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Why we have chosen the leading online property portals as partners.

We discovered the right way to advertising your house or property on the internet!

We create compelling advertising campaigns specifically to sell your house on the internet. Our services will help you achieve your objectives and targets by advertising your house on the most powerful UK online property portals. If you’re looking to find the right tenants or sell your property online, we have got the best strategy.sell property online with property portals

The Advantages of Advertising your house on Major Uk online Property Portals with us

  • The Online Cost Efficiency
    Advertising on the Internet with us is much more cost-efficient than using traditional mass market and niche media. We have designed the entire platform to speed up the process of getting the right buyers and tenants for our customers. Using the biggest online UK portals all together, we will increase the chances of selling or renting up 50%!
  • The online Target Marketing
    Market segmentation and target marketing strategies studied by our company are really effective: In 3 years we sold over we sold over 300M pounds of proprieties. Strategically placed Web advertisements, with our social platforms and by advertising on the most reliable UK portals, we can achieve 100-percent relevant views, buyers and tenants.

With iMoveEstates you will get a massive exposure by advertising on the most important property advertising portals: Check out our “where we advertise” page.

Are you looking for a cheap and trustable alternative to the traditional model of selling or renting your property? You are on the right place!

Would you like a cheap tenant finder service which does not involve expensive commission fees?

We don’t believe in commissions and contracts. We strictly believe in one payment off policy. Commission fees for real estate agents could cost more than a doctor!

Read this interesting article about real estate commissions; you will have a clear idea why we don’t ask any.

And Read how much the commission are different country by country. UK commissions are one of the most expensive in the world!

Would you also benefit from a service that could promote your property to a mass market audience of serious home buyers and renters, by advertising your property on major online property portals in the UK such as, & and Facebook, saving a lot of time?

The answer is iMoveEstates, our internet estate agency helps you to sell or to rent your property online or quickly, at a fraction of the cost.

imoveestates online estate agentsOur main Property Partners explained step by step:

Online property sales are dominated by a handful of websites, one of them is surely Rightmove.
If you’re looking to sell your home or find somewhere new to live this is one of the first choices you should have heard of.
Why we have chosen Rightmove as our online estate agents partner: Because Rightmove carries more than a million listing, has a powerful exposure and millions of visitors every month.

On January 2016, Rightmove has to go over 100 million visitors! Rightmove has a turnover over 167 million and he had an increase in traffic up 10pc each year.

Rightmove is the UK’s largest property search website at the moment has launched a new app that will help house owners discover what their house will be worth in five years’ time.

The new app has been launched in March 2015 and will give landlords a 15% estimated valuation range of their property and a look at future values.
Read about the already appreciated Rightmove search property app.

Rightmove is a constantly growing company and our partner since more than 3 years. Read the 9 facts make this company unique.

The price index of Rightmove is always updated: this can guarantee you a clear idea about the nationwide market. As you can read here, there is good news in 2016 for first- time house buyers.

sell property online savingFrom our partner, we can always learn useful tips and news, which is make our job faster and more precise. We can collect more tips from each of our online property portals and create the right strategy to sell or rent your property online: Read Rightmove tips for the first buyers in 2016.

At iMoveEstates, we are professional online estate agents, ready to help to do the right movements no matters if you selling or renting.
We have decided to change the way people should marketing their property, giving a full interactive approach to captive the right audience.

To do so, we have chosen the biggest UK online property portals and coordinate all the exposure on our client’s property.


We are proud to be partner with Zoopla, with its 40 million visits a month; it gives us the opportunity to be part of Zoopla group.

Why have we considered becoming a member? To gets your properties in front of thousands of visitors potentials buyers.

Zoopla group owns some of UK’s leading online property portals, including Zoopla and PrimeLocation, and the power the property search for websites like The Times, MSN, Daily Mail and many others giving you national and international property reach.

When we have chosen Zoopla group as our partner, we were putting together different tools to help you speed up your selling or renting process.
The technical facilities of Zoopla, as ZooplaPro or MarketView, help you analyse better your local market.

Try them directly here. And here.

Their online property portals keep investing in brands ensures your property gets more exposure; Zoopla has different advertising channels – TV, outdoor, cabs, cinema, and sponsorships. Zoopla is one of the most popular website for properties in the UK.

Zoopla group owns another of our partner:


It drives over 5 million visitors a month and advertises properties from more than 16,000 estate and letting agent division, including all the leading UK chains. Their property listings include over than 60 countries, including Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, South Africa, Dubai, Australia, sell you property on rightmove zoopla and moreBulgaria and Croatia! Read their score.

