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General information to sell a flat quickly in 2016

Time calculation: Buying or selling a flat can takes 2 to 3 months!

The overall selling and buying process could take even longer if you don’t sell directly and being part of a chain of buyers and sellers.

Here the few general points you’ll need to follow without fail:

  • UK sellers must provide an Energy Performance Certificate for the flat
  • If the property seller is using a high estate agent, real buyers must make all the offers through the agent chosen
  • If you use an online estate agency, the buyer’s offers will come directly through their online platform to the seller
  • Once a buyer’s offer has been accepted by the agent or the seller, the seller’s responsible for write up a legal contract to transfer ownership
  • The final offer isn’t legally binding until contracts are signed and exchanged
  • Stamp duty and land tax are calculated depending on the amount given for property
  • If you don’t want to own the flat completely but you’re buying the flat with someone else, you can own a property with up to 3 other investors with different types of joint property ownership.

Read more about the general laws to sell a flat here

After you have read all the general steps to start selling your flat, what can you really do to maximise your chance of a quick flat sale?

Which options are available?

  • High street estate agent
  • Online estate agency

Choose the best estate agent or the best online estate agency1. Choose the best estate agent or the best online estate agency

You don’t have to sell a flat quickly through a high street estate agent. Not always

You can also sell a flat though an online estate agency.

If you do decide to choose one of these options, try to understand that are 2 different approaches.

The online estate agency offering the same services without the viewings because they think the best seller should be the owner of the property, the online estate agency is there to assist you negotiating the price and helping to sell your flat quickly.

Try to look for online estate agents selling properties similar to yours and use their free property valuation.

Ask friends, family member and neighbours for possible recommendations, maybe they have used their services before or can give you advises about the best internet estate agency fees.

When you contact several online estate agencies, choose the one that shows experience about your local market, enthusiastic about selling your flat quickly, and someone who always put the positive features of your flat up front and online in the right way.

Ask your online estate agency where your flat will be marketed, online exposure is a powerful tool to drive over several potential buyers to the step door of your flat.

iMoveEstates, one of the best online estate agencies, for example, advertise on major property portals.

2. Check the fees

As when you are comparing the commissions taken from traditional street agents, run an exhaustive price research online on how much are the average fees of online estate agencies.

You can find different comparative websites and articles as this one.

Try to understand the real estate agents rights, where to complain here.

After you have run an online price research, ask you online estate agency how much you will save using their services, if there are any hidden costs, and if the VAT is included in the total price.

With the best internet estate agencies services, more the flat is expensive, more the saving will be bigger; a single fraction of a percent on a flat sale could be worth a lot if sold with a high street estate agents. With our fixed fees, your saving will be huge.

Calculate how much you can save with our online estate services directly on our homepage.

Get the right property valuation3. Get the right property valuation

The asking price is important, don’t exceed with temptations

In both case You opt for street agent or you have opted for the best online estate agency on the market, you will be dealing with the chosen estate agent weekly, so try to find the one you get along well with or contact the best internet estate agencies asking specific questions regarding how the process work and how they will run if for you.

A free valuation is common practice and also you will test if the agent knows about your local market, we have created a really powerful free property valuation tool to help you sell your flat online quickly.

iMoveEstates price property valuation quote:

“We love helping our clients understand the real value of their properties whether they are selling or renting. Our clients come first and we prefer them to have the last say on the final sale or rental price.”

4. Organisation helps to sell your flat quickly

Organise a file containing all documents regarding the flat.

Include: gas certificate, guarantees for repairs, electrical work, council tax, paid bills and any other documents such insurances.

The designed solicitor will ask for all these documents plus a proof of identity and of address

Prepare the passport, id, and recent utility bills with names of all owners of the flat.

Organising your documents will prepare you to be ready when a nice offer comes along.

Read how you can set up a file container at home here.

5.To sell your flat quickly, keep it clean! To sell your flat quickly, keep it clean!

Potential buyers are not always there. Online estate agency can drive you several buyers but you need to be ready to close the deal when there will be the right opportunity

Prepare your flat for a viewing seriously when it comes the time.

  • Keep all the room of the flat tidy,
  • Vacuuming everywhere
  • Clear dishes from the draining board and take off the dust
  • Don’t leave pieces of stuff around, they take off space and it looks there in not enough storage in the flat

Show the flat is attractive and functional in everyday living.

