Selling property online: taking the marketing to the next level

selling property online

How social technology and internet speed are influencing the online estate agents business of selling property online.

Selling properties online in UK 2016: fast connection and easy powerful platforms to post properties on is what customers are looking for.

At iMoveEstates, we take really serious these problems. We have designed our platform to ensure the website and the properties will be placed fast and the website will be loaded into an appropriate estate marketing

Our responsive platform for selling property online allows you to add properties from anywhere.

Our company is always investing in the newest technology options and our platform will be always keeping improving. We take our online estate agents reviews seriously. We are always willing to listen to our customers to improve their online experience and their renting or selling results.

At iMoveEstates, the social activity never stops.

Our Facebook, twitter, google plus, and LinkedIn pages are constantly updated with new properties and news:

Our social are on steroid:

We always like to share interesting articles with you: internet speed could be a problem sometimes… this how UK clients deal with their internet connectivity: Read More.

IMoveEstates uses the newest technology to promote their properties or find vetted tenants because our clients save more money. Money isn’t the only factor either: time-saving instead is crucial.

It’s quicker to sell or rent a house online.

In addition to saving you more, our technology can actually save you so much time. The fact is that our technology is more efficient than traditional tools and methods. For instance, our inbound marketing techniques (blogging, eBooks, and social media) actually reach millions of people every day. More visitors, more chances to rent or sell your properties.

One of the’s most important goal is to help the collaboration and communication between all the parties involved in the process so that they can reach a final agreement.

What usually happens when you need to get offers, contracts, prices list and other documents to these people/clients?

Print them, make hundreds of calls, probably fax them, call again for more information and fax again when all the documents have been signed from the parties.

“Simplicity usually should follow common sense.” Dario Beccaria

Our working method is different, we store and share the documents via our private cloud service, the clients can receive instant feedbacks, update the pics in real time, modify the prices, delete the properties and be total in control over the selling process.

Now, which one of these two processes sounds quicker and easier?

“Online estate agents business is based on technology”. Dario Beccaria

Last year, 2015, 92% of homebuyers used the Internet in their search for selling and buying houses, with over half of the people saying that going online was their very first step.

Home buyers or sellers aren’t just using their desktop or laptop PC to search, either.

In fact, over 50% ofimoveestates online marketing buyers and sellers used a mobile to search for a home in 2015; while 50% percent of mobile searchers reported they found the home they ultimately purchased our packages with a mobile.

We need to stay competitive because technology can reduce drastically our selling prices.
It’s not just for consumers that are adopting a sophisticated technology. We are doing it to give the chances to people selling or renting their home for the cheaper price. Our mission will never change.

iMoveEstates is learning day by day how to improve our outstanding system: Our philosophy is to make our customers life easier and to keep the prices down. We want to stay at the top of the heap as the best internet estate agency, we have to keep up, doesn’t matter what, with the rising tide of technology.

The importance of social media for internet estate agents and selling property online

Everyone is talking about social media these days. It’s in the paper, it’s on the news, television and movies!

Online estate agents have a huge opportunity to use these tools to join the real estate market, establish a professional brand online as we did, networking with potential clients and businesses building developers and promote active listings on relatives social media.
Social media is changing how real estate agents do business.
The web is often the first place clients turn for renting or selling answers. They use the internet during every stage of the purchase process for buying everything: from a pair of shoes to a car, to a home.

Our platform is increasing their online presence day by day, especially on Facebook and Twitter.
Our internet estate agent platform is also using social media to offer advice on properties, tips, resources, and answers common questions on how we operated to become the leading online estate agents agency in the UK.

The proof is in the numbers

Today, there are over 800 million active users on Facebook, over 200 million on Twitter, and millions of others on YouTube, blog sites, and numerous other social media sites as LinkedIn.imoveestates social media marketing

One of the greatest things about our social media activity is that you can engage users and see measurable results, and speed up the selling and renting process. All we need is the innovation and commitment we put to make social media a huge part of our internet estate agency business.

Our selling and renting packages are great ways to start understand what internet estate agent technology is and how much money you can save with our system.

Selling property online – iMoveEstates prices

Advertise with us on all the major websites Rightmove, Zoopla, Primelocation & ou personal Facebook page:

  • Maximum 12 month listing until sold or taken off the market.
  • Assistance & Feedback with potential buyers.
  • Assistance in the negotiation of offers.
  • Unlimited amendments to your property.
  • Guidance and valuable market advice to help with decisions about your property.
  • Online valuation comprised of all the latest tools.
  • Online property brochure (we send to enquiries on request)
  • EPC. (A requirement by Law)
  • Floor Plan.
  • Professional Photographs.
  • Only £249.00

To Discover more about our selling options please visit this link

Discover how to rent a house online with our amazing package

IMoveEstates Standard Tenant Finder Packageimoveestates online estate agency

  • Advertise on all the major websites Rightmove, Zoopla, Primelocation & Facebook Maximum 3 month listing until let or taken off the market.
  • Assistance & Feedback with potential tenants.
  • Checking the tenants credit status.
  • Unlimited amendments to your property.
  • Guidance and valuable market advice to help with decisions about your property.
  • Online valuation comprised of all the latest tools.

To discover more please visit our Renting Packages page:

Why iMoveEstates is always connected

Social media is always evolving. iMoveEstates either. This is a wonderful article of how the social media has changed over the past years

Few people still trying to sell their home by themselves and trying hard through their own social media:
This is a brilliant article how to try to sell your house basically using only your own social exposure.

We must say we tried it and we failed. Nothing is comparable to the maximum exposure our partners give to a property.

iMoveEstates promotes on very popular websites as Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location, plus we have a dedicated page on Facebook where we regularly promote our properties.

Our blog also is connected directly to all our socials.

Millions of people every day looking for houses to sell or to rent on our properties portal. The visit our properties received per day is unbitten. To all these we add the powerful exposure of our social media. What you would do in months’ time, will become really fast and easy using our concept technology.

Dario Beccaria, marketing Director of iMoveEsates:

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