Sell your house fast avoiding estate agents fees!


If you don’t want pay high estate agents fee and you want to sell your house fast, this article will show you the following tips:

  • How to, step by step, increase the number of potential buyers or tenants making your home more valuable
  • How you could sell your house fast without having to pay high estate agency fees
  • Common mistakes to avoid during the process and how to get the most out of your estate agent (if you have still decided to use one)
  • A new way to think the real estate market: the raising of the online estate agents

How to make your home more valuable for buyers:

Preparing your home for viewers properly!

It is not only a huge help to reach your asking price, but It will ensure your home is sold or rented faster and, in few cases, can add thousands of pounds to its initial value!

Never depersonalize your home when you selling or renting out

Get rid of the unnecessary stuff before showing your property, how many useless stuffs have you accumulated in every nook and corners after years…… Hide them in storage or give it to a friend for the period of time you will have buyers coming around.


if you receive a visit and your house is under these conditions, do not let them in!

Buyers or tenants will need to visualise immediately how the property be if they were living there. With many things around it is not possible.

Make your potential buyers happy, make it easy for them walking around the house cleaning the extra stuff not necessary the day of the viewing, point them the best things of living in your house, show them the living space you’re offering and how they could module it properly for theirs needs!

Remember a new home for most people means a new life and new perspective.

Don’t make it look like a hostel!

Most People (excluding from business developers’ investors) are also interested in the home lifestyle, as much as the property and the local area have to offer them.

Show them the cool side of your lifestyle, leave some personality!

Remove any unnecessary furniture that makes the rooms feel smaller than what really are, and if you can, you can replace them with smaller furniture, just to make the room looking bigger.

sell your house fast - a good cleaning

Photo by Maarten Takens (Flickr)

Cleaning walls are important aspects, paint them!

A fresh lick of paint on your walls, not only will make look your home clean and tidy but a neutral paint will make your property seem lighter, which is loved by most potential buyers.

Selling a home is about visual, a good visual of the property will push the viewers to imagine how they would potentially adapt all the rooms to their future needs!

Creating a good first visual impression to the front door also, put a new coat; the door is the first part of the home potential buyers will notice. Don’t undervalue it!

Clean, fix and tidy up

Always important and never enough: follow all the minor repairs:

Small holes in walls and door knobs must be fixed. But also, broken tiles and unclean carpets should be avoided.

Many buyers want to move into your home without making changes to the property. The UK is a fast market and buyers not always have the time to renovate the place. When they find a place they would be comfortable in, they will immediately make an offer. Help them finding their dream home.

Tidy up everything before the viewings.

No to: lime scale, strong odours, dirty towels around the house, dirty carpets, and no dirty dishes around when you showing around your home.

This attitude and work you do will make your place very appealing for potential buyers and allow your viewers to imagine their lives in the new home.

This is a nice article how to clean your home properly

Be aware: buyers love green spaces, so remember to tidy up also the home garden (if you have it)

Cut bushes, clean the patio completely, put some nice furniture and, if necessary, cut the grass. The garden is important to make your home attractive for big families, it will be a plus for couple having already kids or planning to have more than one. Give them the chance to visualise the all family using the garden.

The importance of a kitchen update

The kitchen is the most used and valuable room in a house. It is not the most valuable only for the value per square foot;

update kitchenKitchen is often seen as point breaker when buyers are unsure of the property.

Check if you need to renovate or clean deeply your kitchen cabinetry. It can be really expensive, so you need to check what the best options are. If you have decided to repaint your kitchen cabinet, don’t make these common mistakes.

Thinking of Upgrading kitchen counter could be a good adding value to our home.

Counter are expensive but your home value will increase a lot.

Clean deeply all the surfaces; leave a bowl of fresh fruit out. It will make your home looks clean and fresh. Don’t leave any dirty dishes, glasses of items around the kitchen.

Read this article how kitchen can add extra value to your property if renovated.

Consider upgrading the plumbing fixtures only if they have a serious problem or too old. It is a good selling point but it is also expensive, so you need to check them properly before investing on it.

Adopting wall mirrors could be a good strategy. They make a small room or hallways look bigger and lighter!

Windows must be completely clean, inside and out. Windows are very important for light filtering and if they really clean make the home looking bigger.

