7, Dowding Road, Old Catton, Norfolk, NR6 6DD

Location: Dowding Road, Old Catton, Old Catton, Norfolk NR6 6DD

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Property ID : 433

For Sale £650,000.00 - Detached
4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 3 Livingrooms 1 Garage

Property Description

A Must See Property, With Additional Land.

Stunning 4 bed house situated in an ideal location comes with additional land that has planning permission you could purchase.

Offers in Excess off £650,000 (Property Only)

Owner would Consider £800,000 for (Land with planning and Property)

The house was built in the 1940’s towards the end of world war two, for the R.A.F. and it was the Offices mess. These R.A.F houses were built to withstand bombs and air raids, so everything is of a very solid construction.

The house originally had five double bedrooms but one has been turned into an en suite to serve the master bedroom.

The loft is huge and could easily be converted into three more bedrooms without the need for dormers.

A new treble garage has just been completed with two electric doors. The garage has been designed and constructed so it can easily be converted into a granny annex if required (approximately 64 meters squared)

The garage has cavity walls with insulation and two damp courses (one at ground level and one at the existing floor level)

Every room in the house has been plastered and decorated to a very high standard and no expense has been spared on lights and fittings.

At the front of the house there is public grassland and the same at the rear with no chance of buildings being erected due to historical interest (war air raid shelters)

The garden is very large and a building plot for a bungalow has been passed by Norwich City Council.

This house would be ideal for someone who wants a large family house in a quiet location and would like to build or oversee a new build bungalow for a relation or family member.

To arrange a viewing or enquire about the additional land please contact iMoveEstates today.

Key Features

  • 1: A Must See Property, With Additional Land.
  • 2: The loft is huge and could easily be converted
  • 3: A new treble garage has just been completed with two electric doors
  • 4: £800,000 for (Land with planning and Property)
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