It can be very profitable to do this, but even more so if there are lots of similar properties on the local market for sale

5. Improve your flat to get a better asking price

A cheap house renovation could help you increase your chance to get a better asking price selling your flat quickly.

To help you understand how much this selling tactic is important we suggest you to read this article.

When you sell a flat you need to concentrate on first buyers impressions. A flat that looks well maintained, immediately gain more selling power, this means maintain also the communal property areas.

If they look too dirty or full of stuff, the buyers will think that the building is not well maintained, asking for discounts of the asking price.

Conducting the right viewings to sell a flat quickly6. Conducting the right viewings to sell a flat quickly

A high street estate agent will show the property to potential as part of the service, so let them doing their job properly.

Staying around the house the day of the viewings can turn off potential buyers. Most of the agents will agree that Buyers are uncomfortable when the owner is around the flat during the agent duty.

With iMoveEstates, the best online estate agency, you will conduct the viewings directly, so you will be the agent of yourself, knowing all the best aspects of your flat but always assisted from our specialised team through our online estate agents platform.

7. Feedback from your online estate agency is important

As a professional estate agent will give you feedback after each viewing and be honest about anything you should modify, with an online estate agency you will have a real support during all the process and the online platform will inform you in real time about requests, questions buyers might have directly to your emails.

8. If you cannot sell your flat online quickly: analyse the price

If a flat is still on the market after a long time, the main problem is the price or the local area.

Don’t undersell it, wait and take it off the market!

So be careful that if your flat has been on the UK market for more than a year and you decide to take it off, you will have to buy a new Hip.

For more information about the HIP read here.

When you will need to sell the flat again hire the same or a new online estate agency, have the new property valuation done, try to sell your flat online quickly with new photos, new marketing, adding all the modifications if done and a new price.

Sell a flat online quickly without overspend9. Sell a flat online quickly without overspend

The best online estate agencies are a good way to sell your flat quickly without overspending; our business model is designed to help landlord’s sellers to sell your flats quickly, posting your property or properties online in less than five minutes.

Our online estate agency platform has been designed also to help property developers, that manage several flats at the same time, to sell their or rent their investments in a fraction of the time, saving thousands of pounds.

iMoveEstates arms the independent UK property developers and UK private vendor with the same professional marketing platforms only available to their local traditional estate agent!

If you could sell or rent a flat using the innovative technology of the major property UK websites, such as Zoopla, Rightmove, Facebook and Primelocation, paying only a small fixed price would you?

Do you agree that the total value of the commissions for real Estate Agency fees is too expensive?

And do you agree that the seller should have more control through the selling or renting process?

If your answer to these three questions is yes, see here how iMoveEstates have helped hundreds of vendors, landlords and developers from all over London and the UK here.

We have promoted their properties through our powerful platform and helped UK homebuyers and tenants saving huge amounts of money in commission fees.

Nowadays if you are a private UK vendor, landlord or developer you cannot advertise your flat on such property sites like Rightmove, Zoopla, and Primelocation,

imoveestates_screenWith iMoveEstates, you can!

We advertise your property online exactly in the same way as your local estate agent would do.

All enquiries will be redirected to the seller, the viewing conducted by the owner and our online estate agency will do all the follow-up.

Our online estate agency will not charge any commission or completion fee, simply the one off payment which best suits the selling or renting situation.

More and more independent property developers are starting using our services. The main reason of this growing estate business sector is because our online estate agency services are offered in a way that allows the developer the opportunity to show the properties directly to buyers.

Giving to the UK independent developers the opportunity to answer all the important structural or development questions on their properties

This way of presenting the properties helps to build trust and confidence in the potential buyers which, in the real estate agents market, is often missed.

We speed up the overall sale from an enquiry to when an offer has been made, whilst offering live feedbacks, experience, precious throughout and overseeing to sale completion, like any high street estate agent.

We also offer arranged selling and renting packages for multiple units.

Our independent developers across the UK saved on average £3,750 per property on traditional agency fees!

Visit our price fees or contact our online estate agency for more details.
Dario Beccaria

Marketing Director, iMoveEstates

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