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sell your house online

Wow what a bold title and statement! What does it actually mean and is there some truth to the statement?

Firstly ‘selling your house online’ means we predominately use online methods to advertise and market your property. ‘The UK’s top Online Estate Agents’ is what we are. Our customer service and level of expertise is what you would expect and want from any top estate agent.

So who are we?

iMoveEstates is not a household name like some of the more well-known UK online estate agents out there. That said, we cover and have sold property across the whole of the UK and our very competitive prices, results and customer service speaks for itself. Year on year we witness growth and continue to satisfy more and more customers. This is a testament to the service we offer as we continue to do this alongside the top online agents in the market.

Our online service stands for the independent property owners who no longer see value or wish to be charged the high commission fees that are all too often associated with the traditional estate agent. We are demonstrating that selling or renting your property does not have to be as expensive as you first think. Imagine what you could do if you saved several thousand pounds by simply not using a high street estate agent. Not only that, you can also have more control, more say and more transparency throughout the process.

Does it all sounds too good to be true? There must been some hidden cost or why is not everybody using an online agency when selling or renting their property?

How does it Work?

Relatively speaking the process is not all that different. It is not like we have invented a whole new way of selling or renting, we simply took the essential parts of the process and added to it, whilst offering savings to our clients and here’s how.


High Street Agent

Traditionally the way in which you sell your house, if you are using a traditional estate agent, is that the agent will come round and do a property valuation. At that stage they will explain to you the benefits they offer and that your property will be marketed on the major portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation.



The smart way to sell your house online effectively

We offer an online property valuation where you simply input your property information into our valuation tool and our experienced team do the rest. We will aim to get back to you with your valuation within 24/48 hours. We will always advise you of the importance in obtaining at least two independent valuations to help you find your guide price. Where we advertise your property can be clearly seen on our website which as standard with most agencies is the major three property portals and their affiliated sites.

Once you have your valuation and are satisfied with your guide price you will have instructed your agent to promote your property.


High Street Agent

Of course most agents will do their due diligence to ensure the property is ready for sale before they carry out photographs of the property, a descriptive write up, floor plan and EPC. Some will charge an administration fee for this. They then list your property on the major portals and depending on the value of your property they may also arrange for a property brochure or further still advertise your property in their shop window.



It should be a smooth and easy process to sell your house online

With us you can have as much flexibility as you wish. Our Selling Packages start from £249.00, which if you have a good standard of photographs, an accurate floor plan and valid EPC you can get started. If not, there are additional packages and services you can select to suit your requirements and if you need advice or are unsure we are on hand to help you build your ideal package. Through our service you will be allocated a dedicated Account Manager, online property brochure and video tour. Your Account Manager is with you from start right through to completion whether it is assistance with negotiations, property reports, viewing feedback or property amendments they are here to help you maximise the chances of selling your house online. All viewing feedback and reports are stored within your personal account, along with your property information. With every client we also carry out our full due diligence ensuring your property is ready to be marketed, including all associated property data which has to be approved by one of our trained Account Managers.

Your property is now on Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation and you begin to receive enquiries!

High Street Agent

Once your agent is advertising your property online and is starting to receive enquiries they will arrange the viewings with you the owner or if it is tenanted the occupier. They may accompany the viewing but in some cases may ask the tenant or owner to conduct the viewing independently.



“Meet your potential buyers and have total transparency when you sell your house online”

Here at iMoveEstates we will vet all enquiries and arrange a viewing date and time with you. The prospective buyers will be advised that the property owner will be carrying out the viewing. In almost all cases the buyer will consider this to be a positive factor as most prefer to meet the owner face to face. Once the viewing has been conducted your Account Manager will follow up with a feedback call and update you on the potential buyer’s thoughts as well as updating your account.

Great news you have an offer on your property! What next?


High Street Agent

High street agencies will inform you of an offer and advise you of the buyer’s circumstances so that you can make an informed decision on whether to accept or decline the offer.



“If you sell your house online with us you will have the full support”

We follow exactly the same process. Remember we are trained estate agents and only know this process of selling.

You have accepted an offer. What support do I get through the sales process?


High Street Agent

Typically this is where the traditional agents are licking their lips so they will do everything to ensure the sale goes through! In brief, they will check the chain (if there is one), make sure the buyers funds have been checked and are accounted for, verify that solicitors are in place and continue to check on them whilst updating their clients ensuring they tackle any difficulties along the way right through to completion.



