Internet Estate Agents tips: How to be sure about the right removals company

tips to choose removing company

At iMoveEstates, the Internet Estate Agents, we know well that Moving home can be very stressful. Never underestimate the amount of physical stress and well-prepared organisation it takes to move your furniture of your home to a new one.

Why do you need a good removals company?

Packing lots of boxes is one thing, raising them in and out of vans and, most of the time, up and down stairs is completely another. It can be extremely tiring; If you’re rushing on a tight deadline to vacate your property and you’ve a sizeable amount of items to shift, lots of valuable possessions, such as antique furniture or extremely fragile pieces, the best choice is to choose a well-renovated rem

Moving can be extremely tiring

Moving can be extremely tiring (photo by Ken Walker)

oval company to take the stress off your shoulders, so you can focus on selling your property online at the right price.

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With these Tips you can concentrate better on organising the rest of your move for the best removal price: Read our UK online estate agents guide on finding the right removals company for you.

Before you start calling companies for online quotes, please ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the removal company a member of the BAR (British Association of Removers)
  • or PMA (Professional Movers Association)? These are the official body for removal companies in the UK. These bodies, as for the online estate agents ( please read our article about how choosing the best internet estate agent ), are really important. Give more guarantee to customers and efficiency. They set standards and a code of conduct for their members, so you should be reassured of their professionalism and conduct at all times.
  • Check all the online Independent reviews of the removals companies you’re looking at and check how the customer service try to help you for any questions you may have.
  • Read their ‘about us’ section on their website for company longevity and trading history
  • Look at the truck size and condition, where the warehouse facilities are and how much they charge you to come to your place.

Why you should get a good number of online removal services quotes:


Look at the truck size and condition (photo by TheMuuj)

We advise you to get several professional quotes well in advance of any suggested completion date. Analysing the services offered and when you will receive them and how the companies are able to conduct the move.

Many larger removal companies will offer a packing service too; this will make your life easier, you can save lots of time and energy if everything will be taken care of. It’s always better to get a detailed online assessment from the removal company. Most UK removal companies have an online sales estimator to see what you have to move and how much would cost. This allows you to price the quote more accurately and should help you choose the best removal company more easily.

Takes quite a few time choosing the right delivery company. As online estate agents, we follow hundreds of properties every month, we know that picking up the right company it can take a long time. The total time of the process can take a couple of weeks and finding the right date might take another couple of weeks, so give yourself a month time to choose the best removal company. Many removal companies are booked up weeks in advance, so start looking for a removal company as soon as you can.

Try to pick up your delivery company only if it is prepared to perform a visual survey prior to an official written quotation, in this way the quote will be more realistic. After the company visits the property run through everything ask the delivery company these following questions:

  1. Will you dismantle furniture that won’t fit through doors? Make sure they fit your needs
  2. Will furniture fit through the doors, are there any alternative access routes needed? Moving property shouldn’t be so hard!
  3. Do you have a loft full of boxes? Basically, you asking if you really need to be bothered with all those boxes around the house
  4. Do you know the vehicular access to my property? This point is important: not really a painless option is the van can only stay 600m from your property……..
  5. Does your quote include insurance? Most companies should provide you with moving insurance against loss or breakages of your property during the removal operations. Make sure this is the case before booking online one of them.
  6. What are the individual item thresholds and the total loss limits? Usually £5-10,000 individual item and £40-50,000 total loss for a proper removals policy. Make sure this is the case before booking anyone. You should also contact your home insurer( if you got one) to find out if your current policy will insure your property while it’s being moved, too.
    internet estate agents tips about moving

    Do you have a loft full of boxes? (photo by K. Tegtmeyer)

  7. How much notice do I need to give if I were to book through your website? This should be clear on the online form given
  8. How many members of your staff will be here on the moving days? Provide your removal company with as much details you can of your property as layout and access points, so they are aware of what to expect to calculate the right timing.
  9. Can you provide me with a written and clear move scheduleAll the aspect must be clear and written as the date chosen must be respected.
  10. Is this price the final price? You must Negotiate on price. Try negotiating the price, see if you can get any discount from the removal company you have picked up. Moving house at busy times, such as Saturdays, holiday or school holidays, will be much more expensive as the demand of moving houses is usually very high at these times.
    You should try to arrange the moving on a normal weekday when it might be cheaper and maybe with the higher chances to get a discount. you’ll want to clarify everything in advance to avoid additional charges.
  11. Do you provide a free cleaning service when everything is done? This will make the end of the process pain-free. Cleaning can take a long time. Make sure they include all these particulars in their quote.

Removal companies and recommendations:

Another way to choose the right removal company is from a positive review from a friend or family member. if you can be reasonably sure of their performance of the delivery company with other customers, maybe this could help you in taking the right choice.

Dario Beccaria, iMoveEstates Agents Marketing Director

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