UK Internet Estate Agency: a Price Revolution!

internet estate agency prices

The London and the UK market is quicker than it’s been for years, properties are selling really fast and UK homeowners are paying more than ever in estate agents’ commission and 2016 won’t be any better! UK Internet Estate Agency is the new trend!

High street estate agents report queues of potential buyers with properties selling through sealed
bids even before a summary brochure’s been made!


Properties are selling fast in UK!

They may be having a profitable ride but still agents charge around 1.5-3% percent in commission fees!

In 2016, it costs the average seller £4,700 to sell their property using a high-street estate agent service, plus 20 percent VAT on top of that price! In total, that’s almost £5,700. Agents usually charge a fixed percentage of your home’s value; the higher the property’s value rise the more you pay.

The UK house price growth remained stable during January 2016. Indeed, annual house price growth has remained in a range between 3% and 5% since the summer of 2015!

This rising trend was maintained all January 2016, with property prices up 4.4% over the year, in line with the 4.5% increase registered in December 2015.

UK property price up by 4% since summer 2015 and over 10% percent in London, according to Nationwide, that’s profitable news for high street estate agents but not so good news for vendors.

Selling your property through a UK high street estate agent is three times as expensive as in 1995!

Read the ultimate home prices statistic directly on nationwide website.

However, our new online concept of selling and renting the properties online fast is surpassing the traditional high-street estate agency model by offering the same services but a fraction of the cost.

Read our Blog how to sell your property online fast and our tips:

Our UK internet estate agency has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in building the ultimate online estate agents technology platform, as UK customers are getting more confident buying, renting or selling online and we have realised how much money they would have saved using our advanced online business concept.

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Sell your property online in UK

Our clients could easily save thousands of pounds, especially independent developers because they need to sell more properties at the same time, or also, house owners which sell or rent more expensive properties.
Our UK internet estate agency can charge less because we don’t have to fund chains of expensive offices and many staff payrolls. We charge a flat fee of £99 to rent your property online and £249 flat fee to sell your property online!

Why we push our readers to compare our Online Estate Agents services with other competitors:

If you’ve decided to use a UK internet estate agency, but you are not sure which kind of services you can get and why our internet estate agency services are so cheap, you will find all the answers here. Your question probably will be: Which internet estate agency I should use and why?

There is lots of UK online estate agency out there, all offering different online packages. This guide helps you compare our online flat fees with other online estate agents prices and help you to find the trustable and cheap internet estate agent for your needs.

About Mortgages

Important note: In case you are a buyer and interested in few properties for sale, If you need to get a specific mortgage, contact a free mortgage broker to find the best deal quickly, our partner Rightmove offers a free mortgage valuator.

Or use popular bank websites, as these ones.

If you want a really good comparison of different mortgages, you can always ask Google! Google knows how to speed the things up:

Be careful: your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up every repayment on your mortgage.

Our Selling and Renting Packages

online estate agents prices

Online Estate Agents grow year by year

Now we try to help you understand better our online estate agents packages sending you directly on our page:

The selling package

The renting package

Our online estate agents packages are easy to read and clear. Our prices are affordable and cheap compared to other UK internet estate agencies.

These are a couple of interesting articles how much online estate agents charge to sell or rent your property online or the average price of their services: the average online estate agents fee is £500!

Our selling package starts from only £249 pounds! The renting package from £99!

Why can we cut running costs using our new internet estate agency platform and give a cheaper price to our clients?

Our UK internet estate agency has been built on a simple thought: If we can create a better online service platform, where all is automated and easy to use, coordinating all the portals using a well-designed and essential business concept, attracting millions of people on our clients properties, cutting off all the costs normal estate agents need to cover as big offices, big internal divisions, large payrolls, agents cars, slow or external customer service, then we can generate a genuine business plan the UK customers will love.

So we decided to invest a lot in what we believe the easier to use a UK internet estate agency on the UK market!

Read how people can save lots of money with similar (but not as easy to use as our platform) services related to internet estate agency:

Unlike high street estate agents, there is a better choice in the services you will receive from our online agents. In our packages, you can find a long list of extra options to choose from: from Gas certificate to EPC, to photographs and premium listing. After reading all this, the second important question a client should ask is:

How can you trust them to take care of one of the most important financial transaction?

The sites we’ve listed below are registered with the Property Ombudsman and so someone to take any unresolved disputes to, we are also registered to this authority institution. For any complaints about your internet estate agency you can read here.

the property Ombudsman

Always check you agent is member!

We are going to write more about this object in the next article. Stay tuned!

Check always reviews and MAKE SURE the site is registered with the Property Ombudsman, watch out for companies that don’t have a social presence and clear information about themselves.

Many authority websites have written about the average fees of our competitors services: This article is taken from an authority site.

The ‘Selling’ part of the sites illustrate in this article are original and checkable: before we comment our internet estate agency prices, we want to tell our readers more about the general services internet estate agent do and quick answers from general question we receive every day:

The list helps you understand better which kind of services we can offer (and usually other companies offer) and how to avoid few common mistakes before committing the online agency to take care of the selling or renting process of your property:

A free professional property valuation:

You can get a clear idea of what your property is worth using the instant online valuation tool or price advice. You can find our new instant property valuation tool on our homepage.

