Pre-sales team: how to set up and its role in the sales process




  1. The importance of the pre-sales team
    1. Customer view, aligned speech: pre-sales and your responsibilities
  2. The qualities of a good pre-sales
    1. hit the profile
  3. Qualification: the key to selling more while spending less
    1. So be patient
  4. How are your strategies?

Building a pre-sales team is not the easiest task. Choosing the right people, having optimized processes and a seamless integration with the sales team, then, is essential for the commercial operation of any company.

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Understand what pre-sales is and why it is important within a company’s business process; how the sales team benefits from a pre-sales process; understand how to structure teams and which tools help to “pass the baton”.

These and many other topics were discussed in the Webinar “Structuring the pre-sales and sales team” . The chat was promoted by Exact Sales in partnership with PipeRun and much of what was discussed is in this article below.

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The importance of the pre-sales team

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Pre-sales can be defined as technical support to the salesperson. It is this team that takes care of the first contact with the customer, whether with cold email or cold call . It is he who makes this connection and extracts essential information for the sales team.

According to the CEO of Exact Sales, Theo Orosco, the role of a pre-sales team is to pass the customer’s pain precisely to the seller. For this, from the first contact, it is necessary to generate value for the lead.

“The pre-seller brings the technical part, not more superficial information. It brings the customer’s pain. The idea is to understand what makes sense within the customer profile and what doesn’t and generate value from the first contact”, he commented.

So you see, SDR and presales are a little different.

“The SDR, we can say, was more of a ‘scheduler’. That guy who asked two or three questions, who monitors the salesperson’s schedule and schedules the meeting”, he commented.

“The pre-sales offer technical support for sales. We started using that term, we captained it. It brings this whole concept behind it”, he added.

Customer view, aligned speech: pre-sales and your responsibilities

Bring the customer’s vision. This phrase needs to be present in the mind of anyone who wants to understand the reasons for the importance of a pre-sales team. For PipeRun CSO, Fausto Reichert, having a team aligned with the company’s strategy is essential – whether focused on the market, or focused on the salesperson’s speech.

“The importance is not only on the agenda, but mainly on working on a strategy for the company, testing the market, achieving micro-regions, segmenting by quintiles, carrying out micro campaigns, in short. He is very strategic”, he commented.

“The pre-salesperson is so important also due to the reduction in the CAC. Pre-sales is not just to let salesmen face the goal. It brings the company’s differential. And the salesperson needs to make use of this to improve speech, focus on the customer’s pain”, he added.

Improve speech. Precisely because the salesperson is – obviously – focused on closing a sale, the importance of the pre-sales team is even greater in Reichert’s view.

“The seller has the hunter model to go up, close. In the first contacts with the lead, this momentum is bad. The customer may feel pressured to close the deal”, he stated.

“As much as we study not to do this, we always end up looking for a sale. Pre-sales doesn’t, it helps the customer”, he added.

The qualities of a good pre-sales

People sell to people. As technology advances and is present in all the company’s business processes, it will always be essential to have professionals who value interpersonal contact.

In Reichert’s view, technology will not replace a good conversation, a taste for people, being in touch and paying attention to what is essential for the customer.

“Don’t put the pre-seller in a box, with a closed script. People need to like people. There is no technology to replace this”, he warned.

“Knowing how to listen, understand, stop, pay attention and capture subliminal information. Neuro sales techniques. Why not apply to companies?”, he amended.

For Orosco, understanding the context in which the customer is inserted is only possible when contact with people is valued by those on the other end of the line, in contact with the customer.

“Look, sometimes the client doesn’t talk to us for personal reasons,” he said.

“That’s why it’s important to know the right tone of speech, the right language. Consultative sellers have their ways, make adaptations. Technology will not be able to replace this, hardly a machine will be able to do this. On the phone, making a call, you can do this”, he added.

Hit the profile

Within these parameters, Reichert understands that the younger profile, younger professionals, ends up fitting better in the pre-sales activity.

“The company needs to bring people who like to talk, who have the vision of using several platforms, a younger profile,” he said.

“Even because of the need to make many calls every day, people like that oxygenate the company, bring valuable information. Pre-sales, by the way, is the greatest source of information for market intelligence”, he added.

Therefore, not getting in touch with the manager, CEO or president of a company is not necessarily a bad thing.

“Try to be friends with this decision maker’s secretary. Don’t skip it. She’s the one who gets your schedule. I see people still with the view that calling and not getting past the secretary is bad. But she is the one who takes you to the client’s agenda”, he commented.

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Qualification: the key to selling more while spending less

“I went through all the phases in technology sales and I continue to study, every day.” Reichert’s phrase highlights something essential in sales: continuous improvement.

When it comes to a pre-sales team, then, the learning curve needs to be respected. Therefore, training the team well is essential to guarantee what keeps any company alive, sales.

“It is necessary to provide conditions for the pre-salesman to grow in the company”, he warned. “It’s not about pre-sales like anyone else. We need to change that mindset. Reducing the hierarchy within the company and bringing the business vision to the area are important actions”, he added.

So be patient

Train and allow time for the knowledge to be put into practice. Respecting these steps is important for an increasingly assertive work by the entire sales team.

“The company needs to find alternatives to train and always improve people. It is essential to have this vision and provide the pre-sales with tips and content”, he said. “Thus, it is possible to align the expectation, allowing maturation time to ramp up”, he added.

It is up to the manager, therefore, to understand the moment that his pre-seller is in relation to his knowledge about the product or service sold.

“I cannot, for example, take the president, a director of a company and leave contact with a pre-salesman who is still immature. What’s the point of that?” Reichert asked.

For Orosco, specializations are essential to improve companies’ business processes. The idea of ​​the salesperson who “embraces everything” thus ceases to exist.

“In B2B sales, specialization is the path. Prospecting, closing deals, using software. Both teams need to be connected at all times”, he commented.

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How are your strategies?

For Reichert, some actions are essential in the work of a pre-sales and cannot be ignored on a daily basis.

  • It is important to schedule a meeting as soon as possible. 2 or 3 days maximum. The shorter the time between the pre-sales conversation and sales, the less chance of a no-show . The customer will thus not forget the appointment;
  • In times of economic crisis such as Brazil, it is necessary to increase the number of contacts from 6 to 8, for example. The customer is living a time of many doubts;
  • When we talk about pre-sales and we are not all at the same learning stage, it is necessary to create a flow of distribution of leads within the company. Many still do this generically;
  • For those who do inbound marketing , agility is essential. If the customer has downloaded your eBook , call them. Set up a team for this, to call and talk. A good conversation can make a difference.

Your company does not follow-up? She is losing money!

So, how is your company’s business process going?

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