Replace, carefully, all the broken light bulbs. The bright lights are very important as the first impression, they make the property look more attractive and more spacious, don’t leave dark corners while you conducting the viewings, put a lamp where the natural light doesn’t cover that space.

For example placing a soft lamp in the bathroom can create a warm atmosphere

In 2016, is not only important the light appearance but also the saving you might have applying the ultimate light bulbs, read this info to keep you updated.

living room and fireplace: why don’t you turn it on while you conduct the viewings ?

Winter time viewing: If it’s a cold evening, and you conducting the viewings, light your fire. If you are scared of the smell, burn some pinecones, they will help you creating a nice warm atmosphere and at the same time selling your house fast. If it is summer time, instead, ensure the fireplace is completely clean

With this guide, you can clean up your fireplace in less than 15 minutes.

In the real estate market, pretty houses going fast.

Make yours pretty with small details.

Small details are important: the windows must be dressed with clean blinds or curtains,

Often (a part of huge open space flats) naked windows are too impersonal. If you don’t have any curtains buy some cheap ones… curtains will help you add a little style to your home.

Green is the future, also for real estate market.

Plants and flowers bring colour, positive thinking, and bright sense of light to a room and also smell wonderful, that’s why famous supermarket often have the fruits and vegetable session right next to the entry…….it gives a fresh and clean feeling to the customers walking into the shop…..

You can find also plants that keep your home air clean and healthy: find the list here!

nice smellNice smells are mandatory

Bad smells are a huge turn off for potential buyers.

Don’t only cover them up! Fix without waiting for the source of the bad smell.

Clear deeply all drains, take out the rubbish bins, open windows to change air, clean the kitchen from pre-cooking smells, get rid of smoking smell following this appropriate list, and wash carefully the bed sheets.

We suggest if you are a heavy smoker, to place small bowls of vinegar around the property and leave them out for a couples days. The smell should improve quickly, Cigarette smell is a big problem because if the buyers are not smokers would be hugely turned off by it.

Good smells can stay impressed in buyers mind for a long time and make a property very interesting to their eyes: follow these 7 steps to make your home smell super good.

Hospitality is always nice.

The day you organising the views, prepare a good coffee or tea for your visitors. A relaxing atmosphere can help your potential buyers being more interested and comfortable also when you will talk about money.

The right way to show the property

If you have decided to sell your home fast through a high street estate agent (and you willing to pay big money for it) they will show the property for you. Usually, it’s their job to know what things to say about your property, what to highlight during the viewings and what to hide when a buyer is interested. A typical example is a question about the noisy neighbours from the potential buyers, or which mortgage you should use: Read this nice article about the tricks of real estate agents.

Extra home conversions can worth big money

If there are any big conversions (example: the garage will become an extra room, or you can build up a spacious soft and rent it out later on), if you have extra spare cash, would be a nice move thinking of doing this improvements….probably the new owners will make these improvements and they will earn from these investments, instead of you.. You should usually recoup your money when you will the home. Also, the improvements will permit to sell your home fast.

If you don’t have enough spare cash to make these conversions, try to get the planning permission anyway.

After you have done all these things to make your home more appealable to the buyers, now it is time to think how to sell your home fast avoiding the estate agents fee.

For_Sale_by_Owner_SignSelling your house privately in 2016

The Internet has drastically changed the Way We Sell Property, 2016 is the year of this big revolution. It is now the most popular way to sell property!

Nearly all the high estate agents advertise on at least one of these “property portals”. Real buyers looking for properties on these websites and real estate agents sell the property on those platforms.

Selling Your House Privately can be a long process

Finding places to advertise your property for a cheap price can be difficult, as a private individual, you won’t be able to advertise on the main property portals such a Rightmove, Primelocation or Zoopla.

Estate Agents or Online estate agents pay a substantial monthly fee for this privilege.

The Government wants to make it easier for private vendors to advertise their own properties: Follow the property law news here in real time.

