Online Estate Agents – The Future Of Technology: How To Upload Your Property In Less Than 5 Minutes On The Biggest UK Property Portals

Online Estate Agents How To Upload Your Property In Less Than 5 Minutes On The Biggest UK Property Portals

Let’s face it: the real estate market in the UK has changed. Buyers and people looking for a place to rent are now more educated about their options, and are more selective about their choices. 93% of people browse property online before contacting any agent. This means that the competition is now tough, and unless you have the right exposure, the advertisement of your house for sale or for rent might not be received by the right audience.

Online Property Portals

Most of the buyers look online when they need to look for houses. Rightmove, Zoopla, PrimeLocation and NeedAProperty are four of the biggest online UK property portals which are frequented by individuals who are serious about buying a property or renting it. The traffic that these sites receive is quite staggering. Here are some details about these online portals to give you an idea:

leading uk property portalsZoopla

In the United Kingdom, Zoopla is the fastest growing property website. This online portal:

  • Has a visitor rate of more than 10 million hits per month
  • Has a strong advertising campaign for the listings nationwide
  • Is well known among the people in real estate and the ones who are looking for property


The number one online portal for real estate in Britain attracts a huge chunk of buyers or people looking to rent a house for various reasons:

  • The website gets more than 90 million hits every month
  • 95% of people who have made a move have either heard about or used Rightmove
  • 75% of home movers admit that Rightmove is the property site they visited first when browsing for houses
  • Every single week, Rightmove emails its 1.5 million+ users with the newest additions in listings


This online portal is famous for the ease of use and the marketing of the listings, which has made this website one of the leading property websites in Britain.

  • The portal gets more than 5 million hits on a monthly basis
  • There are over a million properties listed on the website for rent or sale
  • The clients of the website include over 12,000 different estate agents and agency branches


NeedAProperty is the property website that works with both property developers and the estate agents to provide the customers a simple solution to searching for the right home.

  • This website gets more than 2.5 million hits on a monthly basis
  • The portal is easy to browse through and user friendly
  • This website is popular among the younger, tech-savvy generation

Now that you have a brief overview about the popularity of these online estate agent portals, you can understand how important it is to list your house on these sites which are garnering so much traffic.

Even the traditional estate agents are using these online portals to get advertisement. So why shouldn’t you?


imoveestates advertising on major property portals

Can You Set Your House on These Portals Privately?

If you are thinking about getting your house listed on one or more of these websites, good job!

However, there’s a catch: most of the top property portals do not accept listings from private users in order to provide protection to the clients. Only registered estate agents are allowed to do so.

So, how do you manage to get your house on these most-visited property websites? The answer is quite simple: use an estate agent.

Now, the question arises: Should you use a traditional agent or an online estate agent?

Using Traditional Estate Agents vs. Using Online Estate Agents

Traditional estate agents do know how to upload your property on the portals, but they may not have access to more than one portal, or not have the experience or be updated about the best ways to upload a property for listings. In addition to this, their charge a lot for their services, and this might burn a hole in your wallet.

Using online estate agents to market your house on the best property portals is a better choice, since being “online” is their area of expertise. They have experience in the various methods to market your house in the best way possible, and can make the most of the property portals to get you some of the best prospective buyers or tenants. Using online estate agents, your house can be listed on more than one portal to increase your exposure. Lastly, and most importantly, since the online estate agents do not have a “physical” presence, i.e., no brick and mortar office, they do not have the expenses of caring for the office space, hiring staff etc. This is why the amount that they charge is way less than what the street agent will charge you for. Better services and in a more affordable way? What is not to love about this?

How To Upload Your Property In Less Than 5 Minutes On The Biggest UK Property Portals?upload your property in less than 5 minutes

All you have to do is follow these three steps:

  • Select a reliable, registered online estate agent
  • Choose a package
  • Provide details about your house

And voila! There you have it! Your property will now be listed on the busiest property websites!

Pro tip: When choosing an online estate agent, you should check for the one that serves extensive packages in the most competitive prices. iMoveEstates is a registered online estate agency, and is a member of the governing body Property Ombudsman. This will ensure that you get only the best and the most reliable agents in the industry.

How to List Your House for Sale on iMoveEstates?

Listing your house on the most visited property website with iMoveEstates is easier than it sounds. Let us walk you through the five easy steps to successfully put up your house for sale or rent on your favourite online portals:

  1. Request for a free valuation of your property
  2. Buy the selling or renting package of your choice
  3. Add your property through your account
  4. Your property is published on the major property portals
  5. You start receiving requests for viewing

1. Request for a Free Valuation of Your Property

The online valuation tool of iMoveEstates will help you reach the most accurate price to include in your listing. Setting the right price of your house is extremely important. Setting the price too low will not get you the proper return on your investment, and you will be effectively losing the money that you could have gained with a proper pricing. Alternatively, setting the price too high will repel viable customers who would have paid you the right amount had you only priced your house right.

