Understand what a marketing and sales manager does and the advantages of uniting these areas


Being a sales manager is not an easy task, coordinating the marketing area, ditto.

Imagine being a marketing and sales manager!

Despite having many more responsibilities than professionals who act as leaders in just one of these areas, integrating the marketing and sales departments is an increasingly used practice.

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This is because, with the digital transformation, the empowerment of customers generated by easy access to information via the internet and the change in behavior and purchase, the way these two areas work has changed a lot.

Today, increasingly, they need to work as closely as possible. Only then, together, can they overcome these challenges.

In this context, what does a marketing and sales manager do?

According to Agenda’s CMO, Julio Apollo, most companies still maintain their marketing and sales departments quite isolated from each other. What he considers a mistake.

In your opinion:

“This is a multifaceted job, where it is necessary to keep an eye on the strategy, numbers and people’s development.”

Just for this testimonial, we already have some tips on what a marketing and sales manager does.

And Julio adds:

“Here at Agendor, we have been trying to reverse this logic [of separating marketing from sales]. That’s why we created an acquisition team, made up of salespeople and marketing professionals. As the manager of this team, I believe it is essential to maintain a holistic view of the process, understanding how each professional’s efforts are aligned with the team’s goals.”

As can be seen, part of the work consists of integrating the two areas, in addition to several other activities, which we will present below.

What a Marketing and Sales Manager Does: Top 10 Roles

Keeping the two areas integrated and working together can be a challenge. But when considering what a marketing and sales manager does, we need to take into account some specific tasks in each of these areas.

1. Define a placement

Every company needs to offer a differentiator to the market, that core benefit that makes its customers choose its brand over the competitors’ brands.

For example, Apple’s distinguishing feature is its incredible design and performance that is perceived as superior. Dell, in turn, uses cost-effectiveness as a way to attract its customers.

Another important point is the target audience. While Apple’s corporate customers are companies focused on design and creation, Dell is broader, ranging from small businesses to large corporations, no matter what.

Positioning is the combination of differential and segmentation (target audience).

This is one of the main functions of a marketing and sales manager.

2. Conduct research and analyze CRM data

Those who work in marketing need reliable numbers to plan their actions based on facts.

CRM systems are an excellent tool to get to know your customers. And complementing this information with online satisfaction surveys, agile and accessible, guarantees reliable data for decision making and good strategic planning.

3. Make marketing planning

The marketing plan is an offshoot of strategic planning, but focused on what marketing should do for the company to achieve its results.

What does a marketing and sales manager do in this case?

It defines the marketing goals and objectives and what actions are necessary to achieve those results.

4. Define the marketing MIX

Price, product, place (or point of sale) and promotion (or disclosure).

A marketing and sales manager should define each of these 4 Ps of marketing to help you fulfill your marketing plan.

5. Unfold sales planning

The sales planning is part of the marketing plan that defines the actions and sales, such as promotions, sales tactics, offers, sales pitches, which products or services to sell more or less, to explore the seasonality and then set how much will need to be sold.

6. Set sales targets and quotas

This is such an important part of sales planning that it deserves a special topic.

After setting the total sales goal, what does a marketing and sales manager do?

It defines, month by month, how this target will be distributed, depending on seasonality.

It then distributes sales quotas to each salesperson, with the goals they must meet to receive bonuses and commissions.

7. Hire and train salespeople

To manage a sales team, you need to have collaborators. One of the functions of the marketing and sales manager is to select salespeople according to the company’s business profile.

In addition, you need to train your sales team and train them, so that they are able to meet their goals and deliver results.

8. Manage the sales team

With the team assembled and trained and the goals and tactics defined, it is up to the marketing and sales manager to guide his team.

Demanding results, giving feedback, recognizing talents, offering support, settling conflicts, delegating tasks, promoting teamwork, providing resources, among other actions.

9. Track results and adjust directions

Tracking numbers and performance indicators with the help of a CRM system is the best way to find out if what was planned is happening as desired.

If not, it is up to the marketing and sales manager to define new plans and corrective actions.

10. Integrate marketing and sales

Yes, the marketing and sales manager has many obligations…

But none of this will have any effect if the marketing and sales teams don’t work synergistically and in close collaboration.

Therefore, it is up to this manager to integrate the teams to work harmoniously and without conflicts.

What You Need to Know About a Marketing and Sales Manager

How much does a marketing and sales manager earn?

The position of marketing and sales manager starts earning around R$1,800.00 in salary. According to Vagas.com, this professional can earn up to R$5,623.00 per month. The average salary is around R$ 3,164.00 for a Marketing Manager in Brazil.

What is marketing and sales management?

Marketing and sales management is an area with the objective of analyzing the market and identifying consumers, their desires and needs. A marketing and sales manager must be able to understand the demands, generate value for customers and bring profit to the company.

What are the roles of a marketing and sales manager?

  • Define a placement;
  • Conduct research and analyze CRM data;
  • Create the marketing plan ;
  • Define the marketing MIX;
  • Unfold sales planning;
  • Set sales targets and quotas;
  • Hire and train salespeople;
  • Manage the sales team;
  • Track results and adjust directions;
  • Integrate marketing and sales.

What are the skills of a marketing and sales manager?

  • Have critical thinking and an analytical mind;
  • Understand how to manage projects;
  • Be curious and always look for creative solutions;
  • Have the ability to lead teams;
  • Mastering the technologies and being on top of the news;
  • Know the main tools;
  • Know how to manage results.