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The UK has a deep housing crisis: a fast growing population and a lack of properties has pushed house prices really up quickly. Even beyond what people can afford in many UK suburbs. London is the focus of the crisis with an increasing in rent of up 30% since 2011!

What about the UK wages someone may ask.

This is an interesting question as lots of people asking if they can afford to buy or to let those properties:
We share this wonderful article of the week: clearly explain why property prices going up and wages, unfortunately for us, are going down.

The average rent for a room in London has increased by over 25% to £525 a month between 2011 and 2015, according to one of our Valuations Office Agency data. The median London rent for all properties has also jumped by more than 30% over the same period, reaching £1,350.

Read this interesting article about the rising pricing and the housing crisis to have a better idea of the general situation in 2019.

In this extraordinary market crisis, some people have no option but to rent their houses and all they want is getting the best price the market has to offer.

rent property online in 2016

In London rent prices increased up to 30% since 2011

In UK online estate agents market private landlords are keen to let out their properties fast and quickly.

IMoveEstates quote: “It is important for all landlords to keep the price down while finding the best tenants for their property”.
Our mission: Rented! This is what we want to hear after you reading our online tips:

Before we share our top tips on how to ensure your online properties are successfully rented stress-free on our quick and cost-effective technology, we want to give you a precise guide to explain clearly the factors you need to know about being a successful landlord in the UK.

By the end of our help, you should have gained a nice understanding of what’s involved. However, you can always contact us for more questions and details.
A successful landlord means:

  •  The right location: Buying your property in the right location it will attract a large range of good tenants
  • Compliance with the rules and regulations on letting property and standard safety requirement as gas ad fire regulation:
    If you want to know the entire offal legal requirement the landlord may have please visit this useful link:
  • The right tenants who will regularly pay the rent and look after your property in the safest way
  • The ability to manage the tenancy quickly
  • Not getting emotionally attached to your property. Properties are a long-term investment and can be a mistake to treat them as your own house.
  • Having knowledge that The UK housing crisis has raised the prices up and who wants to buy rent instead to save enough for the deposit.
  • To know that buy-to-let is growing fast: Today people work and study frequently, so this means they are moving often. For this kind of people being tenant offers flexibility than buying an expensive house doesn’t.
  • Making money through property letting: the capital growth and the rental income growth. When the value of the property increases over time it is known as ‘the capital growth’. Capital growth, called also capital appreciation, has been very strong in recent times. The risk is the value of the property can go up as well as down; also, the local conditions surrounding your property can have a big effect on the value of the property. The Rental income is the monthly payments tenants pay you – hopefully, this will grow over time too. In addition to all the good incomes, you will need to budget a number of fixed costs. These costs, as maintenance, insurance and safety are relatively expensive, but you are responsible for these costs whether your property is occupied or not.

After knowing whatuk rent property online a successful landlord means to share our fast renting successful letting procedure: we aware you that usually properties that let quickly tend to have the same following features, so when you invest serious money on a property always keep these in mind:

  1. The proximity of tube, transport links, food shops and parks.
  2. For the foreigner student market being close to the university is a big advantage
  3. Kitchens and bathrooms in an excellent condition. Read this awesome article why the bathroom, outside of the renting process is so important:
  4. Ample storage is well seen
  5. Parking attracts family
  6. Good natural light makes the flat looks bigger
  7. Good security and general safety area attract more female tenants
  8. Garden (important for tenants with family and kids or pets)
  9. First step: Preparing to rent your property online

There is a lot to prepare before you will get your new vetting tenants through your door. We can bring really fast tenants on your doorstep but before doing this, we need to be sure you follow this list carefully.

First impressions are really important. Your home must look at its best for the potential tenants. So maintaining a tidy condition of the property for all your viewings, will give you the best opportunity of letting your home and reaching the best possible price you may ask.

Rent Property Online: preparation before viewing

Your external property view

The external view is the first impression your potential tenants will have of your property, so you should focus on optimising its appearance at your best. All aspects of your property must be perfect. If you follow our Blog, read about our tips on how quality pics are important to sell your property online.

We apply the same simple concept for the renting process:
“At iMoveEstates, we are sure high-quality pictures are really important to rent your property online fast”.

Try to meet all of the required standards to give you the best opportunity of finding the right tenants and achieving the best monthly price.
Tidy up the front of the property, garden and front step. Clean all the dead plants fix lawn if necessary and trim edges if needed.

Broken cracks, holes or blemishes in the walls are a sign of poor caring. If you really want to rent your home high price you need to keep it perfectly. Paint the door and frames if needed.