“Sell your house online and simplify the selling process”

We feel from experience that the perception within the property market, is that online estate agents do not offer the same service behind the scenes as what the high street agents do. We simply take the upfront payments and leave our clients to do the rest. This is not the case with us or most other top online estate agents. We cannot stress this enough, our reputations are extremely important to us as this is what sets us apart from other similar services. We carry out the same checks, we will evaluate the chain if applicable, check that the buyers funds have been verified, ensuring solicitors are in place and check on them while updating our clients tackling any difficulties along the way right through to completion. Whilst we do not get paid on completion your testimonial and referral to your family and friends is just as important.
As you can see the levels of service between the two are very similar. The biggest difference is the price you pay at the beginning or at the end of a successful sale. It simply leaves a decision as to what service the property owner can see themselves using.

Why does using an Online Estate Agency work?

Using an online estate agent simply works because they implement the same methods as traditional estate agents when marketing your property. Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation are the most powerful tool any estate agent will use when selling property. Most traditional estate agents could not survive without being subscribers to at least one of these sites as most property enquires are received this way. We too have access to the same audience so in turn receive the same level of enquiries that your traditional agent would.
Not only is it through the marketing aspect that using an online based agent works it is also how we operate and the services we offer. Whether you are a seasoned property seller, for example a developer or someone who has sold their property numerous times before or a first time seller the service allows you to be in control. In fact we have witnessed a great volume of property sales which have not fallen through as a result of the property owner doing their own viewings and meeting the potential buyer. Not only that but imagine as a potential buyer having the opportunity to meet the owner and ask all the questions about the property that no one knows better, all the ins and outs which are not likely to fabricated from the truth.

What about what we the online agents offer? Imagine you can sell your house online for as little as £249.00! It sounds a little crazy when you compare what our clients have saved from using our service but we can assure it happens. We always let our customers know that it was them who enabled themselves to save money and not our services. Without them making that decision to veer away from the more traditional route of selling and choose an internet estate agent they would not of have saved thousands through the process. Online agents pass their savings onto their clients; we do not have numerous expensive locations that need staffing, cars and other costs. Our clients carry out their own viewings so it is important that we offer those savings and reflect them in our fees.

It reminds us of a few clients who have saved a large amount of money through the process.

Success Stories

Thinking of success stories or when we look back on people who have saved a great amount of money through the process it is often the case that they have not taken the same route to get to our service or even think about using and online estate agent because while money is a motivation it’s not they only one.

One client who we had spoken to in the early years of iMoveEstates was not money motivated; they simply had bad past experiences and did not trust high street agents let alone a new concept in the form of online estate agents! They were very sceptical on the phone when we called them up, they thought the service was too good to be true and not only that they mentioned their experience and had no faith in any form of estate agency.

Weeks passed following the last conversation and email correspondence which simply advised them to do some research and look into the service we were offering them but then the phone rang. The client was wishing to go ahead however still needed a little more assurance. They stated that the main reason they were looking to use our service is because they have the opportunity to carry out the viewings and meet the potential buyers so will know exactly what is going on throughout the sale process. We put their property on the market and the following day we started to receive enquiries, to their amazement by the following weekend they had received three offers! The property was sold to a cash buyer and the sales process from advertising to completion was less than 2 months! Imagine, that was their property in Hertfordshire, they moved into London which they then went on to sell through our services and they now live in Surrey! I wonder who they will use when they come to sell, if they ever come to sell that is.

That particular client was not motivated by money even though through the sale of both properties their overall savings ended up at 5 figures! It was simply transparency and control that interested them.

How about a client who was motivated by saving thousands of pounds resulting in a new car or a fabulous holiday, a new kitchen and bathroom to go with the new house! We have plenty of those but one story springs to mind of someone who had been referred to our service by a friend who had sold their property through us. They called up asking to speak to a particular Account Manager who told him about the service and the process to get started. Their words were perfect, they knew their property would sell very quickly as it was in a sort after area and they didn’t want to give the high street estate agent an easy pay day!

Our client’s stood true to their statement as the property went under offer within 2 weeks and sold in less than 3 months! They had brought a property that needed work doing to it and used the money they had saved in commission fees to install a new kitchen and bathroom, pay for the solicitor’s fees, removals and go on holiday whilst some of the work was being carried out! One half of the couple had said they would look to purchase a new car if they sold but we all know who controls the purse strings when it comes to relationships so the more sensible investments were made !

Selling property online with iMoveEstates the UK’s top Online Estate Agents or any other Internet Estate Agents for that matter will not only be financially rewarding but also offer the securities you associate when using a High Street Estate Agent through the sales process, the choice is yours.

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