Christmas as good opportunity to rent or sell a property online

sell or rent your house for christmas

Imove Estate Agents run a deep study at Christmas time. Surprisingly, Christmas is an important, popular time of the year to rent or sell a property online.

Written by Dario Beccaria

Many people leave their home to going back to their homeland: students, workers and long-term tourists. If you want to sell a property in London or around the UK, there is still enough time to sell your home online before Christmas.

We spread out some tips on how to sell or rent your properties online before the holiday break.

  1. Place as soon as you can your properties on an internet estate agency portal.
    Make sure you have placed your properties on a safe and trusted internet estate agent; even one day’s delay could take off good occasion of the selling process
  2. Landlords should be more flexible with viewings.
    Christmas can be a good time to sell

    Christmas can be a good time to sell

    During Christmas holiday vacations, organising an Open Day is a faster option, Open Day maximises the number of potential buyers through your door. Also, the timing is important, you should be prepared to hold viewings at different times to be able to not to lose important buyers.

  3. Properties condition and specifically winter cleaning.
    The presentation to the buyers, to rent or sell a property, is always important. Try to make an

    Organize an Open Day to increase viewings

    Organize an Open Day to increase viewings

    effort about cleaning it up specifically for winter. Winter holiday is a very busy time, Buyers will love the properties ready and they would love no requires to further work by them.
    This could really worth a fast Sale.

  4. Christmas, sometimes, is a buyer gift
    : Be ready to a price reduction.
    Drop the prices down will bringing back buyers who were put off by the price first time saw the property, as well as attracting new potential ones.
  5. Work closely with your internet estate agent. This will give you the chance to sell your property online without stress; Moving house, sometimes, might be a very stressful event:

This interesting article contains more tips how to manage the stress and how to be ready to approach your relocation.

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