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Uk Property Developers can now speed up the selling process by using our efficient online business platform.

As a private vendor, landlord or UK property developers you cannot advertise online directly your property on such portals like Zoopla, Primelocation, Facebook at the same time and at a cheap price; however with us, you can.

We have created a section of our website oppositely to help new or existing UK property developers figure out which is the best way to rent or sell their properties fast.

Our Selling or Renting online packages allow you to post your property on our platform in less than 10m, in today’s market, saving time is really crucial.


iMoveEstates Selling or Renting Platform

The UK property market is growing fast and there are huge possibilities for UK property developers, the house prices are really getting expensive and with a huge gap between areas and prices:

Read this interesting article about the number of house worth more than a million will triplicate by 2030.

If you are interested in investing in the UK property market always keen eyes on the last news here:

Over the past ten years, property prices have increased so much that a good property investment could really generate huge profit!

With us, could not be easier having a powerful platform to manage your advertisement whenever you want, anytime you need.

We are specialised in helping landlord, vendors and UK property developers save thousands in agency fees, giving them the chance to use the same online marketing platforms only available to their local high street estate agent.

Read about how much you can save in our last article:

  • If you could advertise for a cheap and honest price your property on the major property UK portals, (read about our partners here) , would you?
  • Do you think the value in Estate Agency fees is too expensive and you wish for more control through all the process?

We are sure the answer to these is yes!

We have helped UK vendors, UK landlords and independent UK property developers from all over London and the UK; promote online their properties to the right homebuyers and tenants saving thousands of pounds in agency fees.

We advertise your property in a better way of your local estate agent because we have ten years’ experience in the online property market! Read about our tricks how to rent or sell online:

house viewingAll the enquiries you will receive through our online estate agency exposure are vetted ready for a viewing, to be conducted directly by you, the owner of the property, but we will always being there when you need advice, price negotiation, valuation and for all the follow-up until the deal conclusion.

We genuinely offer the same real estate service your local high-street estate agent offers without the viewings!

We don’t believe in any commission or completion fees, which in most case are very expensive; simply the one off payment which best suits your exigence. These price policies are attractive and with great benefit for the UK property developers. We are seeing an exponential influx of UK independent developers starting to use our service. Our intern estate agent platform it helps keep their profit margins but also because they want to have more control through the property promotion.

The main reason for this small success is the timing. Our service is designed in a way that allows the UK property developer the opportunity to show the property to a potential buyer in a fast way, enabling them to answer quickly any building, structural or development questions on the work done.

Our internet estate agent platform offers bespoke packages for multiple units, a fast way to sell or rent your properties. But also a bunch of useful tips to help you understand better the UK market and business possibilities.

The property will rise 25% over the next five years and the new introduction of government schemes such as last year’s launch of Help to Buy: or the Funding for Lending scheme providing excellent access to finance for new property buyers:, now could be the perfect time to start a profitable property development UK business.

If you’re keen to start investing in UK property market, read these eight crucial steps to become successful UK property developers and create the perfect investment!

These are our tips to become a successful UK property developer in 8 simple steps:

1. Create the perfect UK property development business plan

tips to sell or rent house online

UK Property Developers tips

If you’re starting a UK property development business part-time or full-time, you need to have a proper business development plan ready and must follow specific goals and objectives. If you are the first time investing in properties you may check these free business templates just to have a clear idea how it should be done.

You must set up specific goals and targets about how much you want to spend for your properties, what you want to achieve from your UK investment property venture, the timing, an exit strategy (read point 2 of this tips) as well as all the overall outlines of how you will achieve your goals.

2. Calculate your investment accurately

UK property developers must run a proper price Market research before invest their money.

The price market research It is really important to ensure you buy the property at a sensible price, in the UK property market you can make more money when you buy at the right price than when you sell the property itself.

The price negotiation must be well done when it comes to the asking price.

Our free property calculator can help you compare local prices in a certain area in the UK.

Check also any possible structural issues or other external factors such as neighbours, local infrastructures such: schools, hospital which could have a positive or negative impact on a property’s value.

When you are buying a property, you need to always consider the worst case scenario.

3. Exit strategy and the difference between Buy-to-let / buy and sell

Knowing you exit strategy is crucial:

When you have decided to become a UK buy-to-let landlord, it is important to plan in time an exit strategy to end your UK property investment and gain some serious profit. You must identify in your business plan a clear and easy exit strategy, read more about this here.

What the difference between a business plan “to buy-to-let” or “to buy and sell”?

