Sell a Property Online Making Great Photographs

Do you want to sell a property online? How to Stand out from the Competition

Your properties photos can make potential buyers fall in love with the properties you’re selling or renting, so it’s fundamental that they’re top-notch quality pics. If you want to sell a property online stand out from the online competition.

Imove Estate Ltd tips: simple steps to help you make sure your properties generate the best first impression.

  1. How much appearance count while selling a property?
    sell a property online making great photos

    One of our Properties for Sell

    All of your properties, through our platform, are exposed on the online market. Focus on ways to make them stand head and shoulders over the competition. Making them stand out for the right reasons ( selling /renting) is our goal, but creating the best first impression, will make it easier to sell a property online with a positive impact on your wallet.

  2. The pics uploading process must be smooth is a powerful platform to expose your properties to millions of buyers. Use the power of our platform in your favor: to do so, the uploading process has been designed to satisfy also high-quality pics. If you want to sell a property online first impress potential buyers taking nice and high-quality photos of your properties and you’ll create more opportunities for selling at the optimal price.You can visit:

    to view an extraordinary example of you shouldn’t upload? Look at this.

    Imove Estates Ltd gives tips to make best possible photographs, and you’re welcome to use our ideas and tips for your property.

  3. If you want to sell a property online, try to use a good photographic equipment
    Imove Estate Ltd suggests clients not to use mobiles, smartphones to take pics of the properties.
    This to avoid poor quality pics. You can use any Camera with a good flash and a good resolution. Our internet estate agent platform allow you to upload high-quality resolution pics.
  4. Improve pics quality: Read carefully Your Camera’s Manual
    You’ll be impressed how much your pics will improve if you just spend a few hours reading your camera’s manual and working out the common mistakes for horrible snaps. it’s important to understand what the aperture is, ISO, shutter speed, and all the small interesting possibilities your camera gives to you.
  5. Online internet estate agents Photography Rules
    iMoveEstates offers a Floor Plan and Professional Photo Service for as low as £150! Check our Selling Property or Renting Property pages

    a) Try to use a professional tripod for your interiors.
    A tripod is necessary to avoid camera shakes, to avoid the common and famous ‘fuzzy pictures’.
    b) Interiors photos should be taken at half room height.
    Usually, higher for kitchens and dining rooms and lower for bedrooms. Never take them from a standing position. They won’t look good.
    c) Exteriors
    don’t take your pics while standing too close the property, clients want to see the roof and the design of what they going to visit. Don’t use an ultra-wide angle lens for exteriors, Instead, on a standard digital camera, use the 18-55 lens with which most cameras come with.

  6. Automated setting cameras are not the best options
    We usually don’t recommend to use full – automated cameras for interiors pics. If you do use one on them when photographing interiors, the camera will think that you are hand-holding, as it would do as a normal pics would be taken, and the camera itself will choose a large aperture. This will create a poor quality photo.

“ Sharper pictures are achieved with smaller apertures”

These are a few tips about photography and how to take wonderful pics:

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