For now, if you still not sure using trustable online estate agents, we give you a list of websites you can use to advertise your property privately, but nothing compared to our maximum exposure given by our platform:

Try to mix your online marketing capacities with a consistent offline marketing too;

Here are some ideas to sell or rent your home fast in the UK market:

Try to focus on Offline Advertising

  • Word of mouth ( tell your friends or parents you selling or renting your home, post the ad on your Facebook page, maybe it will be shared and someone close will be interested.)
  • Local paper listings: this is a list of UK newspaper you could try put your Ad regarding your property.
  • Advertise on shop notice boards, you could get someone interested in your property and organise a viewing.
  • Create your own “For Sale” board, maybe you can attract some potential buyers.

If you do find a property buyer privately, but you still want try get as much profit as possible from the deal, you can ask your estate agent to follow the sale for you.

You will have to pay the estate agency fees, but the important job of selling your property will be done.

Real estate agents warnings:

When selling your property with a high street estate agent, you must be aware of the different types of general estate agency contracts in the UK and how they could affect you.

In the UK There are four main types of estate agency contracts:

  • Sole Selling Rights

    If your signed contract gives the agent “sole selling rights” then think very carefully before signing it. The estate agent named in the signed contract is the only one allowed to try to sell your home fast during the period stipulated.

    You will have to pay that high street estate agent, even if you find your own property buyer! It is very tricky.

  • Sole Agency

    This is a contract similar to “the sole selling rights” but if you can find your own buyer, you won’t have to pay a penny to the estate agent you have signed with.
    Double check if the contract is open-ended! The estate agent might be able to claim his commission even years after the contract is over.
    For any problem with estate agents see here.

  • Multi-Agency

    With the multi-agency property agreement, you can use as many agents as you want and only pay commission to the one who actually sells your property. The more estate agents trying to sell your home fast for you, the more potential buyers or tenants you will reach, the more quantity of potent offers will increase, but you will pay higher estate agents fee.
    You should carefully use this kind of market approach, depending on what type of property you have, the asking price, the location, the market valuation, and the total value. Be aware!

  • Joint Agency

    This is a funny contract!
    With the joint Agency contract, you will have two agents involved. The two agents will agree to try to sell your home fast and split the commission, regardless of which actually sells it.
    It is a common contract in the UK but still the commission will be higher.

If you want to sell your home fast, privately, or use a high street estate agent alongside, you should avoid the “Sole Selling Rights” contract!
Paying fees to the estate agent even if you find the buyers or the tenants is not exactly why you are reading this article….

In any case, you need to pay an estate agent to sell your house fast, you do need to read these contracts carefully and be aware what you’re getting yourself into signing them. A part of the high commissions, real estate agents are very professional figures and you should always work with them, not against them.

Try to maintain a good working relationship with your chosen estate agent to reach your asking price and to work in harmony during the trading so if you have decided to use their services, always use their “For Sale” board.

If you want to try to sell your property privately alongside their professional help, before signing any contract, tell them that you will carry on also your personal research for buyers.

In few cases, sellers try to avoid estate agents fee colluding with buyers directly, even if they have signed a regular estate agents contract…

So let your estate agent knows about your choices and if they find you a real buyer, you will need to honour their commission fee.

If you have signed Sole agency contract if you find a buyer and your estate agent attempts to charge the commission, ask for these detailed documents to evidence that they effectively did their job:

  • The details of the property which they have sent to the buyer, and/or
  • If the agent has taken the buyer on a viewing of your property and when
  • Double check if the buyer has registered their details with the estate agents, it doesn’t mean you need to pay the agent fees.
  • If they have introduced the buyer to your property.

Imagine if you can save thousands of pounds in estate agents fees!

Or, even better, you will finally have the chance to sell or rent your property online, through the same channels used by high street estate agents, fast and at a fraction of the cost, from home, with less stress and achieve your asking price, would all this be great?

imoveestates_screenTypical high estate agents fees are variable from 1.8% plus VAT on £250k home value!

Estate agents’ fees are expensive, and adding extra pounds to the cost of the home is not a great deal…

It was difficult to avoid the high estate agents fees, but thanks to Internet estate agents website as which lets you to sell a home for less than £250, now it is possible!

It is a huge saving of money and time.

Why should you sell your property with an Online Estate Agent? Are you thinking about selling your house fast this spring?

