be that they are worried about honest negative reviews.

To make it easy for you, if you are looking for an online estate agency with all these positive traits, then you should look at the extensive renting and selling packages at iMoveEstates.

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