Tips to Sell House Online


Providing an Energy Performance Certificate for Your Property

An Energy Performance Certificate or EPC lets the potential buyer know how energy efficient your property is, using ratings from A to G. An accredited domestic energy assessor can produce this certificate. It is mandatory to get the EPC within 7 days of putting your home on the market, and it has to be offered to the prospective buyers on request. An EPC is valid for 10 years and can be used at any time during this period.

We can talk to the energy assessors in your area on your behalf, and ensure that your home gets its EPC in a timely manner.

Deciding On the Perfect Buyer for Your Property

When your property is correctly valued to potential buyers, chances are that you will have high volumes of interest in your listing. To select the right buyer, because selling to the one offering the most money is not always such a good idea, the following perimeters should be considered.

  • Are they first time buyers?
  • Is their property on the market?
  • Are they cash buyers?
  • Do they have a mortgage in principle?
  • Are they interested in moving at the same time as you?
  • How long is the chain or are they chain free?

Together, all these factors will help you select the best buyer for your property.

Selecting the Right Conveyancer to Do the Legal Work

Once you have accepted an offer, it is time to get started with the legal work. You could always do it yourself. But hiring a professional can make it easier, simpler and more efficient.

We Can Recommend a Solicitor

A majority of solicitors in England offer conveyancing services, which we can help to provide through our service.

Calculating the Costs Involved in Selling a Property

Hiring a conveyancer can be expensive however we can help you ensure that it all falls within your budget. Here are some tips on what to ask;

  • Ask them if they charge a fixed fee or if it varies with the amount of work involved?
  • Ask if their fees include VAT and a complete breakdown of other expenses?
  • Find out if they will still charge if the sale is cancelled. If yes, how much will it be?

Exchange of Contracts at the Conclusion of the Sale

Before a sale is deemed completed, contracts must be exchanged. Up until and during the process of exchange the buyer can ask to revisit the property in order to obtain further measurements or quotations of works.

Meanwhile any deposit paid up by the buyer will be forwarded to the solicitor to hold until the exchange of contracts has taken place and the sale is complete.

Completion Day Tasks

It is important that you have emptied the house and handed over the keys to its new owner on the agreed date, because only then can your solicitor receive the remaining purchase price from them, and pass it on to you.

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