When deciding the price of your house, it is important to get a calculated estimate to reach the closest figure, and here is where the iMoveEstates tool comes into play. This tool asks for details about your property that you wish to put up for rent or sale, and based on the information you provide, it gives you an estimated price. The details that the tool requires include:

  • Property address
  • Street address
  • City, county and postcode
  • Property type (detached, flat, bungalow, cottage etc.)
  • Property style (contemporary, period, thatched, low built etc)
  • Tenure (freehold, share of freehold, leasehold)
  • Number of floors, bedrooms, bathrooms and receptions
  • Decorative conditions and central heating
  • Property size
  • Listed status
  • Parking
  • Additional features
  • Improvements done
  • Last sale date
  • Your contact details

2. Buy the Selling or Renting Package of Your Choice

The selling and renting packages of iMoveEstates are quite extensive, and you can easily choose the option that best fits your needs.

Here are the selling packages:


Here are the renting packages of iMoveEstates:

imoveestates renting packages

There are also special selling and renting packages for first time customers.

3. Add Your Property through Your Account

Once you have bought the package that you wanted, you need to upload the details of your house on the site through your online account. The web management platform of iMoveEstates is easy to use and fast, so you can upload the details and edit them easily. The site is responsive, so you can access your account whenever and wherever you want to, and from any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.) that is at hand.

4. Your Property is Published on the Major Property Portals

Advertising the property to the right people in the right manner is what smart marketing is about. The biggest property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla are known for their marketing and this is why many homeowners prefer their house to be listed on these portals. And to get to these property websites, iMoveEstates helps you.

You can check out the additional features of the packages. In the premium listings and featured property options, your property can be listed prominently on your favourite portals. And all this at an affordable price!

5. You Start Receiving Requests for Viewing

One thing that is certain after your house is listed on the popular portals is that you will receive requests from people who are serious about buying your house or renting it. This way, you will not be wasting your valuable time on non-serious customers who are just looking at houses without any intention to buy or rent.

The best part about listing your property through iMoveEstates is that you will receive regular reports and statistics about the performance of your property in the listings on Zoopla, Rightmove, and PrimeLocation. Also, the details of the potential tenants or buyers will also be updated to you, so you can easily screen the tenants.

When you receive the requests, you can now sift through them and shortlist the ones you are comfortable with, and arrange for viewings at the time that is convenient for you.

Why Use iMoveEstates to Sell or Rent Your Property?

There are many reasons why you should consider using iMoveEstates for buying or renting your property.

1. A Trustworthy Service

The online estate agency, iMoveEstates, is registered and has a positive reputation in the real estate industry. The company has partnered with Feefo, the popular third-party review company in order to gain more trust with its customers and potential customers. The CEO of iMoveEstates, Adam Pero, said:

“For iMoveEstates to continue on growing and building on the great foundation built there is no fear in opening the doors to our clients for feedback, reviews or testimonials. Being an internet based estate agent it is important to build trust and deliver the standards you advise of on your website but more importantly to what your clients expect from the service.

Having a well trusted independent testimonial and review company such as Feefo on board will allow our potential clients to see the general experience our existing clients have received using our service. The aim of using an outsourced company will assist us to build trust, knowing that our client has gone out of their way to write the review or feedback through an impartial company.”

You can have a look at the testimonials here.

2. Affordable and Convenient

The packages that iMoveEstates provides to its customers are extremely affordable. Let us compare the pricing of iMoveEstates with the pricing of other online estate agents.

1. Upfront Fee

The charges for the fixed upfront fee for both iMoveEstates and other online agencies are given below:

Other Online AgenciesiMoveEstates
Highest cost£700.00£399.00
Lowest cost£300.00£249.00

2. Monthly Upfront Fee

The fees for the fixed monthly upfront fee for iMoveEstates and other online agencies are given below:

Other Online AgenciesiMoveEstates
Highest cost£60.00£33.25
Lowest cost£23.60£20.60

3. EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) Charges

As a homeowner, you are bound by law to show your EPC to the prospective buyer or tenant.

In the MarketiMoveEstates

4. Cost for Professional Pictures and Floor plans

Professional photos and floor plans give a positive impression and increase the value of your home, attracting high-value customers. If you get these done separately on your own, these are the usual charges:

Photography: £100.00 – £150.00

Floor plans: £25.00 – £55.00

At iMoveEstates, both these services are offered with a price of £150.00.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact iMoveEstates today!

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