The independent property developers must know that Buy-to-let offers a long-term strategy, and with the time, enables the investors to build up a solid property portfolio in order to increase, or totally replace your current incomes. Read these interesting tips in this article.

In 2016, Buy-to-let mortgages are available in many UK Banks and private funds, but as much is a very lucrative investment after few years, you must have in mind that HMRC views this kind of income gained from rented properties as a normal salary and, therefore, it’s calculated like income tax.

If your tax rating is classed by the HMRC as ‘higher rate’, you will be taxed 40% of any of these potential earnings. Read more about tax calculation on the official UK government site.

property developers investment

Buying and selling is a short-term strategy

“Buying and selling”, instead, is a more short-term business strategy.

The UK business developers try to quickly increase its capital by buying at a cheaper price and resell the property making a profit from the sell. The UK market is quite volatile, so big profit can be made. The property developers are more dependent on market conditions and timing, but could be riskier if not done in the proper way. This kind of investment offers a faster return-on-investment.

Also, the properties sold incur into the capital gains tax which is between 18% and 28% of the developer’s income, with an annual exemption of £10,900.

4. The importance of the return –on-investment and the rental yield

If you are sure to become a UK property developer and you have decided to invest in a” buy-to-let strategy”, you must keep in mind that the rental yield is important. Calculate it online anytime.

Rental yield is also important if you have decided to sell your property;

You must be prepared for the UK volatile market and sometimes, in a recession, you could find some possible troubles with the property investment as you can’t sell the property so easily, at the price you want. Rental yield is accurately calculated by measuring the annual rental income of the property against the value of the property you have invested into. Usually, 10% is considered a reasonable gross rental yield, this gross valuation can increase drastically with several occupants (student lets).

When you have decided to become a UK property developers, and you have opted for the “Buy to sell option”, your investment margin should be at least a minimum of a 30% returning investment capital.

5. The location is everything

One of the most important aspects to value is where to buy.

The UK property developers must be able to spot a location that’s on the rise and developing, where the public and private investment will regenerate the area in the next, but close, future. And buy early!

When the UK property developers can spot a location like that and buy at the right time, there’s the greatest chance of making a huge profit. Look carefully for suburbs of local business growth and general gentrification where other important developments are taking place or are planned in advance. Read this interesting article about business opportunities.

6. When you buying the Timing is a priority

Never rush into buying a property.

The UK property developers need to take the time to choose the right area, time and investment risk. This cannot be done in a rush.

Once you have found the right location, it means other buyers are interested as well. A good property investment usually it goes quickly in the UK market.

The quicker you can spot, analyse risks and possible profit of the property, the sooner you will buy and resell the property and the sooner you can make a good return on your investment. This is a general panoramic of the property market in 2016.

7. UK property developers: keep eyes on future customers

The UK property developers must tailor their building development to the demand in the area they are investing in (one of the key issues to plan in advance in your property business plan).

Always find the answers to these simple questions:

Is the local market you want to invest in for students or for families? Is it worth investing in a very high specific property asset or will less expensive fittings be more suitable for your future clients? Never invest more than the necessary. Property investment can be really expensive. It’s very easy to go over budget and the UK property developers need to keep a strict approach to their finances, tailoring the property investment with the target buyer or renter in mind.

8. Finance stability

finance stability

UK property market is profitable

Becoming a UK property developer requires a firm price market research, a constant eye on the risk involved and money. The first investment is always the risky one, calculating the experience, the high risk (if you have limited capital this can be huge as until the UK property developer sells the first property, the money will be unavailable leaving you not much space to grow or expand. It’s crucial to calculate deeply your finance resources, but also find a legal way to access the money in case of necessity. UK banks usually can supply with dedicated property finance experts that can help you calculate the available and the future suitable funds such as this one.

The UK property market can be really profitable. It doesn’t matter if you buying to sell or to rent, the timing is a crucial factor.

In today’s market, it seems to be harder for the independent UK property developers to find fast and cheap results in selling and renting their properties for the next profitable development project.

High prices of the real estate agents are one of the main reasons.

With programmes such as Homes under the Hammer and Grand Designs, there are many chances to attract an increasing number of UK property developers looking to try their next perfect property investment. But they will need, in any case, a fast way to return the investment, so the quicker they rent their property or sell it, the faster the profit would be made.

We simplify the sale or rent process from a single enquiry to when an offer has been made, whilst offering the best feedback throughout and overseeing to completion, like any traditional high street estate agent.

Lots of independent developers across the UK saved on average £3,750 per property on agency fees per single property, with our services.

Please visit our section here for any question you may have

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