Online Estate Agents, Man or Machine?

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ImoveEstates CEO Adam Pero Talks about myth and reality in the emerging trend of online estate agents; humans against machines or Old versus New?

Often I see this term used from the more traditional form of estate agency when questioned or highlighting the threat of the ever rising online estate agents. As an avid reader I like to read what’s going on in the market I serve and have come across all manner of different sayings the best one and most used is; ‘Online estate agents are no threat to the market as they believe people want a more personal touch’. This to me is a myth.
What part of online means there is no personal approach about marketing your property? Most online estate agents have experience in selling or renting and marketing property, and believe me its difficult to sell a property and not be involved from a personal level.

We live our life’s Online

I do understand what they are trying to say, the word ‘online’ could come across to mean that there will be less of a human approach and more machine type service. Let’s explore that for a bit because is that actually a bad thing especially in this modern day with everything at our fingers tips? Some of the other markets have adopted the online approach which I’m sure was weird at first and took some time to get used to but now becomes every day. Markets like retail, tell me who doesn’t shop online nor has never purchased a product that way? Even our grocery shopping and food can be purchased online. Our holidays, we spend thousands on trips abroad without seeing a travel agent which was once the normal way of booking a holiday. We only have to look to how we live our lives; we now keep in touch and share experiences through social media, another online platform. Look at the way the online dating websites exploded onto the scene a few years back, now if you are single who hasn’t signed up to one?

Now it’s up to the estate agents

Now it seems it’s the turn of the property sector adopting what other markets have already done for consumers use, ease and convenience. Where did it all start from one would say, but you only have to look to what the agents themselves use to sell or rent their properties. The major property portals changed the way in which a potential buyer or tenant searches for a property; some of these sites have millions of visits per month. This meant that your local agents had to change the way in which they marketed and had to list their properties online on such portals, portals they could now not live without. Those same agents used to place their properties in the local newspapers. Remember them? They used to be filled with property and had property sections twice a week. Those same agents who before would send a lot more mail through their mailing lists; I recall receiving loads of agency flyers or letters. They also had regular footfall entering their agency location which was a must, it had to be on the high street. I know what you are thinking; some of these agents still advertise like it now, of course they do, for some it is necessary. However, the majority of 15,000 estate agency branches list their properties online not because they want to but because they have to. It is the way the market has changed and will continue to evolve, no industry stays the same.

It is “evolution”, baby!

Markets and services improve or offer alternative solutions to continue to please the consumer. While the consumers are benefitting from the online experience in other industries its only right they should have the alternative choice to explore the online experience that all estate agents have and are continuing to benefit from.
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