The Vital Part of Renting or Selling a Property in the UK: Viewings, and How to Deal With Them

Whether you are renting your property or selling it, you need to go through the process of showing your house to strangers, hoping that they will see the benefits that you are providing, and consent to buy or rent it out. Not everyone is a sales person, or comfortable with the prospect of having to convince others to be interested in your house, and many people might consider viewings as an occasion to be scared of.

If you have gone through the process of listing your house on the most visited portals in the United Kingdom (Rightmove, Zoopla, PrimeLocation and NeedAProperty) through a skilled online estate agent, then you can rest easy knowing that the requests for viewing will come from people who are serious about buying or renting your house. These online portals receive a huge amount of traffic and, with the help of a proper agent on your side, who will make sure to take care of all the little details to market your house in the right way, you can shortlist some serious prospects. And now that you plan for the viewing, is the time that you are on your own. Your agent can definitely direst the most profitable clients to you, but it is up to you how you wow them and convert them into your customers at viewings. And, if you are worried about this part, this is what this little guide is about—to help you get through viewings, and be great at it! So let’s start!

Part One: Think About What Your Prospective Clients Will Look For in Your House and Prepare Accordingly

The biggest mistake that many people make while selling a property or renting it, is that they do not take the factor if the client’s perspective in mind when they are preparing for a viewing. This means that you may be wasting your time, energy and resources into the things that you think would matter, while the client would have different needs.

To make sure that you put your money in the right place, you need to look at your house from the perspective of a prospective buyer or tenant. Here are some of the things that they might look for in your house:

1. Signs of Rot, Mould, or Damp

The murky smell of rot and damp would set off alarms to the buyer that you have a problem that is not taken care of. Make sure that you take care of any rot and mould around the house, as 70% of the viewers look for damp and mould at a viewing.

2. Leakage in Your Plumbing System

Your plumbing system would speak volumes about the state that you keep your house in. If there are any leaks, the prospective buyer or tenant would assume that you are not responsible enough to take care of the matter, and would infer that there may be many other problems that you are not letting them know o. This would create a negative impression, and you need to avoid that for obvious reasons.

3. Are Safety Measures in Place

You need to have a checklist to make sure that the safety measures are in place. You need to make sure that the fire escape routes are not blocked with any of the boxes or your potted plant, and that there are smoke alarms placed near the kitchen and in every room that has a fireplace installed. You need to make sure that the electrical wiring is safe and none of the wires are frayed. Also, check that the gas appliances and the electrical appliances are in order. Your furnishings should be fire safe as well.

4. What is the Neighbourhood Like?

The neighbourhood matters a lot to the prospective buyer or tenant. Since they are preparing to live for some time there, it is important that they are safe and that no suspicious happenings occur around the neighbourhood. At viewings, put them at ease by talking about the nice neighbours that you have. Also mention if there are any good pubs or restaurants around the place.

5. Are there Any Broken or Chipped Windows?

Windows that are in a bad shape give off a negligent vibe. Replacing or repairing them does not take much time or money, but it makes a huge amount of difference to the appeal of your home. Windows that are rot free and do not have any cracked panes or chipped frames give a furnished look.

6. Do the Faucets and Switches Work Properly?

The faucets and the switches are the little details that matter a lot to the people who are looking to buy or rent your house. Make sure that the switches work properly, and the faucets do not leak.

Part Two: The Viewing

Now that we have covered what to prepare for the viewing, it is time to talk about what to do at the time of viewing. Here are some helpful tips that will guide you:

1. Be Polite, Be Relaxed, Be Yourself

If you are all wound up trying to be the perfect homeowner, then you will seem phony to the viewer. You need to make the visitor feel welcome, so treat them with respect, and be relaxed when you are showing them around the house. Do not worry yourself too much by thinking about the perfect way to show around a visitor. Be relaxed.

2. Make the Visitor Feel Right at Home

Your visitor needs to feel at home so that they can imagine themselves living in the place, and consider renting your house or buying it. Choose the most comfortable place in the house—your living room is the best bet, and make them feel at home.

Pro tip: Bake some bread right before the viewing. The aroma will give a nice, homey feeling.

3. Be Honest

One thing that a person looking to rent a property or buy it will expect is for you to lie about the flaws and hide it.

Do not do that.

Be honest if there are any problems around the house, and put more focus on the things that stand out in your beautiful home.

And there you have it! The tricks of the trade to help you ace the viewing! Follow these and we’re sure that you can make the most of it. However, if you need any help related to the best way to prepare for a viewing, or you need to hire the services of a professional online estate agent, you can simply contact the experts at iMoveEstates!

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