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Online Estate Agents, Man or Machine?

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ImoveEstates CEO Adam Pero Talks about myth and reality in the emerging trend of online estate agents; humans against machines or Old versus New? Often I see this term used from the more traditional form of estate agency when questioned…

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13 Reasons To Move To Wales

After having described how Scotland is an opportunity land, we want to share our thoughts about Wales. If you never been to Wales, you are missing out a lot of wonderful things. With its amazing coastline, accents and nature it…

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9 Simple Reasons For Moving To Scotland


Moving to Scotland can be a good investment and, at the same time, give you the chance to discover this wonderful country. If you follow our Blog, you will already know that Scotland is becoming a profitable place for UK…

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How to sell property online fast: PART 1

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Sell Property online Fast is our mission: our internet estate agent site offers virtually all the services of a traditional estate agent and our fees are thousands of pounds lower. These are the most important questions we received every day…

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