Various estate agents, online agents and High Street agents, offer free valuations, and you should make a good evaluation before asking the best price.

Read our Specific Blog Post.

You can find the section talking about the valuation prices and how you can avoid few mistakes.

UK Internet estate agency usually offering Professional photographs:

Detached for sale (ID#237) The Whins, Croft Road, Oban, Oban Argyll PA34 5JL, UK

Professional photos are a plus

Photographs come as the standard for the listed agents, so it is a common service that customers appreciate. We have a really good photographer:, we can guarantee quality pictures! With our premium packages at only £399 you will have a professional photographer taking care of the best aesthetic aspect of your property.

Check our tips here.

Our online system also able you to have:

Detailed online and downloadable brochure descriptions of the property:

Comes as standard for most of the listed agents ( our online system allows you to amend the property as many times as you want and easily being in charge of all the process )


Come as standard for the agents reported in our reference article- we instead offer a separate plan for the floor plan: this because if you’ve enough time you could do it yourself using few online free software( it takes time and the confidence to do it, so we always suggest you take your time to do it properly)

You can learn how to make a semi-professional floor plan with this free software.

Access to the online property portals (Rightmove, Facebook etc.)

This is the base of internet estate agencies, it comes as standard for these internet estate agents – there’s no getting around this one, you need to be an online agent to post on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location, and with our internet estate agency you can also expose your property on Facebook. Read why we have chosen to be partner with the leading property portals.

The option Gumtree is limited to an only cert amount of internet estate agencies but also to a less powerful exposure for potential clients.

Booking and supporting viewings

The Booking supporting and viewings come as standard and you can also having your viewings hosted, normally for an extra cost. (With our internet estate agency you will have a manager helping you with organising the viewing and deal with the buyers and tenants.)

We can arrange viewings, contact the best buyers for real feedback after property viewings and help negotiate the best prices and offers for your property. Our online system permits us to help our clients very fast, step by step until your property sale is completed. Selling your house online fast without expensive commission fees is now possible.

We are also a professional online lettings agent!

letting online agents

iMoveEstates is a Letting Online Agency

Find out more about our online lettings tips here.

An important function internet estate agents perform on their services is vetting people, such as chain position and financial situation) so you don’t get any time wasters. We do like to bring our clients only the best buyers possible.

Negotiating offers:

Negotiations come as standard for the listed agents in the article, our clients feel better using a professional to mediate the right price, online estate agents always leave the customers to decide the final price! So you must have a clear idea of what the price is.

Read our tips to sell your property with us.

All these are the common services online estate agents do; you can use these internet estate agencies instead of your current local estate agent. But also, you need carefully read their prices:

Don’t forget to calculate and add to their prices the VAT!!

For some reason, UK internet estate agency or high street estate agents don’t like too much include the VAT in their prices!

Probably they hope it makes look cheaper their services. Please pay attention!

Ask your agent to give you the price inclusive of VAT so you have the full picture. At iMoveEstates, all the prices are VAT included. No tricks.

Read about VAT in this useful article.

With the investment we made on our platform we can guarantee our private property seller or independent property developers a cheap internet estate agent service.

What about the contract when you sign up with an internet estate agent?

UK Internet Estate Agency: no contract!

UK Internet Estate Agency: no contract!

For most internet estate agents, you are in no contractual agreement. Usually, you can advertise through their platform until your property sells. Check this is the case, whether there are any time limits and if there is a contract. We advertise your property for a maximum of 12 months! But usually, you can sell it as soon as 2 weeks!

Our prices are very cheap and made to reach all kind of customers.

Just because our UK internet estate agency is a cheaper way of selling your house, this doesn’t mean we cannot cover all the services. Actually, we can do it much faster.

Read our Blog on how selling your home quickly for example.

Before choosing you must compare the different online estate agents on the online market:

Our article aims to give you the important information to help you compare the best online estate agents. The right agent for you is the one that can deliver the best services at the cheaper price. If you wondering about our online method, or you want more information regarding our internet estate agency please contact us here, we will answer fast.

You should use our online estate agency if you want to save thousands of pounds! Using our online services to sell your house can save you hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of our services is the savings you can make and the time you can make the operations. Our basic packages start from £99 for renting packages and £ 249 for selling Basic packages. We are cheap. Normally internet estate agency starts charging around £400, but you can find even more expensive services, up to £1,000 for basic services, it seems a lot but it is nothing comparing to the high street estate agents!

Why UK internet estate agency will slowly change the real estate market is explained carefully in this old (2014) but very actual article:

As the article said, the funeral of the high street online estate agents is really close. . At the moment, only 6% per cent of UK property sales are made through the new, cheap, internet estate agency.

If we think only 10 years ago was practically zero. We are really positive about the article prognostic: By 2018, only 2 years away, this figure is expected to rise to 50 percent! And as 70 percent by 2020!

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