If you are looking for a different way to sell your home which doesn’t cost you thousands of pounds , a huge amount of time to look for the right estate agent and to avoid the high commission fees they will charge you, why not seriously consider selling your home with iMoveEstates Agents?

We help property developers, homeowners and landlords sell and rent properties online fast and, you will be in control of all the process comfortably sit at home, saving thousands of pounds.

This is possible because we charge a fixed fee, no matter what the size and value of your property and because we give you the chance to access the most important property portals in the UK,  with few clicks.

We offer a professional online estate agency service that will help you sell or rent your property quickly, in all the UK.

So if you list your property on our portals now, you could have high chances to sell your properties for the summer, only a few months away!

Our team of experienced estate specialist offers a totally personalised estate agency service, following all the most important aspects needed to sell your property online, in the shorter time possible, to different clients all across the UK.

Why choose iMoveEstates to sell your house fast?

Online and Local Property Specialists

With 10 years of experiences as estate agents online and more than 10 years as online estate agents, we have dedicated property specialists and experts located all across the UK, so we can offer you very cheap online estate agency fees, starting from 249 pounds to sell your house fast,  but also a good local knowledge necessary to sell your home fast in your market.

This is very useful for property developers particularly, saving thousands of pounds selling and renting in bulk in different areas of the UK.

iMoveEstates online estate agency offers a win-win situation for all the parties. For the buyers because it will be so easy reach the property through our portals and for the sellers because they will show their property to thousands of people in just a few moments!

Highly specific free property valuation tool

We offer a free property valuation on your property through our powerful tool, so the clients will have a real time valuation at zero cost, we will elaborate all the data you will be sent over through our form and we will analyse the local market your property is located. We offer free valuations for private customers, big property developers, sales, lettings. If you need a fast property valuation before deciding to sell or rent your property send directly all the info through our online form.

The ultimate online exposure

The Internet is the answer to selling your home fast and to avoid estate agents fee! And, in the extra fast UK property market, as soon as you interested to find a nice property, your research will start online. Buyers, developers or investors who are looking to rent or purchase a property in the UK will browse the biggest online property sites, like Zoopla, Primelocation, and Rightmove, as the first thing. They will have a clear idea of what the market is and the prices area by area.

But what if you could have the maximum exposure of all this website connected to an innovative platform that it allows you to save thousands of pounds and at the same time giving your property the exposure it deserves to attract several potential buyers or tenants in really short time.

We have different packages for different necessity, all rigorously studied following the happy clients we have helped during our service.

imoveestates online estate agents pressThe smart way to sell your House Fast avoiding the expensive estate agents fee is now available.

We work alongside some of the most powerful property portals in the UK including Rightmove, Zoopla, Primelocation, and Facebook to market your home online. Out team understands how important the online world in 2016 is and we have just launched our new online estate agents platform, which has been specifically designed around the customers.

As soon as five minutes you can upload your property to our system and be online!

Our platform will be improved day by day to ensure your property will be rented or sold fast and for a cheap flat fee.

Only 249 pounds to sell your house fast and being in total control of all the process….

What are you waiting for to contact us? If you would like to sell your home fast online or you are thinking of renting your property out then why not contact our friendly team here at iMoveEstates.

Our professional and nationwide team will help you choose the perfect package for your needs and our network of property experts have local expertise to ensure your house sells fast and for the right price.

Letting, real estate and online agents are required to be a member of one of three UK schemes

In the UK, From 1 October 2014, all letting, real estate and online agents are required to be a member of one of three UK schemes. These schemes are designed to make sure tenants and leaseholders have a solid option to hold their agents if any problem comes up during the property trading or during their collaboration.

The three compulsory schemes are:

The schemes will offer independent investigation in a case of complaints about hidden fees, commissions or poor general service.

You can email the different schemes to see if your high street agent or online estate agent is a member. If they are not, which should be a normal practice, you can still complain to your local trading standards department.

Usually, ombudsmen will not usually deal with your complaint until you’ve tried all the options available to sort out internally the problem directly with your local estate agent or online state agent. But if you didn’t reach for any motive a satisfactory resolution, they will be ready and glad to help you.

At iMoveEstates, we are member OF the Ombudsman since when they have opened the Scheme. Proudly!
Dario Beccaria

Marketing Director, iMoveEstates



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