To Sell or to Rent?

When moving to another location, the question most homeowners are in a quandary with is to rent or sell. These days, a number of reliable online estate agents who can help you make the right choice. Depending on your requirements and financial stability, this decision can be made according to the following mental walkthroughs.

Property Prices

The decision of renting out or selling your property depends on the trending price of the property market. In a season when the property prices are falling, an economical solution is to sell out your property instead of renting it out. Nevertheless, this market is highly mercurial and the property prices tend to rise eventually along with growth in economy. Depending on how early you want a profit, you can decide whether to rent or sell based on the property price trend.

Contract with Mortgage Company

Most mortgages have a small print clause that states that you are not allowed to rent your house, however, a number of contracts allow renting privileges for a period of one year. If you really want to rent out the property then you might consider switching to a new mortgage but will usually be at a higher interest rate, arrangement fees, valuation service costs and early repayment fees requirement.

Financial Capability

Managing the mortgage of two different properties can become haggling if one does not have the financial and management skills to make up for the extra payments. An inexperienced person may end up with financial loss. The mortgage payments of the existing home and the rental property need to be covered with your normal home income and the rental income.

At iMove Estates, we ensure potential clients to get the best possible deals for their properties and provide valuable advice for executing an important decision like selling or renting effectively. Contact us today and we will be more than happy to be of service!

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