They are one of the UK’s leading property websites, they are an effective portals for users looking to buy, sell, rent or let properties, both in the UK and overseas.

Their platform helps us reach top quality UK homes to buy and/or rent for our UK clients. We are putting together the leading online property portals in our high technology online agency.

Another portal we use is


It can be a massive exposure for your properties: Facebook is the biggest social networking site in terms of users; the platform currently declare to have over 1.40 billion monthly active users, which is the equivalent to the entire population of The Republic of China!

Facebook is one of the world’s largest communities and where there are a large number of people there’s opportunity to sell or rent your property.

That’s why Facebook is such a popular online marketing platform for online estate agents.

This is an interesting article how estate agent should use Facebook:

The social network has launched an app for the properties: where millions of people can reach new homes or check the local market.

Facebook is only one of our social portals: Our online estate agency is carefully following the most famous social signals.

And More..

All these online property portals described above, plus the big exposure on our social media as twitter, which can be very useful for properties tips, recommendations, prices and general market news. Here you can find interesting pages relative to properties, read more the most important accounts about properties on twitter.

We promote your property carefully on Twitter and Facebook, through their ads spaces on their online platforms.

iMoveEstates also is connected to Linkedin and Google+.

We will launch, in few months, our powerful YouTube section; where all your properties will be displayed in real time, giving more real dimensions of the properties to potential buyers or tenants.

iMoveEstates has grown enormously over the past years. We are innovating and spending on marketing to ensure we continue to deliver you the best results with the best online estate agency platform. Our partners, plus our own online exposure, are a powerful mix that allows our clients get fast result. The way with our platform we can be more than a local internet estate agent, our service is changing the way people selling and renting the properties.

We are also proud members of the Property Ombudsman with a fully qualified team!

This make iMoveEstates Ltd a full professional online real estate agents team, ready to help to do the right movements no matters if you selling or renting.

We have decided to change the way people should marketing their property, giving a full interactive approach to captive the right audience.

Why iMoveEstates is becoming the leader online estate agency in the UK:advertise your property online

We have studied carefully our selling and renting package; we believe that the best service must be guaranteed even if our prices are much cheaper than most of our competitors.

Our prices policy are designed to give the possibility to the customers to make their selling or renting process much easier and saving a lot of money. To become the online estate agents leader in the UK, we promise these prices policies will never change. We are proud of delivering a fast and automatic way to exposure your properties wherever they are in the UK and whatever their value is.

Our customer service will lead you without any problem to solve all the problems or questions you may have using our services. Our new concept platform is developing new features and new details to improve our clients that they sell their house privately through our platform. Not only them.

We have expanded our business to help independent building developers which need to sell or rent their property quickly. In the building construction market, the timing is everything. Keep the houses or flats just built unsold, or without tenants, can generate a huge loss of money for building developers. That’s why a part of our company has been designed only to help all the independent constructors to use our platform to rent or sell the new flats.

After you have consulted and received a valuation on your property the next thing to decide is who to use to sell or let the investment. Most independent developers choose their agent based on the property price or rent fees, some instead consider who the property was originally brought through. Which to be honest you would, especially not knowing of any other possible solutions.

The great benefits of those already using our online service are unsurpassed. Our platform helps them increase their profit margins of thousands of pounds saved in real estate agents, but also they can have more control over their sale or rental process.
The main reason for this is because our concept platform has been designed in a way that allows the independent developers the opportunity to show their properties to millions of potential buyer in really quick time. Our system enables them to answer any key structural or development questions on the work done, whilst also helps building trust and confidence in the potential buyers which is too often missed.

We improving the overall sale from an enquiry to when an offer has been placed, whilst offering important feedback throughout and overseeing to completion like any traditional estate agent. All services will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager that will follow you during all the renting or selling process. We also offer convenient bespoke packages for multiple units which are really a good deal in term of convenience and results.

For any questions please contacts us , we will answer all the questions you may have regarding our online services.

We are leading the way independent property developers sell or rent property all over the UK!

Our property valuation tool, will help you have a first analysis of what your local market it, our saving calculator will tell you how much money you will save using our powerful services and our selling or renting packages will do the rest.

Do not miss:

We do not charge any commission or completion fee, simply the one off payment which best suits your situation.

Dario Beccaria, iMoveEstates Marketing director

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