Make sure your house number is clearly visible from the outside.7. Conservatory (1 of 1).jpg small
Keep rubbish and rubbish bins out of the entrance.

The interior property view:

Safety standard first: including safety standards for gas and furniture (see the official links below)

  • Space is important: moving useless furniture into storage, remove unnecessary objects or non-essential items inside your house
  • Make minor repairs (light bulbs etc.) Just make sure everything works
  • Clean carpets, floors, windows, fixtures and fittings
  • Eradicate unpleasant odours, like pet, smells, cigarette or cooking smoke
  • Decorate rooms if needed, the house is a long term investment.

An accurate pre-tenancy checklist should help you make sure are ready to go before you make the next step in letting your property online after the preparation list:

  • Update your property insurance. Your property is going to be let so your insurance status will be change also.
  • If the property is to be occupied by more than one family or tenants, it becomes a House in Multiple Occupation and further regulations will need to be applied; as well as registering with your local authority. Read the requirements for Houses in Multiple Occupation.
  • Get the online permission from your mortgage lender, usually; they can make this procedure online.
  • Obtain approval from the council office if you make structural alterations to the property or change the property use
  • Make sure all furniture and furnishings comply with the latest fire regulations
  • Control that the gas appliances and relative equipment have been serviced by a CORGI-registered engineer and that safety records are kept in an adequate place.

At iMoveEstates, the internet estate agents, we know It may seem like a lot of work, costs, time and energy all this, but we also know with a bit of money spent in advance, it could really make a huge difference to how quickly you rent your property online on our platform and how much money you can charge.

Our way of working is simple:

As more than 10 years experienced online letting agents, we know that finding the right tenant for your property is essential. We will do all the paperwork for you, and find the perfect tenant for your property.

We work in six simple steps to rent property online:

We have local UK experts to make every step of the letting process as easy and stress-free as possible.

  1. Book your free rental valuation on out platform for free
    Before starting renting out your property online with us, we will help you estimate for free your letting value. iMoveEstates, the leading internet estate agents, will work out what the best rental value for your rental case by evaluating the property in terms of condition and location.
    This will give you a clear idea of what your monthly income you expected, helping to give you a trustable comparison with other properties in the same area. As a leading property letting agents, we are proud of our quality services- so you can book one of our free rental valuations at the most convenient time for you, please click this link to contact us.
  2. One off fee: no contract, no commissions, no hidden prices
    As trustable online letting agency, we know that being cheap and being a quality service is a must and that hidden fees are really awful. With us, our payment plan option when property renting means you pay a one-off flat fee from only £99 for all the essential rental services!!
    See our Rent Property Online Packages here.
    Once it’s all paid up you can relax and rent your property quickly. No other payments are requested.
  3. Upload your property to rent online on our powerful advertise portal
    Our online letting agent experts will help prepare the right ad for your property; our team have the right knowledge to capture all of the most appealing features and keywords for your property. With high definition photographs, clear descriptions, we’ll push all the best features of your property for rent and directly attract potential tenants. Then, once the ad is ready and you are ok with the ad we have created, we set it live on our powerful platform within few hours.
  4. Arrange a viewing with nice tenants
    The viewings must be a success. We’ll talk with potential tenants to find the most convenient times to view your rental property at the time best suits you. We tell you how to show your house in the best way possible, to be sure everything will be perfect. After every single viewing, we’ll get back to you with a positive or negative feedback within 48 hours by phone or email. You will know how the viewing went. You’ll also be able to view all the information updated 24h your online iMoveEstates account anytime you need to. Our customer service is active 24h and we answer all the email in short time.
    We want to be the best online letting agent. We always follow our customer’s ideas and opinion how to improve our online estate agency platform. Read the latest real reviews on Facebook.
  5. The final step: Receiving the best offers for your property.
    Once you accumulate all-important offers from potential tenants, our local experts we’ll be helping you to begin all the best negotiations. Your online account will be always updated and we’ll be sure to keep you informed for all the process of your property renting, all thanks to our fast and trustable online platform.
  6. Tenants finance checks and arrange to sign with the new tenants
    We will check the tenants for you to be sure all the process will be smooth. Our internet estate agency will do all the necessary to make sure your tenants are the right ones for your property. We will run a background checks, checking referencing, getting the ideal tenants for you is our job. Once we have made all the controls we’ll organise the parties for the signing of the contracts and explain to you all of the terms and conditions.
    We have made all the process easy and quick for you when putting your property to rent on the market.

Dario Beccaria, iMoveEstates Marketing director

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